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Discussion in 'Pope Francis' started by Scolaire Bocht, Nov 2, 2015.

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    I wonder what the forums views are on Climate Change which is such a big issue worldwide. Pope Francis in his encyclical on the environment, laudato si, does endorse man made climate change as a legitimate issue but he also stated in that text repeatedly that the Church claims no infallibility on political and scientific matters.

    Personally I detect the hands of the Globalists on this issue, where the bad guys who are trying to create their nightmare world government will hype this issue to encourage people to agree to such a government (on the grounds that it is the only way to avert a global climate disaster).

    In fact some scientists say it is not happening in the way that mainstream science plus the media are claiming. Here is an example of that, the state climatologist of Alabama talking about the problems behind the science: [video]
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    Yes SB! I believe it is ALL about Government Control, Regulation and Taxation of YOUR Life!! Control YOUR Energy Supplies, Control YOUR Food Supply, Control YOUR health care and Control what YOU say/think! It's a godless Socialists dream come true .... and happening NOW in USA & EU!
    OH!! ...Socialists CAN NOT tolerate God or His Believers as they believe they are the gods of "Truth & Knowledge". If you think otherwise you are simply a fool and will be one of the first useful idiots in the Gulag! If Socialists could point to a "Socialist Success Story" over the past 150 years they might have reason to argue ...... Marxist/Nationalist Socialism was/is an engine of satan! Human misery, degradation and horrid death is the sad end!

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  3. Praetorian

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    Climate change is happening.

    That is a fact.

    However climate change is always happening and always has been. The climate is dynamic, not static. There was something called the "Little ice age" in the middle ages. The Thames river iced over and they walked across it regularly. This has not happened in hundreds of years. The world has had ice ages on and off for it's whole history. The world in general has warmed up since the last one ended 12,000 years ago. Don't tell me that was because of man. The climates on the other planets in the solar system are changing as well. Scientists know this is due to solar activity. Did man cause that?

    It's all just another way to control people and create a Gaia mentality. I heard someone say once man has a natural sense that sin exists. Since we have gotten rid of spiritual sins, we have replaced them with material and social sins. It was once sinful to commit adultery, now it is sinful if you don't recycle.

    I am all for a clean world. It was God's gift to us, we need to take care of it. But it was made for us to use, not to worship. The devil hates man. He views us like an infection and his Earth-first minions view us in the same way. An infection on the Earth, that must be stamped out.

    For those with no faith I can see following this line of thinking because in their view no one is in control. For those of us with faith we know God is in control. The Earth will never become inhospitable for us unless He wills it.
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    Unfortunately Crewdog, Pope Francis has bought into this hook, line, and sinker. I personally am beginning to think we are going to go thru the "spirit of Vatican 2" with this pope all over again. It all started with his "who am I to judge" comments with the effect of opening the flood gates to gay marriage. He has yet, and probably never will, clarify the meaning of those comments (please, don't tell me what he said 10 years ago or give me Mark Mallett's spin). I will stand on the three questions that the late saintly Francis Cardinal George asked the pope, after Cardinal George personally worked the phones for two weeks straight to stop gay marriage here in Illinois. He failed after getting many responses backed up by the pope's comments. Please read the book, "The Rhine Flows into the Tiber" which exposes the tactics used during and after Vatican 2 for the subsequent changes that were made and were being corrected before Pope Francis took the chair. He is either a willing or unwilling participant in what I believe is round two by the German Cardinals. Sad to say, it will only get more confusing.
  5. MMM

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    The correct term is and always will be GLOBAL WARMING. Don't let these people get away with changing the name. Climate change is a term they try to use to blame anything that happens on CO2 from humans. It is a globalist control plan, plain and simple.

    History will prove the lack of warming, it already is. Sadly the pope is wrong on this part, oh well. He isn't a globalist he is just misled and cares about mother earth. Best worry about the things we can control in our lives instead of those we can't.
  6. Scolaire Bocht

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    Well it seems that the forum - so far anyway - agrees that maybe the Pope has made a mistake here on these scientific and political issues.

    For what it's worth I've read all of Laudato Si and in some respects it's brilliant. It basically draws its inspiration from St Francis and, simplifying things, it says we first worship God and then flowing down from that we love and have a care for those made in the image and likeness of God, humans, and then lastly for God's great creation, earth and animals etc etc.

    It's a beautiful and entirely correct spiritual outlook, I think anyway. And also it is true that we are at a point where many people are making a fast buck wrecking the natural environment and leaving the rest of us with a terrible legacy. There is a very legitimate environmental movement and concerns out there I think and actually I'm delighted he has thrown his weight behind them, as he does unashamedly in the Encyclical.

    But then there are establishment scientific hoaxes - remember the y2k thing? - and self serving political hype of all sorts that you have to watch for but unfortunately here I think, on global warming, the Pope fell into the trap. In the Encyclical he actually applauds the attempt to create stronger international bodies, being very naive I think about who really runs those groups and what their real agenda is.

    I think Migration issues are another area where the Globalists are leading him up the garden path and in so doing he is becoming very unpopular among among those - Catholics and others - who are trying to oppose this NWO type thing.

    The point is that he is a spiritual and not political leader and is as entitled to make the same mistakes as the rest of us on that latter front, and people should not lose faith in him spiritually because of these mistakes.
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  7. Jon

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    I am in the camp of complete skepticism. Most government, UN, IMF actions appear to be motivated by evil. I don't trust any of the sources and am tired of true scholarship being stifled by grant money that won't fund universities and professor tenure unless you agree with this global deception.

    Based on recent news, I guess I agree with Putin on this......:cautious:
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  8. picadillo

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    Could not agree more with you except for the fact that we need him to start clarifying some of these issues. It feels like he is on the wrong team (in my eyes) at times.
  9. PotatoSack

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    I do not believe in man made global warming. Just another way for people in power to control others and transfer wealth to other countries. It is being used to shut down entire industries and hard working people lose their livelihoods. It is being used to minimalize and marginalize those who do not agree. And yes, taxes and regululations too.

    I don't get hung up over what the pope wrote in his encyclical. We are not bound to agree with it. I don't think he needs to clarify anything. Just let it go and move on and pray for him.
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