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    Thank you RoryRory! I'm praying for you!
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    Rory, God bless you. Thank you so much!
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    Thank you Rory!
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    Will do!
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    Will do!
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    Thank you miker.
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    Thank you Miker.
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    I’m feeling very grateful and blessed that I’m about to arrive to Medjugorie! I’ve been in Europe for over 2 weeks now for work and this pilgrimage was last minute planned and guided by our Lady. I’m also happy my wife was able to come here and meet so we will get to share this experience together. I pray it strengthens our marriage and helps us be signs to our kids and friends. Every morning after I finish the Morning Office , I open a random message from Our Lady to sort of provide a word and guidance. Well I did that today asking especially for a message on what this week should be … any special focus. I was amazed first off to get a message dated March 29th…, this is my birthday! And then the message was perfect as I’ve been thinking recently about my cross. And thinking how I often want to lay it down. This was perfect for me to read. Please know I will be praying for each of you and your intentions this week especially on Monday… when the 25th of month message is given. I also pray for this Forum that God shield and protect it.

    please continue to pray for my wife and I that this be a fruitful time. Peace

    March 29, 1991
    "Dear children, I want to call (invite) you, under this cross, to take your cross as the will of God. As my Son took His cross, so you carry everything, and my Son will be glorified through your crosses. Thank you, dear children, for answering my call and carrying your cross."

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    At Medjugorje it’s widely believed that all pilgrims that come yes, each and every one of them has been personally invited by Our Lady.

    Enjoy your stay!
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    Praying for a fruitful pilgrimage. Thank you for always praying for us and the forum. I know what you mean about sometimes wanting to lay down your cross. :) As if we could
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    Beautiful miker and thank you for the prayers.
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    Thank you for praying for us. I think that every single moment in Medjugorge is guided and precious. Ye will be so blessed there.
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    Pope John Paul called Medjugorje “the spiritual center of the world “.

    Look out for signs. Smell of roses, spinning sun. They’re not the main reason one goes there but they are an encouragement and a confirmation.

    John 4:48 New International Version (NIV)“Unless you people see signs and wonders,” Jesus told him, “you will never believe.”

    Heads up: the local wine is not that great.
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    I never really believed this until an experience with Our Lady some 10 years ago in which she told me that she would not call me back anymore. Up to then I had been a yearly pilgrim since the beginning of the apparitions. When I returned home all desire to revisit just disappeared.
    She did though give me a grace of understanding the Divine Will, which more than made up for all the subsequent missed pilgrimages and which I'm convinced her mission is in appearing there for so long, and I'm not by any means alone in receiving this grace.
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    Blessed to be here in Medjugorie fir tge 25th of month message. Message is posted on link.

    Amazing that Our Lady tells us “modernism” has ENTERED into our very thoughts abs steeling our joy.

    We remembered you at the Masses abs Rosaries today. Going back now to St James for all night adoration and then up Cross Mountain for the sunrise.

    Peace and blessings to all.

    Btw … picture of St James was from tonight’s Mass. dark clouds were on both sides of twin spires as sun shown directly upon them. Gospel was about light and darkness!
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    Message, 25. September 2023

    “Dear children! I am calling you to strong prayer. Modernism wants to enter into your thoughts and steal from you the joy of prayer and of meeting with Jesus. That is why, my dear little children, renew prayer in your families, so that my motherly heart may be joyful as in the first days, when I had chosen you, and day and night prayer resounded -- and Heaven was not silent but abundantly bestowed peace and blessing on this place of grace. Thank you for having responded to my call.”
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    That message reminds me of being there in the early days of the apparitions, it was truly a blessed place, although with very basic facilities. The family I stayed with on my first visit had an elderly grandmother who, at dawn, used to cut potatoes into rough chips, load them into her black apron, climb a makeshift ladder of branches tied with twine, and throw them onto the barn roof where the sun would cook them throughout the day.
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    Thank you, miker. :) How wonderful to be present for the the message.
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    I think this may be the first time the word modernism has been used in the monthly messages.

    The timing is incredible right before the Synod on synodality.
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    Wow, rooftop potatoes.
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