Mark Mallett: is an apology in order?

Discussion in 'Pope Francis' started by Blizzard, Dec 14, 2020.

  1. Blizzard

    Blizzard thy kingdom come

    I greatly respect MM and enjoy most of his writings.

    But for years now he has defended the current popes actions and words.

    He claimed he was a good man whose words were being misinterpreted/misunderstood/misread.

    The pope was not deviating from centuries old catholic orthodoxy.

    Now in his latest piece (kindly posted on our little forum by member sparrow he says he literally cried when he read certain passages of the current popes new book and he was left speechless.

    I wonder if an apology to his readers and to some members of this forum might be in order.

    After all it took him seven years to realize what to many was obvious from the earliest days of this pontificate.

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  2. AED

    AED Powers

    Well...I think he meant to keep charity. To put the best possible interpretation on everything. The same thing happened when the first evidence of clerical abuse and bishop malfeasance appeared. Many out of real genuine disbelief in such evil among God's consecrated ones just rejected it out of hand. Even attacked those revealing it. It took a long time for the utter horror of it to sink in as proof after proof became impossible to ignore. Soon MM and other like him will see I suspect their worst fears realized--all will be revealed. Some may never recover. We must help them in whatever way we can. Charity requires it. Just my two cents.
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  3. WTW

    WTW Archangels

    Mark and the others that promoted Father Michel got caught between a rock and a hard place. Father Michel was clear in his messages not to criticize Pope Francis and even said he will be martyred for the church. It would have been very difficult for Mark to promote these messages and acknowledge any issues with the Pope at the same time. If anything they owe an apology for promoting Father Michel without doing any due diligence first, and especially for continuing to push his messages after the Bishop disavowed.
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  4. ellen

    ellen Ellen

    I dont think MM needs to apologize to anybody for his defense of the Pope. He was just doing what all Catholics are supposed to do matter how they FEEL!

    I think that our Father in heaven is sill "using" him. He did call for a Year of St Joseph after all! I...for one...can not call him anything other than... POPE until Heaven removes him from his post!!
    Our job description as lay Catholics does not include deciding if a pope is or is not THE Pope!
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  5. Don_D

    Don_D ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

    I don't think Mark owes anyone an apology. Nobody is forced to read or accept his blog and opinions on matters as sacred scripture.
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  6. picadillo

    picadillo Powers

    He might be the pope but he is no holy father!
  7. ellen

    ellen Ellen

    He is who he is until God the Father ...or a representative of God here on earth says hes NOT!
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  8. 9 Pines

    9 Pines New Member

    I also do not believe Mark Mallett owes anyone an apology no one forces you to read his writings he was trying to do his best in my opinion to be charitable and to look for the positive if anything he gave us a good example of what we should do to avoid judging and just keep listening in discerning
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  9. picadillo

    picadillo Powers

    Wrong! And I do think he owes an apology to all those he argued with here on this forum. No doubt he is a holy person but like many, was caught up in the mindless support the pope in everything. He was never a gatekeeper. He wrote a few articles mocking those who questioned the pope. Apologies accepted.
  10. Joan J

    Joan J HolySpiritCome!

    I quite agree AED. I feel like the Illumination is much closer than we think. Not only will we all have clarity, but so many will be on their faces begging forgiveness.

    I think it's best to pray for God's will, Holy Spirit to show who what where how....give me the grace to get out of your way!!
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  11. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    While I believe the Warning will come in 2022, things must get much worse first. As one who believes that Medjugorje has much to say to us, I anticipate some of 10 secrets may get revealed sometime yet this year of early next.
  12. Christy1983

    Christy1983 Archangels

    If someone knowingly or negligently misleads others--particularly a public figure who has wide influence--then an apology is in order. If you believe that to be the case with Mark Mallett, the answer is yes. If you don't believe it, then no.

    I suspect Mallett was sincere at the time he made the arguments about the Pope on MoG. (As to the later claims about the Countdown messengers...)
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  13. Sanctus

    Sanctus "Pray, pray ,pray!"

    For a while I've got the feeling that the Pope has a hidden card that he is ready to show when necessary. The old saying "keep your friends close but enemies closer" comes to mind about Pope Francis and his dealing with certain people and organisations. Or perhaps I am wrong. Who knows .
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  14. picadillo

    picadillo Powers

    Wish you were right but the "enemies" are his friends. Repentance and conversion to be saved is not his message. Hugging Emma Bonino is.
  15. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I am just curious, why 2022?
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  16. padraig

    padraig New Member

    As far as Mark Mallet goes; ignorance of the truth is never a virtue nor is proclaiming your ignorance as the truth, laudable.

    Of course he should apologise.

    Big time.
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  17. BrianK

    BrianK Proud2bRC Staff Member

    Agreed. Big time.
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  18. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I'm not holding my breath, mind.

    It ain't going to happen. Too big of a step down.

    Way too big.
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  19. ellen

    ellen Ellen

    Wait... Why exactly should MM apologize? What truth? He should apologize for defending the Pope?
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  20. BrianK

    BrianK Proud2bRC Staff Member

    No. For castigating those who saw through this pope’s heresies from the start. MM was willfully ignorant or in denial of the obvious reality we were and are facing with the current pope, and in his lack of humility attacked those trying to appropriately raise an alarm.

    Some of those exchanges were not public, so you’ll just have to take Padraig’s word for it.
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