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    Yes, I agree, the Novus Ordo mass is valid (confirmed by eucharistic miracles such as in Legnica and Sokolka). That said, it appears the Novus Ordo is not at the same level as the Traditioal Latin Mass (the Mass of All Ages).

    For example, Novus Ordo has gotten rid of the prayers at the foot of the altar, part of the Canon was composed on a napkin in a restaurant, the Holy Gospel according to St. John and the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel are no longer said at the end. The St. Michael prayer was ordered to be said after each low Mass by Pope Leo XIII (after this holy Pope had a locution hearing Our Lord speaking with satan), which begs the question, why have the composers of the Novus Ordo gotten rid of the St. Michael prayer?

    Anna Katharina Emmerich, like Marie July Jahenny, had visions about the Novus Ordo Mass, already in the 1800s. She said, the new mass is "short, and at the end the reading of the Holy Gospel to St. John is omitted." Emmerich said the new mass is part of what she called the 'Afterchurch', which comes from below according to her. Jahenny said Our Good Lord told her the Novus Ordo "contains words that are odious in My sight".

    Like you, I attend both forms of the liturgy, but with a strong emphasis on the Traditional Latin Mass (about 90% of the times). This is partially due to Jahenny and Emmerich, due to my own observation of reverence in the Traditional Latin Mass, how it appears to bring down heaven to earth, and because all saints have attended it.

    Regarding the link you posted, some of the statements there appear perhaps a bit strong and bitter for my taste, but I agree with some, including this:

    "The crisis in the Church will continue to worsen until we return to orthodoxy and discipline. Please pray that our dear Savior will grant to restore the Traditional Latin Mass fully throughout the entire Church."
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