Medjugorje: March 18

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  1. torrentum

    torrentum Archangels

    A special date.
    Let us pray for a deeper understanding of this Medjugorje Mystery.
    Perhaps it’s meaning and significance is staring us in the face....

    “When Mirjana’s daily apparitions ceased in December, 1982, Our Lady told Mirjana that She would continue to appear to her once a year on Mirjana’s birthday until the end of her life. However, the date of March 18 is not significant because it is Mirjana’s birthday; rather it is significant because of some reason that we will learn in the future concerning this date.”
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  2. Carol55

    Carol55 Ave Maria

    torrentum, Thank you for posting this reminder.

    I know that we are all some of the best prayer warriors in the world and if I hadn't found this site I wouldn't be a quarter of the prayer warrior that I have become. I thank God for this site and for all of you but if you could all do me a great favor and pray today and tomorrow with such passion. I would greatly appreciate it. I am asking for these prayers not for myself but for our beloved Church and for the pope. Thank you all in advance. +

    As Our Blessed Mother said, "Think about the passion of Jesus".

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  3. AED

    AED Powers

    Praying with special passion tomorrow Carol.
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  4. heyshepard

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    Many prayers going out!
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