May 14 Pope calls all faiths together to pray

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    Isn't today the day we're supposed to fast with these infidels? I'm looking forward to a very hearty dinner, regrettably I'm informed that it's beef rather than pork, but it shall do. I have the rest of 'Ramadan' to pig out on pork (except for the Fridays, of course). I will also make sure to accompany my dinner with some alcohol.

    I will go so far as to admit this might be a suitable day to pray for the conversion of all heathens to the one and only true religion. Unfortunately, it is difficult to dispel the anxious suspicion that this intention must also include our pope and very many of our prelates.
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  4. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Before you hold up Islam as the virtuous in the sexual field, you might want to investigate the practice of 'thighing' in the muslim world.
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    Its true Islam has all kinds of problems too. The devil is everywhere , maybe wearing a different mask in different places, but he is everywhere.
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    Right now he thinks he owns the place.
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    After reading about Bishop Schneider's talk on Freemasonry, I AGREE. Sounds way too pantheistic. WHY oh WHY didn't we pray as the universal Church yesterday, the feast of Our Lady of Fatima? We're being asked to pray for something our dear mother likely warned about at Fatima. Instead we're taking the new world religion tact to praying for this problem. It's a slap in the face to do it the day after yesterday.

    Diabolical disorientation.
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    We had outdoor Adoration today and I prayed for everyone on MOG and their families. I think the restrictions on public worship have been lifted but it is up to each county to implement or not. Still waiting to hear. I’ll let you know.
    Please, God.
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    Rotherham is one of many examples of the real attitude of many Mohammedans to sexual morality. There is something bizarrely wrong with a religion that insists on hiding the beauty of its fair sex. Even in more modest times, women still dressed attractively in Christian societies. Then there is female emasculation, which to my mind reveals a total self-loathing and lack of manliness on the part of the Mohammedan male sex. A man who insists that his wife's pleasure should be obliterated in this way has not only terrible contempt for his wife, but shows even more for himself, if he thinks she's so likely to have her way with another man.
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    The bishops of Portugal insisted that 3,500 soldiers guarded Fatima from pilgrims yesterday. From what I've read, the quite anti-clerical government was prepared to be less severe.

    Many of the Mohammedans probably have more devotion to Our Lady than a large section of our prelates.
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    Thank you HH.
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    Thanks, HH!:)
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    From Pope Francis' twitter feed today:

    Pope Francis


    All of us – brothers and sisters of every religious tradition – unite today for the day of prayer, fasting, and penance called by the Higher Committee for Human Fraternity. #HumanFraternity #PrayTogether #HomilySantaMartAll of us – brothers and sisters of every religious tradition – unite today for the day of prayer, fasting, and penance called by the Higher Committee for Human Fraternity. #HumanFraternity #PrayTogether #HomilySantaMarta

    Hmm, the Higher Committe for Human Fraternity. What exactly is this committee higher than? The individual religions themselves perhaps? Also, fraternity is an often used word in Freemasonry.
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    apparently nothing big happened on May 14, in connection with Garabandal etc.

    Except for the strange push for vaccine and the use of US military to deliver it, made on the same day by the US president.
    Let me say, I am for a good vaccine, but not for any vaccine. It remains to find out what it will contain when it is ready, will there be any tags in it etc. At this point I am in prayerful expectation.
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    Looks like Denmark is leading the way on mandatory vaccination. A unanimous vote in the Danish parliament last March.

    There was an objection to giving police the power to enter homes without a court order where there's suspicion of coronavirus infection so the government dropped it. Didn't the WHO recommend taking suspected cases out of their homes? Maybe the Danes will take another look at that in the winter?

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