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    The Irish attraction to Padre Pio is amazing --

    Mary O'Regan wtites 'I was born in the mountains of West Cork, Ireland, surrounded by woodlands that filter the natural light to a golden glow. This is the life of an Irish Catholic writer in exile. I strive to attend Tridentine Latin Mass as often as possible. I am writing a book on Padre Pio, my chief field of study is his life and influence.

    Some interesting facts in the Blog that Padre Pio Prayer groups in Poland have exploded in numbers --

    For starters, in Polska the number of "Padre Pio prayer groups" is starting to multiplying at a dizzying rate. Few people know that in Padre Pio's lifetime he founded a movement for prayer groups and he set out careful guidelines (each group has to be under the watchful eye of a faithful priest). On September 22nd, 1968, the day before Pio died, there was a convention for all the prayer groups held in his home of San Giovanni Rotondo and thousands upon thousands of people flooded the town.

    Modern day Poland is home to an explosion of Padre Pio prayer groups. Even in tiny hamlets and villages there are the "Padre Pio prayer groups" and in larger towns and cities a pattern is developing where many of the prayer groups become so big that they divide into smaller prayer groups that then become so big that they divide again... A usual development is that if there are, let's say 15 people in a prayer group, it is not beyond the bounds that every member of the group goes in search of other souls to whom they introduce Padre Pio, these souls join up, and often want to form groups of their own. A great many of them are Millennials and many are Generation Z, and even those in their late teens describe themselves as spiritual sons and daughters of Pio. Their stories are not all alike, and the unique intervention of Pio in their lives would make for an enthralling read.

    To be sure there are many unlikely conversion stories; young people brought up in anti-Catholic households who develop an uncannily strong attraction to Padre Pio, and even have mystical experiences where Pio reaches out to them. More often, they are invited to pray at a prayer group by a peer of theirs. They are impressive in their sincerity, but also their numbers which are multiplying beyond all expectations, except when you consider that this growing movement of Polish spiritual children of Pio is part of one of a most extraordinary prophecy concerning Padre Pio. Ah, the prophecy! This grand prophecy holds that it will be a Franciscan, one of St Francis' fold who will lead a third of the world to Christ. Padre Pio tacitly agreed it was him, and even took issue with it, arguing that he did not want merely a third. I wrote about it in the same post where I described Pio's greatest mystical experience: when Jesus took Pio's heart and submerged it in His Sacred Heart and the two hearts beat as one and most notably shared the same function.
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    Padre Pio meets the future Pope John Paul II

    When Fr Wojtyla asked Padre Pio which one of his wounds (from the stigmata) caused him the most suffering, Padre Pio divulged, “it is my shoulder wound, which no one knows about and has never been cured or treated.” After the most diligent analysis of Padre Pio’s life, it was revealed that Fr Wojtyla was the only person that Padre Pio ever told about his most painful and bloody wound.
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    When I was writing my book on Padre Pio (which is nearly ready for publication) I discovered that the Saint with whom Padre Pio had a great deal in common was St Margaret Mary. St Margaret Mary was afforded ecstatic visions of Jesus and His Sacred Heart, and Our Lord sent an atom of His Heart into Margaret Mary's heart, elevating her human heart to one that had the tiniest piece of the Divine. In Pio's case, the single greatest event in his mystical life happened when a month before his 25th birthday, Our Lord took Pio's physical heart and fused it with His Sacred Heart until they were one Heart, beating as one and entirely in sync.
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    When I saw the highlight above, I thought at first that you were the author, garabandal!:)

    Safe in the protection of his prayers!
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