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    How I would love to be there right now! I just don't know when I'll ever be able to travel out of country again...with vaccine passports and the destabilizing of countries left and right... For months now, I've been in a kind of state of retreat from the world...feeling the possible loss soon of nearly everything but (hopefully) Mass and the grocery store. I'm preparing for it mentally and spiritually.
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  2. I think Jakov Colo said in a recent interview that he thinks this period will pass and things will return to normal. (If he says this and he knows all ten secrets, I have hope that it will be as he says.) I think we are in a tough phase right now, but we have to hold on to hope that things will get better soon. (y)
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    With great respect to you personally, I think a return to normal is very unlikely, even impossible. How can we return to normal when the majority of the population accept or even desire genetic manipulation, drastic draconian measures by the state, and the strictest exclusion out of society of any dissidents?

    As I see it, we are in the decisive battle. As Sr. Lucia put it, the evil one is in the mood to engage in a decisive battle, where one side wins and the other side loses. It will either be the triumph of the current world order, or the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.

    And the Medjugorje teaching, that everything is basically fine, this soft and cozy teaching, among other things, such as the direct contradiction of the local Bishop, the on-going radio station-like messages, and so on, this teaching is precisely why, after all, I remain skeptical about whether Medjugorje is from above or from below. Would the Mother of God not warn and strengthen her children in times like these with severe words, as she did in Fatima, Akita, La Salette?

    I suggest being careful about following the Medjugorje notion that everything will return to normal, I think this idea could be misleading. Instead, I would suggest to prepare for battle, by putting on the whole armor of God.

    It is like Lord of the Rings right now, this has been convincingly observed on this forum. Remember the scene where the King has to be woken up from a Zombie-like slumber, and he says something like: "It is I who chooses whether my army goes to war or not." The response by the fellowship was something like: "War is upon you, whether you choose it or not." Perhaps some of the tech gurus can post a video with that scene here. :)

    Prepare for battle! Viva Christo Rey!
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  4. MP, I understand exactly where you are coming from on your comment. Breaking free from the clutches of apostasy, as I understand, would entail a divine intervention. Many people think that a warning or illumination of conscience is coming. That divine intervention would shake off the disbelief in God that so many suffer from and that believers are feeling persecution from those disbelievers/atheists. Secondly, the Medjugorje visionaries have steadfastly prophesied about an indestructible sign that will appear at the spot of the first apparition that will stay until the end of the world. Thirdly, the Blessed Mother has given Vicka the details of her earthly life and told her to write it all out. When the Blessed Mother says so, Vicka will share the Blessed Mother's biographical life with all of us. What we have seen so far from Medjugorje, is just a fraction of the entire project. I do not agree that the messages are not hard hitting enough. Here are a few excerpts from messages that were warnings/admonitions
    Jan 25, 2017 Satan is strong and wants to turn all of you against God, and to return you to everything that is human, and to destroy in the heart all feelings towards God and the things of God. You, little children, pray and fight against materialism, modernism and egoism, which the world offers to you.
    August 25, 2015 The world is in a moment of trial, because it forgot and abandoned God.
    July 25, 2019 Little children, trials will come and you will not be strong, and sin will reign but, if you are mine, you will win, because your refuge will be the Heart of my Son Jesus.
    October 2, 2013 I will be with you until the meeting with the Heavenly Father. My children, it is those who walk towards the Heavenly Father with love and faith who will be saved. Do not be afraid, I am with you. Put your trust in your shepherds as my Son trusted when he chose them, and pray that they may have the strength and the love to lead you. Thank you.
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    Yes Michael--I believe nothing short of an illumination of conscience/world wide warning will suffice to shake people out of their zombie state. LOTR is a good analogy. I also think of The Odyssey where Odysseus's men fall into the lethargy of the Land of the Lotus Eaters. They would rather dream of home than do the hard and dangerous work of getting home. He has to violently drag them back to the ship. My friend and I discussed this on the way to the monastery yesterday. We have come to the conclusion that Great Delusion that St John speaks of (God will permit a Great Delusion) has fallen upon us. Only those who genuinely seek truth in their hearts can see through it. Otherwise the diabolical disorientation Sr Lucy referred to has them in its grip. Nothing short of spiritual dynamite will wake them up. We must keep praying.
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  6. August 25th 2021 message given to us through Marija
    "Dear children!
    With joy I am calling all of you, little children, who have responded to my call: be joy and peace. Witness with your lives Heaven, which I am bringing to you.
    It is time, little children, that you be a reflection of my love for all those who do not love and whose hearts hatred has conquered.
    Do not forget: I am with you and intercede for all of you before my Son Jesus, that He may give you His peace.
    Thank you for having responded to my call."
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    I quit many years ago for lent….didn’t miss it one bit….like I quit my job! Lol!
    Admittedly, I’d miss MOG because of all of your beautiful faith. It may go down someday….if so, I’ll miss you all.:(
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    Dust off your sandals and move on. There are some who have hearts of stone…let it up to God alone….
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    Same here!
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  10. message and description of Ivan's apparition from the Queen of Peace on September 4, 2021
    from Radio Maria and
    This evening Our Lady came

    especially joyful and happy among us all.

    As soon as she arrived she greeted everyone

    with her usual maternal greeting:

    “Praised be Jesus, my dear children”.

    Then Our Lady stretched out her hands

    And she prayed above us all,

    especially the sick people present at this meeting

    and the priests present at this meeting.

    Then Our Lady turned to all of us

    with the following words:

    "Dear children,


    I invite you all to pray for my intentions

    because I, through your prayers and through you,

    I can stop Satan's plans

    that every day take you further and further away from God,

    they (Satan's plans) put themselves before God

    and destroy all that is beautiful in the world.

    Pray dear children.

    the Mother prays together with all of you.

    Thank you, dear children,

    because even today you have responded to my call ”.

    Then Our Lady gave us her maternal blessing

    and likewise she blessed all sacred objects

    that we brought here for blessing.

    Then I recommended all of you, your needs,

    your families,

    all of you that in a particular way
    have recommended yourselves in prayer during these days,

    all your needs that you all carry in your hearts.

    Our Lady more than anyone knows our hearts.

    Then Our Lady for a period of time

    she continued to pray over all of us

    and in this prayer she went away

    in the sign of light and the cross

    with the greeting: “Go in peace, my dear children”.

    Dear friends, the importance

    of tonight's meeting with Our Lady is that

    Our Lady invites us today, as you have heard, to pray

    for her intentions because through our prayers,

    She stops Satan's plans,

    these satanic projects that every day

    distance us further and further from God,

    who put themselves before God

    and destroy all that is beautiful in this world and in ourselves.

    Once again I greet you all dear friends.

    Peace and good to all of you.

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  11. Apparently, Archbishop Hoser traveled to Poland in April (probably near Easter time) to receive the Pfizer vaccine because it was not available in Bosnia. Shortly after the first dose, he contracted covid 19 and from then on was hospitalized three times ending in his death in August.
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    11 SEPTEMBER 2021

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  13. from Sister Emmanuel's monthly report Children of Medjugorje she shares news of the visionaries
    Vicka remains invisible, she is praying for us a great deal, she is suffering and offering everything to Jesus. She had to undergo an operation on her spine again, for the sixth time! It is up to us to support her on this Way of the Cross that she has been walking for years, which she is transforming into a true path of joy!

    The visionary Marija was very present in Medjugorje this summer, and thanks to her we were able to be present at a few apparitions. Marija is admirable in her desire to share as much as possible the graces of Mary's visits. Moreover, according to Vicka, wherever you may find yourself, if you keep silent at the moment of the apparition to welcome Mary into your heart, you will receive the same graces as the visionaries do. Mary is happy to see our hearts wide opened to her!

    The visionary Ivan Dragicevic wrote some of his thoughts (early September):
    “Dear friends, these are difficult times. We have bad leaders. There is a lack of strong moral character in politics. People are disoriented. Programs are moving forward. Humanity is again at a crossroads. Wisdom has gone astray. Common sense is disappearing while subjectivism is in the superficiality of life. Indifference to the great values of the Spirit is the great sin of our time!

    “And yet, this is a time for searching, for turning back, for discovery and for understanding the Christian DNA of the origins. This is a time to know Christ better in order to be strong enough to speak the truth and defend the demands of the Truth. Seeking and speaking the truth is a gift of God for every person. It is an exciting journey. We are not afraid!"
    (Translated from Italian)
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    Message, 25. September 2021

    “Dear children! Pray, witness and rejoice with me because the Most High continues to send me to lead you on the way of holiness. Be aware, little children, that life is short and eternity is waiting for you to give glory to God with your being, with all the saints. Little children, do not worry about earthly things, but long for Heaven. Heaven will be your goal and joy will begin to reign in your heart. I am with you and bless all of you with my motherly blessing. Thank you for having responded to my call.”
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