Maria Divine Mercy

Discussion in 'The mystical and Paranormal' started by Fatima, Apr 14, 2013.

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  1. Fatima

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  2. Glenn

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    Maria Divine Mercy has broken all ties from the true Church. No Obedience to the Holy Father ! A sure sign that this entity (because we don't know if this is a woman, man of organized group ) is fraudulent ! Two failed predictions of the Warning within the last year and now the entity is promising "keys " to heaven if you follow her messages. (Guess we don't need Jesus's suffering for us anymore ). Lost sheep following her.
  3. awaitwithjoy

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  4. awaitwithjoy

    awaitwithjoy Guest

    Here is a quote from someone that knows what they are talking about..must get permision to say whom made this reference first.
    Baptism, then confession, and the Eucharist are the true Seals for living in Gods' friendship.

    The simple fact that these messages( MDM) are false because in it "Jesus" foretells a literal 1000 reign which has been condemned by the church as millenarianism.
  5. Mary's Child

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    Very very sad. Poor People who are following. :cry:
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  6. Mary's Child

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    :cry: The Little Pebble promoted Maria Divine Mercy.. says it all ..

    What are these imposters and abusers doing to our Church. :cry:
  7. awaitwithjoy

    awaitwithjoy Guest

    There is a large group of Catholics that are in this circle of prayer sharing and this is how it got started. They sent it to my sister.
    My sister was reading MDM, then she started sending the messages to the family, we were reading it for a good while..then luckily from the help from others I was convinced that it was not a good thing, ..I am still trying to convince 2 of my siblings, the others believe me and quit reading it.
  8. Mary's Child

    Mary's Child Guest

    I will keep them in my prayers await with joy. You know.. there are so many of us here, it would be so good for us to fast together for things like this. Would unite us all too.
  9. awaitwithjoy

    awaitwithjoy Guest

    Thank You Marys Child..they really need it, I thought I had my oldest sister convinced and then she turned around and asked me for the book..MDM book, ( the book of truth) it was already in the trash..I got it out and gave it to her.
    I sent them links and personal quotes,..they have not responded lately so I figure something is up...not a good feeling.
    I hope they do take the time and read the link provided by Fatima today...motherofallpeoples

    They have read Mark Mallets, Ron Conte, motherofallpeople and the wonderful Stephen Walford helped me as well..we shall see what unfolds..but I can see clearly now.. how MDM works.
    I even sent Messages from the Blessed Mother for them to compare it to as well.
    Asked if they indeed believed the Pope was the anti-christ..did not get a reply..good food for thought, but haven't we all been confused lately..I feel more and more settled.. peaceful, and excited..well in some ways..I have much work to do.
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  10. Miriam

    Miriam Archangels

    I too got caught up with MDM in the early days, it's easy to be deceived when you are a luke-warm Catholic as I have been. I have been reading a lot of inspirational books on the faith over the past year which helps me keep on track. Also, I am truly grateful to be able to come across this forum and the wonderful people here that share their faith - God bless you all!
  11. awaitwithjoy

    awaitwithjoy Guest

    Miriam and others, we all have dabbled in some that we shouldn't have Lukewarm or not, I too, was Lukewarm for too is very costly indeed as I have come to learn, glad you are on the right track as well. I do contribute to seeing the light and truth from finding this forum.( Thanks to Padraig !) I only knew of Mejudgorje before I started reading here and I am so happy and grateful to learn of Garabandal, Akita, Rwanda , consecrating to the BVM,..I could go on and on. I am very appreciative to Stephen Walford's assistance as well and his book the Heralads Second Coming. One outcome from the MDM was I purchased missals and prayer books,,glad I did so now I can read them before Mass instead of looking it up on the net. MDM did put some fire under me..LOL
    I am not worried about my sisters too much, they would never leave the Church or stop praying, but spreading MDM is another thing .
    My sister asked me, well then who is the true Prophet? I said, stick with the bible, the Church, the rosary, the holy Vicar and the messages from the BVM!
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  12. awaitwithjoy

    awaitwithjoy Guest

    Thank you for the prayers..I have others praying for them too as of this morning, done deal..they are not swaying..wholeheartedly believe in MDM was the last response..and they refuse to read the links...I have to let it go.
  13. Miriam

    Miriam Archangels

    I am a follower of Fr. Carlos Martins and he posted the following on his FB Page yesterday.

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  14. padraig

    padraig Powers

    In fairness I think its possible to make a genuine error in supporting false messages.

    I know I supported Christina Gallagher for years before she orbitted away into outer space.:)

    Having said that the MDM messages are heading to a galaxy far away from this one at six trillion times the speed of light. :eek: her poor passengers must be wondering were she is heading for next. :D

    Oh well at least she isn't boring.
  15. Amen to that Padraig!!
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    I WISH PEOPLE COULD SEE...I believe it was Cardinal Bertone' that was at the 'summit' and was SURE that he was going to get in...but our Lady tricked them all!! Its all behind us now. Pope Francis is going to CLEAN HOUSE!! God have mercy, this person is putting this youtube ALL OVER THE INTERNET! UGGGG!!

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  17. padraig

    padraig Powers

    Well its a warning that if it grows from a bad seed it will grow into a real monster. :rolleyes: The devil is clearly in the driving seat now and her very bold Captain Kathrn Janeway is taking both herself and her gullible crew to boldly go where no sensible, loyal Catholic have ever been before.....there seems to be quite a lot of ready money available to fund all this..a warning in itself...

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  18. See this message now from MDM--see the deception? Next I will post a message from that was on the front page...people need to wake up and smell the coffee!

    Friday, April 26th, 2013 @ 12:30 pm

    My dearly beloved daughter, the world is being prepared for the entrance of the antichrist. He has been groomed by a number of powerful political forces to make his grand entrance.

    The antichrist will be from the East, not the West, but will be loved, honored and revered by both and in every corner of the Earth. It will start as follows.

    The antichrist will quickly bring about, with the help of the enemies of God, a war between two nations headed by two stubborn and powerful leaders. These wars will escalate and then will spill into other countries. When the threat becomes so serious that it begins to affect the most powerful nations, then peace negotiations will begin.

    Out of nowhere, will step the beast. And with a skill that will impress the world, he will bring to an end the wars. He will have a powerful voice. He will be highly intelligent and will create an impressive charismatic image. His handsome good looks, charm and sense of humour, will be like a powerful hypnotic magnet. He will draw great praise from well-known world leaders and the media, and he will become a celebrity. His demeanour will appeal to business leaders, who will see him as being instrumental in creating wealth, as the economies will begin to grow.

    So special will the antichrist appear, that nations will clamour over themselves to encourage him to visit their countries. He will be loved and will copy the last detail, every moment of My Mission, when I walked the Earth. Preaching of the importance of love, peace and the importance of unity among nations, he will be seen to create great wonders, wherever he goes. This is not a man like any other.

    This is not a man like any other charismatic figurehead. His star will shine and glitter, like no other before him. He will be seen as a figurehead of the one world humanitarian religion. The so-called success of this abomination will be attributed to him. Everyone will drop at his feet. Images of his face will be everywhere. He will be seen with the heads of many religious denominations. It will soon be said that people will be healed spontaneously in his presence. Through the power of Satan, he will be able to create acts, which will shock many and these will be deemed to be miraculous.

    By then, to the ignorant, he will be seen as the Messiah. He will then hint that he has been sent by God to save the world. Many, including those in the world who do not accept My Existence, will be persuaded that this man is the Son of man, Jesus Christ. Those who honor, obey what he asks of them, and who adore him, will be infested with such evil that their souls will be sucked into a vacuum, out of which they will find it impossible to extradite themselves.

    Those who know the Truth of My Teachings will recognize the deceit, which is placed before the human race and they will withstand this abomination. Those who say they know God, and are practicing Christians, will fail to understand My Promise to return. When I come back it will be to Judge. I will never walk the Earth a second time. For all their knowledge of My Teachings they do not understand what I said. I now remind them. I will not walk in the flesh. Any man who says he is I, is a liar.

    Your Jesus

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    Seeing the Future of Israel

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    Feb 7th, 2011
    As I stood at the table of the Last Supper, I saw Israel. All its future history unfolded before me, the destruction of the city by the Romans, the dispersal of Israel all over the world and the moment when the Jewish people would be invited to return, as the State of Israel was formed. As they returned, all rejoiced. However, they put their trust in their own strength, as their forefathers had done. They built weapons of war and rejoiced in these weapons. They were on the wrong road, being led down a path that led into the hands of their enemies, instead of withdrawing into the safety of my arms. Now, their enemies gather arms and the tide is shifting. Their protection drops away from them. There is terror on every side and still they do not turn to Me.
    Centuries ago, the Father intervened on their behalf and sent Me, hoping that all Israel would proclaim Me as Messiah. But they killed Me. What will the Father do now? He cannot send Me again to die. So, He will send My Vicar, the Pope.
    The Pope will enter Jerusalem like I entered it. The city will already have suffered much and Israel will begin to despair, wondering what can be done. Then this figure clothed in white will come, sent by the Father just as He sent me. He will come to save Israel, just as I came. He, too will die in Jerusalem but his death will have a profound effect upon the whole world. For the whole world will weep at his death and his death will bless Israel. Why do I reveal these things now? Why do I bring you to the center of the mystery so quickly? Because the time is short. The events are near. They are not far away.
    Comment: Jesus describes what has happened since the State of Israel was formed and why it is now prey to so many enemies. Most important, the Holy Father goes to Jerusalem, dies there, and a series of events begin that save Israel.

    However, when the darkness comes and Israel is in distress, there will be a new moment. The Pope, the head of the Catholic Church, will go to Israel in its darkest hour and lay down his life for Israel. The eyes of many Jewish people will be opened. They will say “We have been saved by the Catholic Church”. The soil will be open and receptive again to the original seed. My Church and my Jewish people will be joined as I have wanted them to be for centuries.
    As the Church’s roots are placed once more into its original Jewish soil, the other divisions of the churches will be healed because they happened due to this first division of the Church from the Synagogue.
    It will be clear to all the Christian Churches that there is a new call to unity, a call to unity at the roots and in the heart.
    Churches will see what they have never seen and do what they thought they would never do. Seeing the union of Israel and the Catholic Church, they will say, “We must be one”. All the barriers to unity, put up over the many centuries, will be swept away in one breath of the Spirit.
    There will be the ingathering prophesied by Isaiah. All the riches of the nations will come to Israel. This will be true wealth, the spiritual wealth of all the Churches gathering as one in Jerusalem with Israel and the Catholic Church. My prayer will be fulfilled, that all would be one as the Father and I are one.
    Also, the world will see something quite different, what they have never seen. They will see the Churches united and all the Churches united with Israel. The world will experience a powerful call to come out of darkness. The Church and Israel will be a light to all nations. The light will not be lessened or covered over by divisions of the Churches or divisions between the Churches and Israel. The world will not be able to escape the invitation. The unity will stand before them inviting them to accept Me as Lord.
    Comment: This is extraordinary. The sacrificial death of the Pope leads to a full union between Israel and the Catholic Church which leads to a reunion of all of Christianity, planted again in the soil of Israel. This greater witness will confront the world with a more powerful invitation to accept Jesus Christ as Lord.
    A moment will come when I will take my beloved son, the Pope. I will walk with him to Jerusalem. For the second time I will go to Jerusalem to witness the death of a son.

    When this happens the eyes of the Jewish people will see for the first time. They will see in the Pope’s death what the Catholic Church has done for them. There will be no mistake about which Church has blessed them, because it will have been done by the head of the Church and by the greatest of sacrifices. Israel will embrace the Catholic Church.
    All Catholics will welcome Israel because all will have seen the decision of the Holy Father (the bishop dressed in white) to offer his life for Israel. The union between the Catholic Church and Israel will be a union of hearts brought about by the events that the whole world will have has seen and can never forget.
    Comment: By the Pope’s death, Israel’s eyes will be opened to the Catholic Church and how Catholic hearts will be opened to Israel. Both happen from the same event.
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