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Discussion in 'Questions and Answers' started by garabandal, Aug 20, 2020.

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    I'll offer another perspective and this will be my only post on the topic and will try to offer it with charity.

    As a child of the 1980s, I grew up in a protestant fundamentalist background where the Bible was the only source of truth, and if there were any questions or doubts about things, you were on your own to make your own opinion about things or discover your own truth. As I progressed into college and later in life, I became a big fan of science because it would help discover truth which is something I was desperately seeking in life. Over time, I drifted further and further away from my evangelical brothers and sisters, because I felt like there were a ton of "mental gymnastics" that were necessary to avoid any unpleasant realities, such as the age of the earth, universe, etc. All of this was well before discovering the Catholic Faith and writings like St. Pope John Paul II's "Fides et ratio" (faith and reason) which was a breath of fresh air, because faith and reason cannot contradict, and science cannot contradict faith, because God made them both.

    In February 2020, priests in our Diocese (Nashville, TN) visited infectious disease specialists at Vanderbilt University and started talking about some of the risks of contagion. We shut down with the rest of the world in March, but our parish opened May 18 with double the # of masses and mandatory masks and social distancing. We are a very large active parish. In the period of time since we have been opened (over 3 months), we have only had 2 confirmed cases of COVID-19, which were brought into the church and didn't spread to anyone else. We are in an area of the country with very active spread community spread and a number of churches have opened and re-shut after active spread with some deaths in some congregations.

    So from my perspective, I'm happy to wear a mask to our daily mass knowing that I am reducing the risk of spreading COVID to our elderly priest and congregation, and we continue to keep receiving the sacraments while bars, restaurants, schools, and other things in our community keep closing and reopening after outbreaks. This is also a chance to have a small penance and practice obedience to our priest and bishop. To quote one of the priests in our diocese, "God gave us faith and reason. Let's use both."

    I know the majority of this forum is anti-mask and that you will find doctors with different opinions, and that's okay. We can all agree to disagree. But from a personal standpoint, my faith is in no way threatened by following the scientific consensus.
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    It is a sea of masked faces where I live, it's mandatory. At the beginning of the pandemic I would see people with no masks, but not any more. It did not take very long to shame people into going with the flow, and this in itself is what frightens many of us. I feel as though we are in phase 1 training for the mark of the beast, stuck in varying levels of COVID bootcamp that will escalate once the 'miracle vaccine' is approved. We are heading in a dangerous direction that may be far worse than wearing a mask. As my grandfather would often say, "We ain't seen nothing yet"
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    This is truth.
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    No we ain’t:(
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    Jo M,
    I'm against the media's fearmongering and obvious attempts to inflate the number of cases and deaths related to covid-19. When it comes to the Church, I believe that there has been too much of a bending over backwards to comply with the government. In other words, the Church accentuates the fear-mongering at times.

    We may indeed be headed for harder times, so we need all the more to be charitable to one another.

    The parish I attend is a small one and attendance is manageable. What I'm even more impressed with is Divine Mercy Parish a little south of us. The pastor there is compliant with diocesan regulations, but very orthodox. He communicates with his flock regularly via a phone chain, upholds the priceless gift of Holy Mass, makes an ordered procedure for those who wish to receive on the tongue, and maintains regular times for confession. His Holy Masses are live-streamed and the quality of his preaching is a big plus. There are still around 30-40 who attend daily Holy Mass at his parish. Is it perfect- no way! But the pastor is proactive in a positive way.

    In a situation like his parish, it is a detriment to be vocally complaining about masks and making a fuss about inconveniences. Father has gone out of the way to preserve a sense of ordered parish life without being oppressive.

    On the other hand, I've seen situations at other parishes in which Catholics continue to refuse to wear masks, who will sit in their favorite pew even if it is taped off, and who will not wait to be last in line (diocesan regulation) in order to receive on the tongue. These are Catholics, who in my opinion, are lacking charity toward their fellow Catholics because they perceive things as not the way they should be or the way they want them to be, and refuse to be flexible.

    Lord, help us to be patient and loving in the days ahead. Difficulties will increase; charity and truth will have to walk hand-in-hand.

    O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!
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    I took this subject to Confession this week, regarding possible spiritual pride. Among other things, I acknowledged our bishop is a very dear and good bishop. As such, I know very well among other vows, priests take at Ordination, one is obedience to their bishop. Thos was acknowledged, as long as there is no obvious error.

    Most of us here do not have the charisms granted to their Bishop by virtue of his installment & anointing as Bishop.

    There are other factors involved in such decisions, we know this. Let's all pray for our priests & bishops to be holy, make holy decisions for their flocks, to have the courage to carry out & speak to what is true & right.

    Let us also pray for guidance of the Holy Spirit, and the most blessed of women, our Mother.

    I pray to stay out of their way, to be His thoughts, words, actions.
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    I agree. My priest has also done his best to both comply while allowing anyone to receive on the tongue. It goes well, thus far.
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    There is no consenusus
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    As far as I am concerned the masks are dehumanising, and this is the intention. Humility before the Lord is one thing, being humiliated and dehumanised by tyrannical secular powers is quite another. It is a form of torture. I consider this masking business to be demonic, especially at Mass, when we should be gazing upon our Lord "with unveiled face" and praising him with our voices, unmuzzled. The human face is the seal of the divinity, that is why the devil is so eager for us to cover it up. To literally de-face ourselves.
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    I lost blood during a recent surgery and am trying to get my Hemoglobin back up.....I am short of breath as a result. Wearing a mask makes it so much harder to catch my breath. I absolutely hate them so much. I have to constantly wear them as I am screened daily in the hospital for radiation and chemo treatments. I can't wait to go back to normal but NJ got walloped with COVID so the governor won't let up.....

    As a result we told the governor if you don't want people to dine indoors yet, how can you let children back in the school settings without concern. Most schools are starting remotely until at least OCT.....
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    There is one Great Gift I have found that the virus and topics like Masks bring , I think and that is humility. Having to evaluate and re evaluate things time and time again is very humbling. This is no bad thing.

    But my impression from what different Governments are doing is that they don't really know what they are doing either, the same goes for the so called , 'experts'. I get the impression they are guessing too.
    So we're all left with our common sense to fall back on and there is nothing so uncommon as common sense.

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    A good example of folks who don't know what they are doing is the World Health Organisation. They were very strongly against the use of masks right from the beginning, they said this time and time and time again. They actually stated that the use of masks could be harmful.

    They only changed recently and advised the use of masks, but admitted later they only changed because of intense political pressure from Governments.

    In other words they still think masks are a waste of space but say different because they're ordered to.

    As I say , common sense in such circumstances is a wonderful thing.

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    As a member of 2 choirs, I sure do have a problem not singing. My Director is planning to have us back. I don't know what that will mean. We have a mix of people, some very liberal w compromised immune systems.
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    Common sense is the operative word. It has also been thrown out, as tho no one had ever heard the words.
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    There is so much breathing and vapors in singing. That's the issue.
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