March for Life: Love Them Both, We Are the Pro-Life Generation.

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    As a Non-American, when I see a Video like this, my heart weeps for joy, and I know without a shadow of a doubt, that Judeo-Christian America is the Hope of the World, the Hope of defeating Communist Abortionist Terrorism, and that Abortion can end not only within America but Worldwide thanks to God, Our Lady and Pro-Life Christian America. As America liberated Europe during World War II, America can liberate the World from Communism (Abortion). Oremus!

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    We better hope America can save the world from Communism, it is extremely frustrating right now.

    Anyway, if I am correct, SFLA, Students for Life America are the ones who largely use the "We are the Pro-Life Generation" slogan but I think anyone can. They have signs. Just on the grass roots level, I'm a bit involved with them.

    I went to their rally, they also challenged the pro-choicers or pro-aborts if one wants to use that phrase.

    Home - Students For Life of America

    They are often asking for money, they raise a lot, $5 million one year, I am only saying that so in case, one gets on their mailing list, take it with a grain of salt if they ask for $$ which is about every day. They do very important work and they seem efficient at raising money too.... anyway, we have that life news thread... a lot on abortion there, if one is curious. Stories could be posted their every day.

    Students for life channel at youtube:
    Students for Life - YouTube

    Kristan Hawkins is their president and has been since about 2008 or 09. She was on EWTN last week, so was the Susan B. Anthony President, Marjorie Dannefesser (?)... they are all good folks. There are also many local outreaches, vans with ultrasounds that go out and do test and then, often a pregnant woman/girl changes their mind when they see the live baby. Many, many organizations and God Bless Them All.


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    Bless all who Fight for the Unborn.:)
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