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  1. Jane

    Jane Angels

    This is what is so wrong. How the Bishops advice has been ignored. I feel so sorry for them.

    There would be many, many people who want things to stay exactly how they are. There is too much money being made.

    So yes. Will everything stay as it is?????

    I can't see it changing.
  2. I explain it to my children like this:

    The Kingdom of God is like a great feast table. Beautiful decorated cakes and pastries, plump breads, all different kinds of meats and bright steaming buttery vegetables. All is worthy of being there. Each item is a gift of God for the Church. One item is the Angels and another the Communion of Saints, and then there is Mary, the Holy Trinity, the gifts of the Holy Spirit and of course the Eucharist and the Bible, the priesthood, the old and the new Testament and so much more! Each represents a food. Along come the Jews and they are the foundation and they have the Talmud and the tradition and the Prophets of old. Then the Muslims have a little of the prophets, and a little of Mary. Along comes Protestantism and they decide that they don’t want the priesthood or the Sacraments, only the Bible and gifts of the Holy Spirit. They then split up into the unbelievable 50,000 or more sects that have now perpetuated. Each one of those sects has a piece of the pie, but not the whole banquet. What is the WHOLE BANQUET? The Catholic Church. We are the FULLNESS of the Faith given by Jesus himself. That is NOT to say that each one of these religions do not have ‘some minute piece’ of the pie. The Holy Spirit is in each one of these foods that are on this table. So therefore even in these religions the Holy Spirit is at work creating Godly people. They do not have the FULLNESS of truth, but God works with them in powerful ways, because he created us all to know, love and serve Him and he works with what we have. That is why Catholics have a HUGE AND GREAT RESPONSIBILITY. Whoever has been given much will be called to account for what they have been given. THIS IS WHAT OUR LADY IS SPEAKING OF. The Muslim woman our Lady was speaking of as a possible saint probably was LIVING her faith as best she could. Knowing, loving and serving Him in humility, service and thanksgiving and praise. THAT impresses God. We do not have it made in the shade unless we are LIVING the faith given to us. We are indeed ALL children of God. Knowing the truth just gives us more responsibility and grace. What our Lady has said is truth.
  3. padraig

    padraig New Member

    The Vatican has effectively over ruled the previous ruling by the Local Ordinary by taking matters into their own hands. This was very, very unusual , I never heard of such a thing before and no matter what way you look at it was a huge vote of no confidence in the Bishop.

    I can't see Rome returning to this status. My money is on them ruling either true or false, there'll be no fence sitting.
  4. padraig

    padraig New Member

    If the Vatican over ruled the Local Bishop it would have been for a reason. Very proabbly they did not trust him because of bias. I would be slow to feel sorry for him unless I knew the, 'in's and outs' The dmestic situation on Bosnia is quite extraordinary with severe Clerical infighting going back to the year dot.

    But if the Vatican pulled the plug on the Bishop they did so for good reason.

    'Diocesan-Franciscan Rivalry
    The Franciscans brought the Catholic faith to the Bosnia-Herzegovina region and safeguarded the Church throughout the four centuries of Turkish domination (1490-1881). Rome later introduced the secular clergy into the area. Many Franciscan parishes passed to secular priests, but many others refused to relinquish their Franciscan pastors.
    When Rome appointed a secular bishop in 1943, the rivalry became particularly harsh; the Franciscans claimed they relinquished more parishes than they received in exchange. In the process, the area's faithful suffered greatly. When Mostar's first secular bishop appointed a secular priest for the traditionally Franciscan parish of Grude, the parishioners barricaded the doors to obstruct the installation.
    When Monsignor Zanic became Bishop of Mostar on 14 September, 1980, he annexed 80% of the city's parishes to the secular clergy. We should note here that Mostar was the very earliest Franciscan parish. Many Franciscan parishes refused to pass under the authority of the secular episcopate, allowing their Franciscan priests to administer the sacraments and say Mass. Zanic has succeeded in having two young Franciscan priests suspended <a divinis> by the Franciscan Procurator. The implacable conflict between Zanic and the Franciscans reached its climax in the Franciscan parish of Medjugorje.'

    Over 90% of the Shrine shops in Lourdes are Jewish owned. Obviously they own them to make money rather than to promote Marian Devotion, a money making thing....but I still believe in Lourdes:)

    Oh Lordy I am getting sucked into!!:);)
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  5. jerry

    jerry Guest

    It takes something these days to bring a smile to my face.

    padraig, you succeeded, thanks! :)
  6. Mary's child

    Mary's child Guest

    I am really rushing today Jane, and can't answer the above question as well as I would like, I will get back to it as soon as possible, just really busy at the moment, but I am sure that I spoke on another thread what I felt Our Blessed Mother meant by the above message, it is on this thread or on prophecies true or false.

    I know in my heart that I am in strict obedience to my faith. Hey, I lost my home because of it!! Had to move my children away, so I know in my heart of hearts that absolutely I love my faith, I will keep singing it from the roof tops too, even if it gets me shot. I pray to God that I will have to the courage to hide my priests if the need ever arose. So, it stands to reason, that I am going to be completely obedient to My pope and the Catholic Church or else my love doesn't make sense at all.
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  7. Jane

    Jane Angels

    And that is your spin on it!
    And you are entitled to your spin too.

    I know we have a loving God, a forgiving God, and I believe we will be judged on own merits.

    Now you are also speaking on how the 'alleged' Mary of Medjugorje said there is a Muslim woman who is a living saint.

    I am under the understanding a Saint goes straight to Heaven. "Muslim woman being a Saint?"
    PLEASE. You can not be a saint if you deny Jesus as God.

    A Muslim, can live a quiet and good life by being good to her neighbour etc.
    BUT, if she follows this faith that totally denies Jesus as God, she is NOT a saint.

    "All religions are equal.".......... Why do I bother in the demanding road of being a Catholic?

    When I was on a tour in Hong Kong, they took us into a Buddhist house of worship. Why did I walk out within a minute of walking in?
    Because I was in a place that doesn't follow the true God.


    WAKE UP.
  8. I too got sucked in Padraig, don't feel bad! I'm DONE now...:X3:
  9. Mary's child

    Mary's child Guest

    Jane, now we are moving on to a completely different topic. Well three different topics.

    Mother Mary didn't say that the Muslim woman was a saint, she said she was the most devout one there. To me that means praying from the heart, being as open with God as she possibly could. I know I stated about this somewhere else so I am not going to repeat it.

    With regards to the one church, we are not heading that way via Medjugorje, if that was the case I would have ducked out years ago. The church heading one way is allowing secularism and communistic views such as euthanasia and abortion to reign. And YES there are many Catholics who are for this, I have been insulted by catholic women more times that I care to remember when I have been collecting for spuc etc.

    I have been verbally attacked by more catholic women than secular women when I openly speak up and say abortion is wrong.

    When we allow our church to become a political arena instead of a people of love we are in very shady ground.

    When we pray with Christians outside our own denomination and then allow their views to guide us in our own faith.. such as when idiots say, why pray to Mary when you can go straight to God.. .then we have been sucked in .. There is nothing wrong with praying alongside other Christians, this is in fact wholesome, provided that you are firmly rooted in your own faith. If you are a person that is easily swayed, then it would be best that you remain in your own Church praying alongside fellow Catholics.

    I won't step inside a buddist church either, I also wouldn't allow my children to go on the school trip to the Hindu temple. The school was furious, I told them that they were trying to encourage me to break the first commandment and weren't showing any respect for my faith at all!

    The governments are heading us to the one church. When Catholics say God has moved with the times it is ok to be gay and a catholic, or when they say priests should get married, and couples should be allowed to get married two three or four times, this is not coming from Medjugorje I can assure you.

    This is coming from the warped hearts of those who no longer live their faith, but hang on to it because they want their children to receive a private education for free whilst seeping their poison into the hearts and minds of those around them.

    This is indeed what we need to be wary of. Medjugorje cannot take the blame for this.

    I know many people who I would class as holy (wholly good) is what holy means, to be complete etc. Well, I know many people who love, who haven't been taught about God but who love and respect life and help the homeless and are really loving people, who actually put Christians to shame. They do not know God yet they are doing the will of the Father. Do you think that these people will go to hell?

    I doubt it. Jesus Christ said I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, follow me... That meant to live as he lives, to love as He loves, and to live the Truth as He loves it. There will be many who do that who haven't had the privilege of a Christian upbringing, and they will be in Heaven with God one day am absolutely sure of it..

    Now, there are another group, whose judgement I shall leave to God. They attend daily mass, they pray and then ignore the needs of their neighbor whilst parading their holiness around the church for all to see, and stepping over the downtrodden, assuming that they are better than everyone else. Now, these people believe in Jesus Christ... or do they? For if they did, as St John and St James says, they will be living in the light if they love Christ and if they are not, then they are lying to themselves.

    Why are you wanting to disprove Medjugorje so much? People here have said that if it is condemned they will simply walk away, why is that not good enough?
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  10. Patrice

    Patrice Guest

    I tried looking up that supposed quote on the muslim woman once and all I could find was that it was mentioned in one book and even there it was just said that they heard that.,and of course it gets spread all over the www{which of course we all know the equivalent numbers to www in the hebrew alphabet are 666.} That is one of the reasons that the parish took over the messages, because so much misinformation was going out.
    Now the definition of saint is someone who's in heaven I would say. So, only people who believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and God can go to heaven? You know when Ghandi read the bible and spoke to his Christian friends about turning the other cheek, they just said oh well not really, nobody really does that. But Ghandi said this is truth and he applied it and turned a whole country's government around. Martin Luther King Jr. followed him and did the same thing in the south in this country.
    Mother Angelica said one of the saddest things she ever heard was that when Ghandi was then asked why he didn't become a Christian, it was because he never met a true Christian.

    But I think if he had ever met Mary's child he would have jumped right into that baptismal font.:)
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  11. Mary's child

    Mary's child Guest

    Thank you very much Patrice, am sitting here bright red with a great big grin on my face. :) x
  12. Jane

    Jane Angels

    It wasn't me that meantioned 'a muslim woman being a saint' that was MS7. :)
    But on that. I did read in a Medjugorje book this statement.

    Mary Child. You are kind. I thankyou for this. :D
    you have asked me this question before about why I want to condemn Medj. Well it is more about making people aware of the other side of the story, and I do not think the Church will do it's ruling before tribulation.
    With all the proof I have given, people just don't want to know about it. :(

    I can not do any more.

    Now the one who calls himself Garabandal opened this thread. Is it True of False? Was the question.

    If you follow discernments. FALSE!

    Queen of Peace is bringing the opposite to the faithful. :(
  13. Mary's child

    Mary's child Guest

    Mother Mary is indeed Queen of Peace so I know that you don't mean it about her Jane. :)
  14. Jane

    Jane Angels

    Yes. Mother Mary is the Queen of Peace. :) She will bring nothing but peace.

    Thank God for The Blessed Virgin Mary.
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  15. Patrice

    Patrice Guest

    We are aware of the things said against Medjugorje. There is nothing new being said. We are all intelligent enough to have done our research on both sides, perhaps researching documents for years before believing and I suspect most of us have gone into deep prayer with Our Lord Jesus and discussed it with Him. We are all free to believe or not believe in Garabandal and Medjugorje, both of which have many detractors, as we feel led by Our Lord Jesus. I see where your heart is Jane, and that you are trying to help people, but there is really nothing new here at all and we have all heard it before. God bless you Jane, for your caring heart.

    And Jerry...

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  16. Patrice

    Patrice Guest

    Help Padraig, I got sucked in too! That's it for me, too.
  17. Jane

    Jane Angels

    Thankyou Patrice. I'm glad you can at least see I am doing what I think is right.
    But why did you just mention Father Zozo is a saint? Oh no.

    No I am not going to go down that track as that message has got contradictions too. :confused:

    God be with you, Bless and guide you.
  18. Mary's child

    Mary's child Guest

    This priest is wonderful. Listen to his sermons on you tube. I would love the grace to be able to see this priest. He also happens to have the gift of stimata. Many other gifts too. He comes from outside of Medjugorge in Krk, he used to give retreats there. Two things he used to say: "If you have come to see me you have wasted your time, however if you have come here for Jesus, then stay." He also used to request that people went to Medjugorje for a retreat before making their way to him.

    He is known as a modern day Padre Pio. If that isn't endorsement, then I have no idea what is. He is aware of the politics everything else. Mother Mary doesn't choose the nicest of places to visit, like any good mother she gives her attention to the places that need her the most and to those that are in imminent danger.

    This priest is now resting, at the direction of his bishop, however he is still permitted to give retreats etc, and before anyone says ahhh he has been hidden away, he hasn't. I believe that he is in America now, but in order to understand this priest fully and all that he is going through, one needs to read the life story of Padre Pio to understand Church matters and how they deal with this kind of phenomena.
  19. Mary's child

    Mary's child Guest

    Every human being has the spirit of God is in the catholic catechism. It is the very reason why man can love and decide for good or for bad.
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  20. Patty78

    Patty78 Angels

    A Testimony: Mons. Domenico Pecile, vicar of St John in Lateran Basilica, the Pope’s Cathedral in Rome.

    Mons. Domenico Pecile, Bishop Emeritus of Latina, at present vicar of St John in Lateran Basilica
    (Cardinal Camillo Ruini, Chairman of the Vatican Commission on Medjugorje, is the Archpriest of St. John Lateran Basilica.)

    Came on a private pilgrimage to Medjugorje in August 2005. He was ordained a bishop in 1984, and was retired in 1998. This is his testimony:
    “I heard about Medjugorje for the first time at the very beginning of Our Lady’s apparitions. From the very beginning, I was interested in these events in a positive way. In general, concerning this kind of events, my personal attitude is always to come and see personally, to observe the event. This is how, some years after the beginning of the apparitions in Medjugorje, I came here with two other persons. I introduced myself as a bishop only to the pastor of Medjugorje. I was concelebrating together with other priests, as one of them. This first visit to Medjugorje remained engraved in my heart. Something within me was telling me that it was impossible that these events were not authentic. I had the chance to come back two years ago.
    In the history of the Church, Our Lady has intervened many times because she loves humanity, and because God himself is sending her, in order to remind us of His love. I felt deep within, especially during my second visit two years ago, precisely this: the love of God! Jesus Christ is the one who is sending Our Lady. Jesus, whom she calls her Son. Sometimes, I feel like saying to the Lord: “Oh, Lord, do come yourself to us!” But He is sending Our Lady. I a certain way, we are more open and more ready to accept her. We feel less distant from her, because she is not only our Mother, but also our Sister. Because of my responsibility as a bishop of the Catholic Church, I have come personally to see if this event is real, if it is acceptable. From the very first time that I came to Medjugorje, my conviction is that these events are authentic.
    Medjugorje is a reality. I see it as a place that has received a great gift. Our Lady is coming here, as she came to many other places, and maybe in the future she will be coming somewhere else. It is neither strange nor weird that Our Lady is appearing. She is always appearing in order to help us to come back to God. This time, here in Medjugorje, Our Lady is coming in a very powerful way, an outstanding way, different then her other comings. It is impossible not to see here the Lord our God. Impossible! I come here to pray to Our Lady, to feel her presence, not only because I feel the need for it, but because this is giving me a consolation on the road, a strength to continue, to walk with one additional reason, with the conviction that God truly loves us all.
    Gradually, I came to know all the visionaries. My impression is that these persons have received a great gift, but they do not display it. They are simple, ordinary people like anyone else. You have to talk to them in order to realise that they have received a special grace, and this is what I like so much. When I came for the first time to Medjugorje, I met Jakov, the youngest among them. I spoke with him in the garden, next to his house. I saw this simple young man, I asked him some questions and he answered me. Someone could maybe say that he is without any higher education, but I say the contrary: he was very precise in his answers, confessing his faith and keeping in his heart the gift that he has received, without displaying it in any particular way. I had the same impression, every time I met one of them. They speak with great clarity. They have great gifts in their hearts. It is impossible for us to even imagine what is in their hearts, in their lives, and everything is so simple. According to my opinion, precisely this is the strongest thing. I have the impression that God wants them to fulfil the mission that He is asking from them, without displaying it outwardly. They are our brothers, people like any one of us, and they do not display the special gift that God has given only to them. They simply feel as carriers of a message, a message that they also need themselves. This is how I see them.
    On other places of pilgrimage where Our Lady was appearing, some miracles have happened, and this is beautiful. But here, for such a long time, Our Lady is giving messages, is continuing to speak. I would say that, here, Our Lady continues to speak to the humanity. She is not doing it from a pulpit, but as a mother. Those who want to hear and to obey – they listen. Those who do not want – they don’t listen. Our Lady is continuing to speak here. I think that this is because the time, in which we live, is powerful and important as no time before. I our time, Our Lady is observing as a mother, seeing our reality and coming to help us to think again about our way of life and about the world in which we live.

    When we read the messages, we can discern if they can help us, if they are in harmony with the Catholic teaching of the Catholic Church. Here, this is perfect! The messages are simple, so that everyone can understand them, and they are perfectly in accord with the truth of the Gospel and the teaching of the Church.
    Pilgrims that are coming to Medjugorje are not coming for a visit, but to encounter Our Lady who is speaking to them through her messages. Our Lady is speaking to their hearts, if they are open to listen in prayer. If you pray here, if you come here in silence and you try to understand your life, if you pray and deepen your Christian life, something great and good for the humanity is happening.

    These days, I was in a great joy. I was glorifying God! I especially enjoyed hearing confessions. In Medjugorje, hearing confessions is an extraordinary experience. Something special is happening here, it is different then elsewhere. Penitents are aware of their sins. They are aware of the fact that sin is the real evil of the world, and it is not so easy to come to this understanding. This is one of the most beautiful fruits of Medjugorje.
    In Eucharistic celebrations, I saw something extraordinary: pilgrims were attentive, concentrated, although we had Holy Mass in a conference hall. Nothing could distract them; they experienced something deep within them. The presence of the mystery can almost be felt in the air here. The faithful come to the churches elsewhere also, but you see them talking. But not here! Here, they are attentive! In all our churches throughout the world, it should be as it is here in Medjugorje.
    I also went for an apparition with Ivan. How to speak about it? It isn’t easy. I don’t know. I was telling Our Lady: “You are here and this is enough for me!”
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