MASONRY the real enemy of the Catholic Church

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    O Good Lord, replacing God with man, that's bigger and much worse than any war or false flag, its pure satanic. The masons have their man at last and his satanic new religion.
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  2. Fatima

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    Nothing surprises me any more. I expect nothing less coming from PF and the Vatican these days. He is a total globalist, one world government man, which ivites the likes of the Antichrist into the scene soon. I wonder if he has listened to any of Archbishop Sheen's video's on the Antichrist? He is following what Sheen stated would come.
  3. AED

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    This gives me spiritual indigestion of a serious magnitude. I will keep the rest of my thoughts to myself.
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  4. AED

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    Bishop Sheen warned of this many years ago. He saw it coming. Prophetic saint!
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  5. Fatima

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    His youtube videos on the Antichrist need to be relistened to!
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  6. AED

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    Yes. Absolutely. Essential in these times of diabolical disorientation.
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  7. padraig

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    I wish the Bishops would not keep quiet. Anyone who is not clued in now to what's going down must be from another Planet. Not rocking the boat is no longer an option.

    The Barque of Peter is sinking fast. The least the Bishops could do is let out a good loud scream.

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  8. padraig

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    If he's not a Mason he's a Good Clone of one.

    Isaiah 3:9

    The look on their faces testifies against them; they parade their sin like Sodom; they do not hide it. Woe to them! They have brought disaster upon themselves.

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  9. AED

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    Bishop Sheen's predictions coming true...trying to make man into God and now it seems trying to replace Our Lady with "mother earth". The masks are off. They must be awfully confident of their power.
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  10. Indy

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    Is this Fulton Sheen's talk on the AC and the FP

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  11. AED

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    It is one of them. So worth listening to.
  12. Mmary

    Mmary Angels

    We are worried, shocked, scandalized...If I may relate a personal experience to put this situation with our spiritual father, Pope Francis’s in a context that may be helpful..?

    My father passed away recently from Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS). He was a difficult man, and caused his family much grief, but he was our father. We prayed for him as he wanted euthanasia, and his last month of life was a time of great sacrifice for us as he refused hospital care. He died with all of the sacraments on Easter Monday, and I believe he was saved from the enemy because our our family’s prayers and sacrifices, Our Lady’s intercession and Our Lord’s deep mercy. We were hurt by a lifetime of narcissistic behaviours. There were good times as well. In the end, the fight for his soul was a big one, requiring our patience, many tearful prayers, forbearance, forgiveness. I had resented him much of my adult life. When he passed away, I had to revise my view of him because it was evident how much Our Lord loved him, given the graces at work in his final days. I was also greatly blessed and healed emotionally, in the confessional, as I had been guilty of sinning against the commandment to honor my father. I had loved my father before his death with an imperfect, wounded, crucifying love. Now I love him with a resurrected love. I know the joy of Easter due to my father’s final days.

    We must pray for Pope Francis because his soul, like the soul of each one of us, is the prize of a huge battle between the powers of the evil one and the angelic armies. Our Lord can make the bleakest circumstances shine with his glory, in His time, if we fervently beg for His help and mercy, and pray the Rosary.

    I believe that this is our duty towards those in our families and in our Catholic spiritual family, as well. Especially for our Catholic Papa..
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  13. padraig

    padraig New Member

    How wonderful.

    What was your father's name? I must pray for his soul.

    I was praying for Pope Francis just last night. I surprised myself in so doing. Even thinking about him I find a very,very, grave burden to be honest.

    I think the way things are working out at the moment the devil has taken over the top and Our Lady is taking over the bottom of the Church. The Devil operates through Pride; the Mother of us all, through humility.

    Your father reminds me of a ancient story about St Monica. St Monica followed her son St Augustine from Hippo in North Africa to Milan in the North of Italy. One day she was crying after mass when St Ambrose , Bishop of Milan walked past and asked her why she cried? She said that she cried for her son, so far from God. To which Bishop St Ambrose replied,

    'The child of these tears can never be lost'.

    So true.


    Saint Ambrose.

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  14. padraig

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    'Again I saw in vision St. Peter’s undermined according to a plan devised by the secret sect while, at the same time, it was damaged by storms; but it was delivered at the moment of greatest distress. Again I saw the Blessed Virgin extending her mantle over it.

    In this last scene, I saw no longer the reigning Pope, but one of his successors, a mild, but very resolute man who knew how to attach his priests to himself and who drove far from him the bad. I saw all things renewed and a church which reached from earth to Heaven. I saw one of the twelve new apostles in the person of the young priest whom the unchaste bride wanted to marry. It was a very comprehensive vision and portrayed anew all that had been previously shown me regarding the Church’s destiny. On another occasion, I had a vision of the Vicar-General’s stanch resistance to secular power in behalf of the interests of the Church. The affair covered him with glory, 3 though upon some other points he was to blame. I was told that I should have to go again to the Pope; but when all this will take place I cannot say.”'
    Blessed Catherine Emmerich
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  15. AED

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    Very moving. Much to think about here.
  16. Indy

    Indy Praying

    I love how you wrote, and so true "the devil has taken over the top and Our Lady is taking over the bottom of the Church"
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  17. padraig

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    If it were possible to feel a little sorry for the devil I would. His pride always causes him to stumble every time. It matters little if you stumble on the ground. It matters a lot if you are walking on the High Wire. Satan always dances on the High Wire in High Winds. He is a shocking gambler and keeps loosing.
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  18. Dolours

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    One or two more of our Bishops are beginning to wake up. Here's a Swiss Bishop's response to the Abu Dhabi document:

    From Bishop Eleganti's statement (emphasis mine):

    "From a Christian point of view, the unique and universal mediation of Jesus Christ is eclipsed in the Abu Dhabi Declaration, due to the double signature. This is astonishing for a Pope. As always, the new fraternity is established at the expense of the universal mediation of Jesus Christ: His claim to truth and His mediation must step into the background. This is the prerequisite for the Declaration. Otherwise the Grand Imam would probably not have signed the Declaration. This is not only the case in this context. It is also not surprising that the Freemasons applauded, for the Document proclaims exactly that theistic brotherhood between all people which they propagate, and with the simultaneous relativization of all religious claims to truth except their own, Masonic ones. Once again it is about the attempt at a peaceful coexistence of all religious and philosophical contradictions (religions) as the maximum that can be dreamed of politically (coexistence). But the fact that all creatures come from the same Creator has never before in history led to a brotherhood of all human beings in peaceful coexistence. This is – from a Christian point of view – only possible in the Universal Church. But since the Christian idea of the mediation of Jesus is foreign – even repugnant – to Islam and to other religions, the universal brotherhood of all people remains for them a desideratum without justification in their self-understanding and in their own, non-Christian, religious foundations (e.g., Koran, Hadith and Sharia). The rights and duties associated with universal brotherhood (human dignity and human rights) remain without viable foundations."
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    from the article:
    “In the first grades of Freemasonry, there is venerated an uncertain and nebulous divinity as the ‘Great Architect of the Universe,’ who in the higher and then in the highest grades becomes more and more concrete; in the higher grades this uncertain divinity is identified as the Lucifer, as Satan, as the good god, the adversary of God; and the true God is here the ‘bad God.’”

    The Catholic Church condemned this association of pseudo-religious background already 20 years after its start with the highest ecclesial punishment, the excommunication. Why? Because Freemasonry is a “naturalistic religion,” a mixture of pantheism, gnosis, and “self-salvation.” This “religion” is only apparently tolerant. In fact, it is [an] utmost demanding and intolerant [religion]. The Freemasons say about themselves that they would be the “initiated,” the “perfect” and the “illuminated” people. And the remaining humanity is for them profane, imperfect, and darkened.

    Historians recognized in Freemasonry the seed of political totalitarianism (e.g. A. Cobban, Historia de las Civilizaciones, quoteted in: A. Bárcena, Iglesia y Masonería, Madrid 2016, 71). The confusion and the deceit of it consists in the fact that Freemasonry praises itself with attractive names and definitions, like “philanthropy,” “humanism,” “intellectuality,” “tolerance,” and at the same time, Freemasonry masks itself with these names.

    Political and social anarchism is a phenomenon which mostly embodies the spirit of Freemasonry, since one of their key principles is “ordo ab chao” [“order out of chaos”]. This means that one must first create a chaos and then build a new, other order, an order created by men.

    The candidate of the 33rd degree receives this instruction – and the following is a quotation from this same Scottish ritual: “Neither law nor the property nor the religion may rule over men, and, since they are annihilating men by depriving men of their most precious rights, we have sworn to do terrible vengeance. They (law, property and religion) are enemies against whom we have sworn implacable war at any price. From these three infamous enemies the religion must be the permanent object of our deadly assaults. When we have destroyed the religion, we shall have the law and the property at our disposal and we can regenerate the society by means of building the Masonic religion and the Masonic law and the Masonic property on top of the corpses of those murderers” (ibid., 169-170). According to the Masonic ritual, the word “religion” refers to the Christian, more concretely to the Catholic religion.
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    Thank you for posting this.

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