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Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by Lee, Jun 23, 2009.

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    I am hoping when times draw closer to the great changes that Mark may be one of those who sound the alarm. There is no doubt he is prophetic.
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    Who is Mark Mallet and what does he do? I have heard the name once or twice before.
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    Shane, he is a gentleman with a large family from Canada with a large family. He is a musician and singer and he and his flock tour round the USA and Canada in a broken down old trailer. His role has expanded and he is a great internet communicator.

    He is a very devout and articulate Catholic lay person and his role keeps expanding, he has become quite famous for being such an excellent communicator on the internet. I think what sets him apart is his prophetic statements about the future, reading the Signs of the Times. He has a great blog and web site and has also recently set up a kind of internet channel. He must have the energy of a hundred other ordinary mortals as he never seems to stop.

    I am a littlle sorry he does not write a little more about his own personal spiritual journey, though perhaps he has and I haven't read it.

    His blog is here:

    Here is a recent story he tells, which I am sure you will like, Shane:


    One such priest recounted this true personal story about an event which occurred while he was in seminary…

    During an outdoor Mass, he looked up at the priest during the consecration. To his utter astonishment, he no longer saw the priest anymore, but rather Jesus standing in his place! He could hear the priest’s voice, but he saw Christ.

    The experience of this was so profound that he held it inside, pondering it for two weeks. Finally, he had to speak about it. He went to the rector’s house and knocked on his door. When the rector answered, he took one look at the seminarian and said, "So, you saw Him too?"

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    I have subscribed to his web cast Hopetv. His talks are really good and based completely on the teachings from the Popes and Saints and approved appritions so they are really good to show to someone who might be sceptical. I think he is really brilliant. I feel he needs prayers though. He must be on the radar of the evil one big time.

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    Maryrose, thank you for that piece on Mark and his journey in the church.
    It's very timely. We are about to change hands in our parish, we'll receive our new pastor July 1st.
    While I've introduced Mark Mallett's writing to Father before I don't believe he got the full thrust of his message. This idea regarding evangelism through music is priceless. We need our youth connected and drinking in the mass, music is key to them. Thank you so much.
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    Lee his TV program is really good. I showed the latest episode to my husband and daughter and they thought it was really good. In it he explains how we got to where we are today and draws on history, the various philoposies that have formed western thinking, the Popes and Our Lady's intervention in all of this. My husband thought it was really good as Mark didnt preach or try to convince beyond giving the facts and allowing you to draw the conclusions. I think these programs will really help young people who want rational explanations.

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    Mary thank you. I haven't had enough time as of late to sit and watch anything but I will soon, I'll subscribe to the HopeTV, I've meant to. Again, thanks.

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