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  1. miker

    miker Powers

    Praying for all the men and women who served, continue to serve, and for those who paid the ultimately price. I remember with great love, my Dad - a B17 pilot who was shot down, but miraculously safely landed the plane saving his entire crew! He was captured - a POW- but again miraculously and bravely escaped. He and his crew spent a harrowing 2 weeks dodging the enemy and cunningly tricking them at times that they were a tank division (y).. to finally make it back to Allied front lines.

    After the war, he applied to become a pilot at one of the new fledgling commercial airlines, but was turned down because - get this- he was too young! He flew 13 missions - 19 years old- but did not have enough experience. But, even then God was in charge- he became a NYC cop- did it for 38 years. I suppose if he was flying the world, he may never had met my mom.. and well I guess I would not be typing this post!

    The other really great part of this was my Dad never told us of this incredible story (I’ve greatly shortened it here). It would have died with him when he passed in 2000. But again, God allowed his story to come to us in a unique way. Dad needed open heart surgery in mid-1980’s. His roommate as he recovered was another man his age… they got to talking and the war came up. My dad shared his story with this other vet. When that man got home, he sent my dad his entire story with pictures- it had been recorded in an Air Force book which my dad never knew existed.

    when I asked my dad, why did you never share this with us. He said (think heavy NY accent speaking to you now)… “Mike, I never want to put people in a position where they might think they are hearing bullsh**, but now that this is in writing, every knows it’s not bullsh** so I can talk about it. Besides, I was just doing my job like so many other guys did”.

    We also have western Union telegrams ( lol think about communication back then) - one was list of his possessions sent to his mom while he was MIA- saying they would be sent to her. It included 7 Bibles! I ask my dad why 7? He said first you could never have enough bibles- to hear from God while facing challenges everyday. But, he always wanted to have extra in case another guy needed a good Word to keep him going. This has always stuck with me.

    My Dad is gone 22 years now and I still miss him so much. He was an incredibly great man- filled with faith. I am a very blessed man to have been his son. I do my best to follow in his steps.

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    Thank you for sharing your Dad's story with us Miker, amazing! He does sound like an incredibly great man - filled with faith, as you have stated, you were very blessed and you appear to be doing a wonderful job following in his steps! Have a good Memorial Day remembering your Dad and others. May God bless him and you and your family also.+

    We live close to the airport which the LI airshow planes fly in and out of which started on Thursday when they arrived. So we have been witnessing our own little airshow since then. I have a couple of good pictures that I will post here later.
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  3. miker

    miker Powers

    Thanks Carol. This was the plane ( what was left of it - taken about a year after war ended as it was still sitting there! )
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  4. Carol55

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    Btw, I love the picture that you shared of your Dad. He reminds me of a relative of mine, James Kelly.
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  5. Mario

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    Thanks, miker. Of all the wars of the 20th century, probably WWII was just. My Dad was diabetic and could not enlist. I'm glad your Dad made it through (understatement :LOL:! )

    Lord, forgive us for what we inflicted on the Japanese at war's end!:(
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  6. HeavenlyHosts

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    Thank you, Miker. Your father was a very special man, indeed. God bless his soul.
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  7. AED

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    Thanks for this miker. How I love this picture. Reminds me of my Uncle Harry who was a flyer and was also shot down but escaped thanks to some poor Italian farmer who hid him from the Germans. My son was also a pilot for the Marines. My dad was Navy and served in the Pacific. I am grateful that he us gone so he can't see what has become of our beautiful country. I count on the prayers if all those brave soldiers in heaven and in purgatory. I know they are praying hard for a return to Godliness in the USA and the world.
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  8. miker

    miker Powers

    Thank you AED and all your family members for their service! And yes, they are praying
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  9. Carol55

    Carol55 Ave Maria

    I finally got my phone to work properly again. So here are the photos that I promised.
    upload_2022-6-5_13-32-51.png upload_2022-6-5_13-33-30.png

    Two of the Blue Angels that flew over our house over Memorial Day weekend.
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