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    I have a 15,000 gallon pool and I'd say get some pure chlorine while you can. It is ridiculously more expensive this year than in years past but it goes a long way for purifiying water. Just remember this simple phrase I came up with to remember "2 for T" It takes 1 teaspoon of pure cholrine to purify 2 gallons of water.
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    …I catch a few of these posts, sometimes, on the particular subject of stocking up. I just pray The Lord provides, because we literally go paycheck ( my wife’s) to paycheck, and after regular bills are paid, have nothing left over. Gift cards from a wonderful priest get us food. So if catastrophe comes, we have zero stocked up and zero ability to stock up. I wish I’d lived a life off the grid, living off the land for food. As it stands, I’d be out there trying to grow cereal, peanut butter and full meals in the garden
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    God sees all of His children. Cling to Him and He will guide us and provide. Not everyone of us here lives on a farm or is able-bodied enough to labor in a garden. He has placed us where He wants us. Peace.
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    my question is whether, if this decree takes effect in the next pandemic, there may be an unexpected temporary merger between the WHO administration; WTO; and UN into a single International body as new blockades will have devastating impacts on trade; supply chains; and the UN in turn would serve to authorize disciplinary sanctions against "rebel states".
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    Yep. Its ominous.
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    What you'll want is to go to a pool supply store and get some "pool shot" chlorine. It's chlorine in pellet form, and when kept dry will be useable for months, if not for years. Make sure to get unscented/uncolored pool shock. The problem with chlorine bleach is that as soon as you open it, it starts loosing its efficacy. It might still smell strongly of chlorine, but it won't disinfect as much water as it did when you just opened the bottle.

    Read the instructions on the package and reconstitute just as much chlorine as you need at that time.
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    “When communism comes again”
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    I bought the Sawyer products squeeze water filtration system, that has great reviews. Also boiling water works well.
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    Well said and so true. This is sometimes difficult to remember as I go about making my own plans for security.
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    Thanks for the validation :)
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