McCarrick defrocked

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    I was a little surprised this morning that the BBC was headlining this in their news reports; I never thought that there wold be so much interest:

    The BBC seems to take what I suppose would be the standard media response that this is a genuine effort by Francis's clique in the Vatican to clean ship, this than a cynical effort to deflect questions during the even more cynical Vatican abuse summit.

    I notice poor old McCarrick has not even given even one expression of sorrow or regret. His poor soul. Praying for him. Hell is shrieking out to welcome him in if he does not repent. His false friends have sold him out to save their own hides.

    I see another of his friends is to be up in court too. The Apostolic Nuncio to France no less:

    While in Washington the awful Cupich is under siege:

    Please pray for Mr McCarrick's poor soul. I am hoping he will be honest enough, or bitter enough to out a lot of his high ranking friends. He must know more secrets than the devil himself.
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    Just heard
    Will pray
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    Each of the criminals crucified with Jesus had the opportunity to repent. Only one did. May Cardinal McCarrick repent, too! St. Patrick, pray for Theodore!

    This day you shall be with me in Paradise
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    Thank you...
    It took this long to cut him off because they probably are worried about him outing others. I’m betting they are giving him big retirement perks to keep quiet.

    They had to do this before their summit...
    Trying to recapture some creditably....too little...too late.

    Everyday it’s something...

    Too much evidence of too much apostasy....

    Trust is gone. It’s time to take back our church from this gang.
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  6. Beth B

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    I’m praying he asks for forgiveness and that he spills the beans on the others...not holding my breath.
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    Well said. I also hope he repents. Also glad the pope has done something about this. It may help restore some faith back into the church. God bless. ..Gary
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    And I am not sure he could be forgiven by God unless he helps to expose the deepest levels of the Sodomite clergy cesspool of corruption. For this we can pray.
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    Well I would like to think God would forgive him if he truly repents. God knows his heart and certainly knows what to do with this mess. God bless... Gary
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    I think it's true he would need to take some Reparative action. Quite a lot in fact.

    I am sorry to see any soul heading for hell, but I find it terrifying to see one heading so deep, deep, down in hell. So I will certainly pray for poor McCarrick. But there has been utterly no sign of repentance whatsoever.

    Evil is so deceptive he seemed like a kindly grandfather. The poor Archdiocese of Washington. First McCarrick, then Wuerl. They say Papa Francesco has either of his two close buddies , Tobin or Cupich lined up for the post. A triple whammy.

    Still it could have been even worse, they might have been stuck with Francis as Archbishop if he had not been made Pope; he makes McCarrick, Wuerl, Tobin and Cupich look like saints by comparison. Which is why , I suppose, Satan specially choose him for the Big Job in the Vatican.

    Poor Washington, I don't envy them. But I am glad the poor laypeople are trying to fight back.


    Catholics to rally Saturday in nation’s capital to request ‘worthy shepherd’ as next D.C. archbishop

    WASHINGTON, D.C., February 14, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Concerned Catholics will rally in front of the Papal Ambassador’s residence in the nation’s capital on Saturday to deliver a strong message to the Holy See that the Church needs a “worthy shepherd” to oversee the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C.

    While Pope Francis has accepted Cardinal Donald Wuerl’s resignation from that post, Wuerl continues to serve as the Archdiocese’s Apostolic Administrator until the Vatican appoints a successor.

    Washington’s last two archbishops – Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl and former Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick – have sparked deep regret and suspicion among many in the Archdiocese of Washington and beyond.

    Cardinal Wuerl put on full public display his attempts to obfuscate the truth about what he knew about the homosexual predatory behavior of his predecessor, McCarrick, whose laicization is expected to be announced by the Holy See within the next 48 hours.

    As a result, the Vatican’s track record of recent appointments to the important Washington post has left lay Catholics and clergy wary of the Holy See’s next choice.

    Rumors out of the Vatican that Newark’s Cardinal Joseph W.Tobin had been a front-runner to succeed Wuerl exacerbated those fears. Tobin most likely owes his cardinalate to McCarrick’s patronage, and has proved himself supportive of those who seek to normalize homosexuality within the Catholic Church.

    Catholic Laity for Orthodox Bishops and Reform (Catholic Laity) will rally at the Papal Nunciature (Massachusetts Avenue and 34th St. N.W. in Washington) on Saturday, February 16, at 2 p.m.

    Additionally, the group has a longer term goal of establishing a permanent means of communicating effectively with the U.S. hierarchy and the Holy See about Catholic life in the United States.

    Catholic Laity seeks“to advance communication with the Holy See, which is in the process of selecting a new archbishop for Washington, Catholic Laity.” The group “has already written four times to the Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Christophe Pierre, in October, November, December, and January to request a meeting to discuss the appointment of a new archbishop,” according to a press release.

    “No reply has been received, although Archbishop Pierre made a point in his address to all U.S. Bishops on November 12 that ‘there can be no question that the insights of experts, the contributions of time and professional skill of all the faithful, laity together with the clergy ... are critical to carrying out our mission as shepherds. Assistance is both welcomed and necessary, and surely collaboration with the laity is essential,” the statement continued.

    “At the rally, we will say, “HERE WE ARE. TALK TO US,” declared the organizers of the event.

    The group is led by Donna Bethell, a prominent Catholic laywoman who until recently served as chairman of Christendom College's Board of Directors and was an Under Secretary in the U.S. Department of Energy from 1988 to 1989.

    “I want to emphasize that this is not just about the appointment of the next Archbishop of Washington, although that is our immediate concern,” Bethell previously told LifeSiteNews. “We are building an effective means of communicating with one another and therefore, as a group, with the hierarchy. We don't have any way of doing this, so the laity need to get organized. We have a huge job to do. The recovery of holiness in the clergy will not happen without the insistence and example of the laity.”

    “Even (if) you are not a resident of the Archdiocese of Washington, even if you are not a resident of the United States, this matters to you,” wrote Bethell in an October letter. “The Cardinal Archbishop of Washington is necessarily a leading prelate in the nation and in the whole Church. His voice will be heard and it can make a difference in the issues of faith and morals that are facing our Church today. We need a strong advocate of the Faith in this crucial position.”

    Dr. Maike Hickson, a Vatican observer, author, and journalist, echoed Bethell’s concerns last fall:

    This appointment is important not only for the residents of the Archdiocese of Washington. The Cardinal Archbishop of Washington is necessarily a leading prelate in the nation and in the whole Church. His voice will be heard and it can make a difference in the issues of faith and morals that are facing our Church today. We need a strong advocate of the Faith in this crucial position.

    For more information about the rally, check out the website Catholic Laity for Orthodox Bishops and Reform, better known simply as Catholic Laity.
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    I'm hoping to be clear about this in order to explain this to non-Catholic friends: Does anyone know if McCarricks penalty includes a prohibition to offer the Mass in private? I know of other priests who were laicized who were permitted to offer the Mass in private, in their own homes, and would be permitted to administer other sacraments in extremis (i.e., hearing the confession of someone in a traffic accident who was dying); and I'm wondering is this canonical punishment excludes ALL exercising of the faculties of a priest.
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    Wow! Thanks for posting this!!!!
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    I saw a letter on a twitter page but cannot link from this phone
    He cannot celebrate the sacraments, wear clerical attire or be addressed with his former title.
    The Church is no longer required to provide for his welfare.
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    I would lay one cent to a million he is being still being put up in five star Church lodging.

    One cent to a million. No campers for Mr McCarrick. No siree..and a mega payout and pension to keep his mouth firmly shut. As it has been.
    In much the same way as Wuerl stayed in place after he, 'resigned'. McCarrick hs been given certain reassurances in the same way Wuerl was. Which is why they both laid down for all that has been happening. They've both been paid of for their cooperation.

    That's the way things are going down at the moment. Favour for favour.
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    There are different ways a priest can be laicized. One is voluntary, which is sort of akin to an honorable discharge in the military. The priest in this case is not disgraced, but for some reason, personal or otherwise chooses to leave the priesthood.

    The other is involuntary. This is akin to a dishonorable discharge from the military. This is commonly called "defrocking" which is not actual Church terminology, but is common parlance. This is what happened to Mr. McCarrick. He did not want to leave the priesthood, but was ejected.

    The standard stance regarding the sacraments is that a laicized priest may not administer the sacraments except if someone is in danger of death. Then he may minister to them if no other priest is available.
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    There is some tradition of the sacredness of hands. I don’t specifically remember but something special about the hands because they have been used in the sacrament of mass.

    Those hands will always be sacred.

    But on McCarrik this should have been done years ago. They waited to long. Too little, too late. Damage to authority of church has already been done. The Vatican needs to clean out about 25 to 30 clergy just to bring back confidence.

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    I can’t quite agree or disagree. Not sure.
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    “Thou art a priest forever according to the order of Melchisedek”
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