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    "Dear children.
    As I am looking at you who love my Son, my heart is being filled with tenderness. I am blessing you with a motherly blessing. With a motherly blessing, I am also blessing your shepherds - you who speak the words of my Son, who bless with His hands and who love Him so much that you are ready to make every sacrifice for Him with joy. You are following Him, who was the first shepherd, the first missionary.

    My children, apostles of my love, to live and work for others, for all those whom you love through my Son, is the joy and comfort of earthly life. If through prayer, love and sacrifice the Kingdom of God is in your hearts, then your life is joyful and bright. Among those who love my Son and who love each other through Him, words are not necessary. A gaze is sufficient for the unspoken words and unexpressed feelings to be heard. There where love reigns, time no longer counts. We are with you.

    My Son knows you and loves you. Love is that which brings you to me and through that love I will come to you and speak to you of the works of salvation. I desire for all of my children to have faith and to feel my motherly love which leads them to Jesus. Therefore, you, my children, wherever you go, illuminate with love and faith as apostles of love.
    Thank you."
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  2. Thank you so much!
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    Yes! Thank you Blessed Mother for your motherly blessing! I just received this from Cathy Nolan.

    (c)Mary TV 2016

    December 3, 2019
    St. Francis Xavier

    Dear Family of Mary!

    Our Lady speaks of her motherly blessing in this most recent message (December 2, 2019). She has spoken of her motherly blessing at least 64 times over these 38 years. It would be easy to pass over this special blessing that Our Lady gives to us as our mother. It just sounds nice. Mothers are nice and they wish nice things for us! That is all.

    But I have been learning that a motherly blessing is much more than a nice gesture, a wish for the good of the child. It is actually very powerful. I came upon this idea through the teachings of Father Gabriele Amorth, the great exorcist of Rome, who died only recently. Fr. Amorth wrote about the powerful effect that parents and grandparents can have over their children and grandchildren, when they curse them. That's right, when they curse them...

    Fr. Amorth wrote in his book "An Exorcist Tells His Story" about the power of curses spoken by parents and grandparents in this way:

    "Curses invoke evil, and the origin of all evil is demonic. When curses are spoken with true perfidy, especially if there is a blood relationship between the one who casts them and the accursed, the outcome can be terrible. The most common instances that I have encountered involved parents or grandparents who called down evil upon children or grandchildren. The most serious consequences occur when the evil wish is against someone's life or when it is pronounced on a special occasion, such as a wedding. The authority and the bonds that tie parents to their children are stronger than any other person's...." (Fr. Gabriele Amorth. An Exorcist Tells His Story". P 130)

    In his book, Fr. Amorth tells three instances of curses by parents or grandparents that he encountered, and which had very evil results. It is so sad to read about. But it points to something...the spiritual authority of the parent for good or ill.

    Well, I tell you this, because it dawned on me that if parents and grandparents can have such devastating power over their children and grandchildren for evil, think of how much good we can do if we are instead blessing our children and grandchildren! Think of how much we can protect and heal them if we are blessing them every day and pouring out our protection upon them, as their parents and grandparents!!

    That realization is what opened up for me the incredible gift we can receive from Our Lady! She is truly our Mother, given to us by Jesus from the Cross, just before His death. Her motherhood is even stronger than natural family bonds! And she loves us so much. Think what power her Motherly blessing must have if we accept it!! She told us yesterday:

    "Dear children, as I am looking at you who love my Son, my heart is being filled with tenderness. I am blessing you with a motherly blessing. With a motherly blessing, I am also blessing your shepherds - you who speak the words of my Son, who bless with His hands and who love Him so much that you are ready to make every sacrifice for Him with joy. You are following Him, who was the first shepherd, the first missionary..." (December 2, 2019)

    Our Lady's heart is filled with tenderness for us, and for our shepherds as well. Her love is overflowing for us. And she is blessing us!!! She is blessing us!!! We are being blessed with probably the most powerful blessing of a mother anyone could receive. And it comes to us because she is truly our Mother!!

    Our Lady's blessing goes out to each pilgrim who goes to Medjugorje, and to each person who responds to her call anywhere in the world! Her blessing is what gives us so much peace in Medjugorje and comes with us back home!! Her blessing heals us interiorly and makes us happy and strong.

    I think we should have great confidence in Our Lady's Motherly blessing. She has been and continues to give it to us, in abundance! This blessing is what is changing the world, one heart at a time. She brings us close to Jesus, and opens our hearts with her blessing, so that we can receive Him in faith.

    We should be telling everyone we know about her blessing. All who ask for it, will receive it!

    In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
    Cathy Nolan
    ©Mary TV 2019
  4. Medjugorje message given December 25, 2019 through Marija
    "Dear children! I am carrying my Son Jesus to you, for Him to bless you and reveal to you His love, which comes from Heaven. Your heart yearns for peace, of which there is less and less on earth. That is why people are far from God and souls are sick and heading towards spiritual death. I am with you, little children, to lead you on this way of salvation to which God calls you. Thank you for having responded to my call."

    Annual Apparition to Jakov on December 25th 2019
    The apparition began at 2:25 pm and lasted 9 minutes.
    Our Lady came with little Jesus in her arms.
    Through Jakov, Our Lady gave the following message:

    "Dear children, today, on this day of grace, in a special way I am calling you to open your hearts and to implore Jesus to strengthen your faith. Children, through prayer with the heart, faith and works you will come to know what it means to live a sincere Christian life. Often times, children, darkness, pain and crosses overwhelm your hearts. Do not waver in faith and ask 'why' because you think that you are alone and abandoned. Instead, open your hearts, pray and believe firmly and then your heart will feel God's nearness and that God never abandons you - that He is beside you at every moment. Through prayer and faith, God will answer your every 'why' and transform your every pain, darkness and cross into light. Thank you."
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  5. Message of January 2nd, 2020

    Dear children,

    I know that I am present in your lives and in your hearts. I feel your love, I hear your prayers and direct them to my Son. But, my children, according to motherly love, I desire to be in the lives of all of my children. I desire to gather all of my children around me, beneath my motherly mantle. This is why I am inviting you and calling you, apostles of my love, to help me.

    My children, my Son pronounced the words of the ‘Our Father’—Our Father, [you] who are everywhere and in our hearts—because He desires to teach you to pray with words and feelings. He desires for you to always be better, to live merciful love which is prayer and limitless sacrifice for others.

    My children, give to my Son love for your neighbors, give words of consolation, compassion, and acts of justice to your neighbors. Everything that you give to others, apostles of my love, my Son accepts as a gift. I am also with you, because my Son desires for my love, as a ray of light, to bring your souls to life; for me to help you in the search for peace and eternal happiness. Therefore, my children, love one another, be united through my Son, be children of God who all together, with a full, open and pure heart, pronounce the ‘Our Father’. And do not be afraid!

    Thank you.
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  7. January 25, 2020

    “Dear children! Today I am calling you to pray even more, until you feel the holiness of forgiveness in your heart. There must be holiness in the families, little children, because there is no future for the world without love and holiness – because in holiness and joy, you give yourselves to God the Creator who loves you with immeasurable love. This is why He sends me to you. Thank you for having responded to my call.”
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    Dear children, by the act of the decision and love of God, I am chosen to be the Mother of God and your mother. But also by my will and my immeasurable love for the Heavenly Father and my complete trust in Him, my body was the chalice of the God-man.
    I was in the service of truth, love and salvation, as I am now among you to call you, my children, apostles of my love, to be carriers of truth; to call you to spread His words, the words of salvation, by your will and love for my Son: that with your actions you may show, to all those who have not come to know my Son, His love.
    You will find strength in the Eucharist-my Son who feeds you with His Body and strengthens you with His Blood. My children, fold your hands [in prayer] and look at the Cross in silence. In this way, you are drawing faith to be able to transmit it; you are drawing truth to be able to discern; you are drawing love that you may know to love truly. My children, apostles of my love, fold your hands [in prayer], look at the Cross. Only in the Cross is salvation. Thank you.
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    Marvelous testimony!

    O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!
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    Medjugorje Commission Document Leaked: ‘It Can’t Be Demonic’ But Lacked Spiritual Direction

    From Catholic Light:

    David Murgia, a religion journalist who has produced a number of projects for national television networks in Italy, and who is also a supporter of the alleged apparitions at Medjugorje, writes on his blog Il Segno di Giona (“The Sign of Jonah”) that he has come into the possession of a copy of the Ruini commission report. In this post I’ll present a draft English translation of his excerpts from the report.
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    These words are very edifying.
    And similar to Brother Marks last post...."You are the light of the world".”
    Thank you ETA
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    Message, 25. February 2020

    “Dear children! In this time of grace, I desire to see your faces transformed in prayer. You are so flooded by earthly concerns, you do not even feel that spring is at the threshold. You are called, little children, to penance and prayer. As nature fights in silence for new life, also you are called to open yourselves in prayer to God, in Whom you will find peace and warmth of the spring sun in your hearts. Thank you for having responded to my call.”
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    Rough Translation: Medjugorje In The Crosshairs Of The Mafias

    February 29, 2020 by sd

    From San Francesco:

    [​IMG]In Medjugorje “the mafias are penetrating,” a sign of “demonic actions that are trying to do everything to ruin that place.” It is a serious complaint that of Archbishop Henryk Hoser, emeritus archbishop of Warszawa-Prague in Poland, appointed by Pope Francis last May 31 “apostolic visitor of a special character for the parish of Medjugorje, indefinitely” and available to the Holy See.

    The prelate spoke of mafia infiltrations in the village of Herzegovina which for decades has become a destination for millions of pilgrims because of the prolonged and not yet concluded apparitions reported since the summer of 1981 by a group of visionaries. He did it during the homily of the Mass celebrated on July 4, 2018, in the chapel of the Chopin airport in Warsaw: the report was reported by the Polish Catholic weekly Niedziela and Radio EM, filmed in Italy by Tv2000.

    Speaking of the struggle between good and evil, Hoser said: “And let’s see how the evil forces are mobilizing to disturb everything. I will have to deal with those forces in Medjugorje. Where there is a place of massive conversions, huge crowds who confess, where the confessors are never enough. In that place there are also demonic actions that are trying to do everything to ruin that place .”

    “The mafias are already penetrating there – added the apostolic visitor – not only for the flow of pilgrims but also for their victims, who have to pay to be able to stay there, a Neapolitan mafia for example, I have already heard that there is, and also another. So as happened in Czestochowa, when there was communism, there was an abortion clinic next to the main entrance of the Jasna Gora sanctuary. A gynecological department that mainly made pregnancy interruptions. This is reality and we must not be naive in front of this reality.”

    The Polish archbishop therefore spoke of mafias: the Neapolitan one, that is, the Camorra, and “also another” unspecified. What was he referring to? According to what the newspaper “Il Mattino” of Naples writes, Hoser’s reference concerns the results of the investigation by the Prosecutor of Santa Maria Capua Vetere on an abusive exorcist priest arrested last February and accused of having mistreated and sexually abused at least three women, including including a 13 year old girl. Investigating him, and his relatives, suspicions would emerge on a Camorra business for the management of pilgrimages.

    According to “Il Mattino” there may also be a shadow of the Camorra in the management of the three hotels – always the same – which would welcome pilgrims arriving from Naples and Caserta, as well as the management of illegal guides and the management of stalls selling goods of every kind to pilgrims. All elements yet to be tried, but which may have impressed Monsignor Hoser, who, in the short passage of the homily, did not want to steal the job from the magistrates but rather to suggest how evil tries to act and infiltrate right where significant conversions take place. (Andrea Tornielli – Ansa)

  15. We need to pray that the devil stays out of Medjugorje.
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  16. Message of March 2nd, 2020

    Dear children,

    Your pure and sincere love draws my motherly heart. Your faith and trust in the Heavenly Father are fragrant roses which you offer to me—the most beautiful bouquets of roses which consist of your prayers, acts of mercy and of love.

    Apostles of my love, you who sincerely and with a pure heart strive to follow my Son, you who sincerely love Him, you help; you be an example to those who have not yet come to know the love of my Son—but, my children, not only with words but also with acts and pure feelings through which you glorify the Heavenly Father.

    Apostles of my love, it is a time of vigilance, and of you I am asking for love, that you not judge—anyone. Because the Heavenly Father will judge everyone.

    I am asking that you love, that you convey the truth; because truth is old, it is not new, it is eternal, it is truth. It testifies to God’s eternity. Bring the light of my Son and keep breaking the darkness which all the more wants to seize you. Do not be afraid. Through the grace and the love of my Son, I am with you.

    Thank you.
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    Marija commented on the contents of the February 25th message in a phone call to Father Livio. She does this every month after the message is given. Here are her comments translated through an online translation from Italian to English on the February 25th message
    THE VISIONARY MARIJA: This virus is evil, does not come from God.
    "I am convinced that this situation will not last long, but for us it is an invitation to start a new life.

    When I heard this Coronavirus, I wondered: "How can we fight it?". As the name tells us, Corona means Crown, therefore we need to fight it with the rosary. The Rosary wins in many occasions. I am convinced that this situation will not last long, but for us it is an invitation to start a new life. We have experienced how small the earth and how this situation can touch everyone. We think that our life is unique and unrepeatable, but it is also fragile together. Our Lady tells us: "Pray that you will find peace in prayer." We do our best in our family, in our parish, in our work, for our Italian so impressed, but I believe that Our Lady will not abandon us. But we must respond. I remember that in the early years of the apparitions Italians came to Medjugorje with enthusiasm. We need to take that enthusiasm and transmit it with our prayers. Let's start with the Rosary in our families. May the Lord deliver us from this fear ...
    Jesus said that certain evil spirits can only avert by prayer and fasting.
    For this virus we begin to pray and fast ... "

    In these days circulating messages that Our Lady would speak of China and of this virus. It's not true. Also in today's message, Our Lady did not speak of this fear, but she gives us hope and invites us to fight with prayer, penance. So the Virgin Mary with this message invites all that are lost and far from God, to return to God. Thanks to Our Lady's presence for so many years, I have seen many sick people come to Medjugorje with fear, they then began to pray, and they get a lot better. I hope that this time we begin to approach God in prayer, because we see that life is fragile. For this virus we see the fragility of the world and of science. Our Lady wants to see that we are transformed in prayer, because one who prays is not afraid of the future, as she told us. The future is not in our hands but in God's hands.
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    I often wonder just how many of these "expert" examiners of the supernatural even bother to get near the place of apparitions or experience anything personally of the essential experiences!

    Leaked Medjugorje Report Surprisingly Positive Despite One Harsh Assessment

    March 2, 2020 by sd



    A leaked report from the commission that studied Medjugorje contains surprising and at points startling conclusions, if initial translations are accurate — criticizing aspects of seer conduct but presenting a far more positive picture of the apparitions than most close watchers of the situation hoped for or anticipated.

    The full report was given to an Italian journalist, David Murgia, and has already been bound in book form in his native language.

    Perhaps never before in the history of what it calls Mariophanies,including those of Lourdes, Fatima, and Guadalupe, have there been higher-ranking clergy on an investigative commission. It consisted of five cardinals, an archbishop, three monsignors, and four priests composing the thirteen members and studied the site in Hercegovina for what it described as four “intense” years. In addition were three prie[​IMG]sts and a nun who served as voting experts, bringing the tally to seventeen, though the number present for ballots (votum) at times varied.

    Ten members and three of the experts voted that the first seven apparitions at Medjugorje were “constat de supernaturalitate’ — authentically supernatural — while just one member labeled them “constat de non supernaturalitate” (established as not supernatural).

    The final member was undecided — “nondum decerendum.”

    Thus, thirteen of 15 votes present for what was a secret ballot discerned in favor of Mary having appeared there — more than even the most optimistic expected. The commission, empaneled by Pope Benedict XVI in 2009, described the first apparitions as founded on “indisputable evidence.”

    In another surprise, the Vatican report — likely the most in-depth such investigation in the history of Marian apparitions — strongly rebuffed those who have called Medjugorje diabolical, concluding in unequivocal verbiage that “the hypothesis of a demonic origin from the beginnings of the phenomenon appears gratuitous and unfounded.”

    “On the basis of data, the International Commission considers that it can affirm with reasonable certainty that the first seven apparitions prove to be intrinsically credible,” it said, noting the devotion, renewed sense of belonging to the Church, “huge” number of Confessions, and miraculous healings there. That first week, it said, is “not reducible to human dynamics only,” but instead has “a supernatural origin.”


    It is with the apparitions subsequent to the initial week, when the apparitions moved from Mount Podbrdo (Apparition Hill) to the parish house, and later the sacristy, then elsewhere, including private homes, that the situation becomes less clear, it concluded, falling into what it described as “rarefaction” (lessened density). On these subsequent experiences the commission decided in effect not to decide, further describing the apparitions as becoming “privatized” (individually experienced) and making it all but impossible to evaluate them as an entirety. Twelve members and experts said they were undecided. Two voted that they were constat de non supernaturalitate — not supernatural.

    But even here, the commission — which noted Communist attempts to misrepresent and confuse the matter — said that “in concrete terms, the subsequent history to the first seven alleged apparitions offers attestation of multiple Gospel fruits,” including conversions and vocations to the priesthood.

    (cont'd below)
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    (cont'd from above)

    Ruling out fraud, it said “the succeeding thirty-year history since the original events” — while not as powerful as the first Mount Podbrdo appearances, and dispersed to such an extent that a ruling of supernaturality could not be made (with seers often even in different countries) — “has spread so far and in such depth as to exclude an individual or mass manipulation.”

    [​IMG]It also noted that the most powerful experiences occur not as the result of proximity to seers — whom it says should be less public and better controlled — but of visiting Medjugorje itself. “Regardless of the behavior of the alleged visionaries,” said the report, the effects of the phenomenon since the initial week and up to the present were considered by five members and experts as “positive”; six members and experts as “mixed, mainly positive”; and three members as simply “mixed.” None deemed the effects of the more recent apparitions negative.

    The commission urged that the seers halt attendance at conferences without specific approval of a bishop and strongly recommended that each be assigned a spiritual director, guidance it emphasized has been lacking. “With this vote, the collegial reflections on the effects of the Medjugorje phenomenon are closed regardless of the alleged visionaries,” says the report — thus negating key arguments of those who have sought to dismiss Medjugorje based on certain visionary conduct. Its key concern with the seers, said the report, was “their search for profit.”

    Indeed, like virtually all others in the village, visionaries at Medjugorje took to building pilgrim houses from which they have realized substantial income. “Yet this ambiguity,” says the report, “rather than being located on the side of immorality, is found on the side of the structure of the person, often lacking a solid discernment and a coherent orientation, and also because an available and steady spiritual guide [from either the Mostar diocese or the parish Franciscans] has been lacking to them in the course of these thirty years.” At several points, in a surprisingly harsh assessment, the report singled out one visionary as constituting a special problem when it came to profiting from the circumstance and accused the seer of “lying.”

    It is not clear why the visionary was cited in a special way, since all the seers are attached in some ways to pilgrimages. It raises the question of whether, as in Kibeho, Rwanda, where three of seven seers are officially recognized, the Church might eventually deem some of the Medjugorje seers authentic but not include them all.

    The report also hit the Bishop of Mostar, whose attitude, it said, “makes adequate pastoral care of the phenomenon impossible.”

    It was for that reason — but even more so the “supranationality” (international nature) of the situation — that the commission, in a report read closely by Pope Francis, recommended taking Medjugorje out of diocesan control and placing it directly under the Vatican’s wing, which indeed now has been done with the assignment of a special Vatican envoy — an archbishop — to Medjugorje.

    [​IMG]So taken aback was the commission at the local bishop’s handling that it went so far as to mention the possibility of a separate diocese for Medjugorje (an extraordinary possibility with no precedent in Marian apparitions) or even transfer of the antagonistic bishop, Ratko Peric, of Mostar, away from the situation.

    Ten of the members and experts voted that the authority for Medjugorje should rest solely with the Holy See; four members said it should remain with the local bishop; and two members and experts said it be assigned a “new ecclesiastical circumscription” — its own diocese.

    Thirteen of fourteen present for another ballot voted that a pontifical shrine be erected in Medjugorje either now or in the future, with just one commission member opposed. The commission also recommended enlarging the size of the parish church, which currently holds about six hundred (counting standing room), with rumors that a basilica will be built on a field next to the current church, known the world over for its twin towers.

    The report says that “as is clear from the first part of this report, the alleged visionaries have appeared substantially credible in their witness of the first seven apparitions, and also through the succeeding alleged apparitions, it does not seem possible to deny their subjective good faith, independent of judgment on the reality of the event. This positive evaluation, however, does not extend to [we are redacting the seer’s name], on whose credibility serious and demonstrated reservations have emerged.”

    The focus, it emphasized, should be on Medjugorje, not visionaries. The report added that seers should decline invitations to conferences without “the prior consent of the local ordinary. These indications apply in a special way to [name of seer redacted].”

    “Church authority must keep watch over the economic activities [quaestus lucri] of the alleged visionaries,” said the report. It also noted that “secrets’ at Medjugorje given the six seers and the “life of Mary” as dictated to another of the visionaries “cannot enjoy any ecclesiastical approval.” (Even the meditations of saints on the lives of Jesus and Mary are not formally accepted.)

    While all the seers realize income, directly or indirectly, from pilgrims, they were simply following the overwhelming economic transformation of Medjugorje and surrounding hamlets from a farming community — tobacco and vineyards — to a pilgrim center.

    The commission obviously recognized that the visionaries had little choice — neither the parish nor Vatican had designed for them a way of meeting their needs at the same time they were receiving millions of pilgrims.

    This is a frequent dilemma historically. At LaSalette, both seers in the end were castigated by Church authorities but the apparition was verified as authentic.

    While the Pope has not made a final pastoral judgment, and is not likely to while the apparitions continue, it appears that this report will be the definitive reference point and that, barring unforeseen developments, Medjugorje one day will meet with full ecclesial approval.

    Which seers are included is likely to depend on personal sanctity. They are visionaries who, we can now say without restraint, based on the report itself, may have made missteps (including the one singled out), but are in general excellent people and who, by virtue of the official Vatican report, indeed saw the Virgin Mary and (in our view) still do.
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    Sister Emmanuel's Report from Medjugorje for March 2020

    Sr. Emmanuel <>
    Tue 3/17/2020 4:31 PM

    Medjugorje, March 16, 2020

    Dear Children of Medjugorje, praised be Jesus and Mary!


    1. On March 2nd, 2020, Mirjana received her monthly apparition at the Blue Cross, in the presence of a rather small crowd. Then she conveyed this message:
    "Dear children! Your pure and sincere love draws my motherly heart. Your faith and trust in the Heavenly Father are fragrant roses which you offer to me the most beautiful bouquets of roses which consist of your prayers, acts of mercy and of love.
    Apostles of my love, you who sincerely and with a pure heart strive to follow my Son, you who sincerely love Him, you help; you be an example to those who have not yet come to know the love of my Son but, my children, not only with words but also with acts and pure feelings through which you glorify the Heavenly Father.
    Apostles of my love, it is a time of vigilance, and of you I am asking for love, that you not judge anyone. Because the Heavenly Father will judge everyone. I am asking that you love, that you convey the truth; because truth is old, it is not new, it is eternal, it is truth. It testifies to God's eternity. Bring the light of my Son and keep breaking the darkness which all the more wants to seize you. Do not be afraid. Through the grace and the love of my Son, I am with you. Thank you."

    As with all sites linked to Medjugorje, at the request of the authorities, we relinquish posting the film of the 2nd of the month apparition with Mirjana. Obedience is always blessed!

    2. The sheep's foot.
    Once upon a time, in Medjugorje, a Croatian pilgrim was walking alongside a field where a flock of sheep was grazing. You can imagine his surprise when suddenly, he saw the shepherd badly mistreat one of his sheep, breaking its foot! The poor animal was bleating so plaintively, it just broke his heart. Revolted by such cruelty, the pilgrim ran up to the shepherd and shouted angrily, "What are you doing here!? Are you mad? How cruel!" However, in a calm voice, the shepherd explained to him: "Be at peace! I am doing my job as a shepherd. This sheep always strays from the herd, it is very wild, and that is very dangerous for it because it often gets lost. One of these days this sheep will be completely lost and will die in the middle of the rocks and thorn bushes. I broke its foot so that it can't walk for a while, and I did that on purpose. I will now carry it on my shoulders, so that it will get to feel me and know my voice. After that, once the foot is healed, it will never leave me." The pilgrim regretted having been aggressive towards the shepherd, for he understood that his goal was to save the life of his sheep, even at the cost of breaking its foot.
    "I am the good Shepherd," Jesus tells us, "Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but he will have the light of life." The message is clear: it is better to suffer the temporary pain of a broken foot than to move away from the Shepherd and lose one's life forever! What if the coronavirus is an opportunity to question our way of thinking and living, could we not see it as a lesser evil, since the greatest tragedy is that humanity keeps straying from our Divine Shepherd who alone has the words of eternal life? He alone gave His life for the sheep, He paid the ransom of our salvation, and at what a price! By HIS wounds, we are healed. We no longer want to seek happiness where it gets lost.
    Yes, under the hammer that strikes and injures, there is always the hand of the Shepherd who heals!

    3. John Paul II's coffee. After his stay at the Gemelli Clinic in Rome, having barely recovered from the attack that nearly cost him his life in 1981, Pope John Paul II was keen to invite some of his closest friends to a meal. It was a handful of bishops, including Bishop Paul Hnilica (Slovak) who told me the story. The conversation was going well when they started talking about the attack. One of the bishops asked this question: "Who is behind this attack?" And everyone started expressing their opinion, ranging from the KGB to the CIA, etc... The Pope kept sipping his coffee while listening to these various analyses. After having mentioned all possible causes, they were all curious to hear the Holy Father's response. John Paul II then said: "It is Satan!" Dismayed, the bishops remained silent, and the Pope added, "But remember that Satan too is an instrument in God's plans!"

    Who started the coronavirus? It was Satan! Who closed the churches to the faithful? Satan! Who wants the Eucharist and the real Presence of Christ among us to disappear? It's him! Who is trying to sow a general panic among the people? He is! Who wants to wipe humanity off the face of the earth? It is Satan the homicide, who "prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour" (1 Peter 5:8)! Who wants to convince man that he is abandoned by God? Satan does, ever jealous as he is of man! Who has dangled before us a civilization without God, where earthly well-being would be the ultimate happiness? Him again, the prince of lies! And I could go on for a long time. But more than ever, the message is clear: behind these infamous trials and agonies that God's children have to endure today, God has his plan! He alone can draw good from evil, and He is already doing so.
    Dear brothers and sisters, this tragedy that is affecting the whole world is not the final word, it will pass away! It is up to us though to keep watch and to ensure that it is shortened. We have the simplest and most awesome instruction, taught by the Blessed Mother with so much patience for almost 39 years in Medjugorje. Here we find all the answers for our current situation! Where does evil come from? How to fight it and how to defeat it? How to turn our Way of the Cross into a path of joy? We know that by uniting our sufferings to those of Jesus in his Passion, these sufferings become the cause of great blessings. They then become co-redemptive sufferings, in the footsteps of Mary's sufferings, as she is the co-redemptrix par excellence. The ball is in our court, much of what is going to happen is up to us.

    (cont'd below)


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