Memories of Catholic Ireland

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    I remember the old Irish blessing, God be with you, the reply was God and Mary be with you. If the first greeting was God and Mary be with you then the reply was God and Mary and Patrick be with you and so on and so forth.
    Yes the language was littered with references to God. For instance if someone had any kind of disability a person would say ' God bless the mark, the traveller community still speak like that.
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    Maryrose and others … your memories are beautiful and precious. I really thank you for sharing them and hope to hear more …

    Also maryrose you write ...
    Alas, it doesn't seem strange to me. Today people take other things as 'gospel' such as gay 'marriage' and the 'right' to kill babies …

    The media so solemnly tells us that the world you recall was duped and controlled by the Church.

    It seems to me the world we know now is far, far, far more duped and controlled by transnational corporations, banks, the media and their hedonistic religion.

    Regarding what you write about the priestly abuse … In the link I gave above to Mary Kenny, she really puts it in a context so different from the media narrative. I wonder if you have seen what she says and what you (or anyone else) thinks.
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