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    Remembering with pride and love my Dad who flew the Flying Fortress during WWII. He was shot down, but somehow managed to crash land saving all his crew. They were captured , but he and 4 others escaped a few days later and through a series of skill and luck made it back to Allied lines. He never spoke much about it until this story wound up in print in a compilation of the 401st Bomb Group. He never bragged …it was always about doing his job. We still have telegrams from Sec of War to my grandma was his personal effects which were going to be sent… this included 7 Bibles of various sizes.! My dad passed many years ago, but I find as I get older I think of him so often and miss him. He was a good man. I recall a big decision I had to make and I asked his advice on what to do. He gave the most genius answer… one I use to this day with my own kids. He said, Mike, you KNOW what the right thing to do is, now just do it! I laugh as I always say, Nike stole my Dads saying.

    As my American forum friends know today is Memorial Day. I ask you take a moment to pause before the BBQ , beach, etc and remember and pray for all the men and women who served America throughout its history, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice. And, to remember, thank, and pray for those serving today.

    Happy Memorial Day! And more than ever with great humility I pray that God bless America

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    Wonderful Mike. Thanks for sharing.
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    When Irish eyes are smiling…
    What a great post
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