MASONRY the real enemy of the Catholic Church

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    Fantastic write up, full of fact and history.

    Last year I was in London for a few days, one day, the Saturday afternoon, I found myself at the Grand lodge in Covent Garden staring down at the demonic pentagram at the main entrance. I didn't go in. Guess who pulled up at that time and got of of his chauffeur driven large black car? Lord Jacob Rothschild. Very bulky brief case in hand. It was quite a chilling experience. I did a lap of the building which was quite a large block on three streets and said a rosary.
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    Even before my coming to Catholicism, I always thought the Masons were weird. My mother (lifelong Protestant) always found The Shriners "creepy," despite their charity campaigns.

    We interpreted everything as spiritual (not political), so into adulthood I figured they're a bunch of really rich men who, behind the scenes, have fancy dinners, sherry and cigars, and play who knows what kind of sex games (with women or otherwise) there.

    A "Bad Boy's Club" with occultish get-up to impress or scare or intimidate people. Rich hedonistic kooks excluding their wives for kicks at "The Lodge."

    I sure was wrong.

    BTW -- this small city has a Masonic cemetery. It is ugly, mostly unkempt, unwelcoming (not that I want to go in). It always struck me that way; forbidding. :( As contrasted to the Catholic cemeteries here, FILLED with cherished mementos, statues, and lots of pretty (silk) flowers.
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    Wow Indy that would raise the hair on ones arms that is for sure. Good call on staying out and praying for them instead.
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    My upbringing was somewhat like yours DS7 but with a ton of eastern new age philosophy thrown in for good measure by my mom. Through some miracle my grandmother insisted on my Catholic baptism as a child but that was the last time I saw the inside of a Catholic church until my conversion as an adult.
    My wife's extended family when I met her was deeply involved in their local lodge holding positions of prominence but I knew virtually nothing about them. I always just assumed they were a club for rich people. A high fluting Eagles club of sorts. I was invited to attend a ceremony once for her aunt who was crowned queen of the Nile. Boy, looking back at it I was very naive. Every part of that ceremony was representative of the occult teachings of the Kabbalah. My naivety evaporated that night. I told my wife afterward who I was dating at the time that I wouldn't be attending any of those ceremonies again and she agreed thankfully. She was raised Catholic by her Mother but left the church at an early age so she knew very little about them before then as well.

    America has been steeped in masonry from the beginning.
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    The Rothchild's are so interesting and scary. I remember reading one report that states bluntly that he is a member of the Illuminati. There is also some talk of the , 'Black Synagogue', or 'Synagogue of Satan'. Groups of Jewish Illuminati who work to a Globalist/ Satanic agenda. But these days you would be afraid of writing things as folks would become furious and accuse you of being anti Semitic. But you have only for instance to look at Hollywood or Netflix to see this as a work in process.

    For instance Netflix had admitted they have an agenda to introduce a homosexual into every script to, 'Normalise' sexual perversion and of course pornography is everywhere. I think you could write a lot of this stuff down to the Black Synagogue.
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    Our harbour / docks area in Belfast is controlled by Harbour Commisioners who appear to be all Masons and very wealthy ones. The Harbour Commisioners office is like something from a Stephen King's novel. I was standing outside it the other night staring at it thinking I would be so afraid to stay the night inside.

    I think if you sprinkled it with Holy Water it would sizzle. There are Masonic symbols all over the docks here.


    Inside reminds me of a Mason''s Temple.

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    I don't think many people truly understand Freemasonry. I really didn't have a clue about them myself until I did some research about 15 years ago. A good friend of mine, a cradle Catholic, once told me her nephew, also raised Catholic, had become a Freemason. She had attended his wedding that took place at the Lodge, and she was going on and on about the 'strange' ceremony she had attended. I tried to talk to her about the Freemasons, but she didn't want to hear it. She knew they did charity work and that was good enough for her. Freemasonry has been successfully promoted as a charitable organization, they run a never-ending advertising campaign to solicit funds for Shriners hospitals, and their commercials are on constantly. This, along with the guys wearing funny hats who drive clown cars in parades, is the image that sticks in people's minds. They are masters of deception. They even have their own license plates here in Massachusetts, whenever I see one I say a prayer to St. Michael.
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    Proably the average Joe Blogg mason hasn't a clue about its true nature??

    But higher up the food chain the demoniacs reign at the top of the masonic, satanic sect!

    Perhaps I am being naive?
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    My grandfather was a Mason although he had stopped active participation I was told. I have had Masses said for the healing of my family because of this. Even ordinary masons upon joining say terrible oaths and invoke curses. It's horrible. Demonic. I dont know how any decent person could get involved.
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    An online friend from Australia is Roman Catholic (though he's withdrawn since early adulthood). He recently (related to Globalists) posted photos taken by an insider of a "party" thrown in a Rothschild mansion in the early 1970s. Audrey Hepburn was there. o_O

    "The Rothschilds threw an Illuminati party in 1972 at Château de Ferrières, one of their many mansions. These occasions are usually kept very secretive but, in this case, a string of photos leaked out showing the kind of thing that can happen at one of these parties."

    He included a link to the photos (very dark, weird, sinister, including "Baphomet"), but on rechecking just now those photos have been removed from the link.
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    Wow, wow.....that's a wild story!! Thank you for sharing. It is a very tangible image of the evil we face.
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    No. I am sure you are right on. I don't think most people have a clue of the truth about them.
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    Now turn that around. Who are we listening to & taking guidance from during big events in our society & around the world? How high up are THEY? Food for thought.
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    Might explain why most (all except JFK?) US Presidents are Protestant.
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    Not surprised. Sadly.
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    Actually you know they say the new Basilica at Fatima is Masonic in form. It certainly looks quite sinister and un Church like to me.:eek:

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    Doesn't look at all like a Church, maybe auditorium.
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    Or a large spaceship :LOL:

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