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    In light of some (ill-informed) Catholic prelates' attempts to repatriate Martin Luther as some kind of authentic reformer let us get to the heart of the Lutherian heresies. The Key battle cry of Luther was two fold:

    1. Sola Scriptura - scriptures alone

    The Church came first - not the Bible. It is the Church that gave us a bible. Nowhere in the bible does it say by 'scriptures alone'. So it is an oxymoron to state that one is guided by 'scripture alone' when the source itself does not support the argument.

    2. Sola Fide - by faith alone

    Another man made idea by Luther since this idea is not supported by the Scriptures themselves. Rather the Scriptures actually contradict Luther because St James says the believer is justified by his deeds and not by 'faith alone'.

    As we can see the inherent contradictions of Luther are obvious. His ideas were heretical, remain heretical and cannot be endorsed by any Catholic, lay, priest, bishop or Pope.

    Nor can a revisionist slant be put on any of his teachings. The man himself was an obnoxious anti-semite who paved the way for the spirit of National Socialism in Germany. No wonder the Nazis loved him.

    Hitler's fight and Luther's teachings provide the
    best defence of the German people (1933 Nazi poster)
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    He had the strangest ideas.

    “To lie in case of necessity, or for convenience, or in excuse, would not offend God, who is ready to take such lies on Himself. ” [10]

    And again,

    “What harm could it do if a man told a good lusty lie in a worthy cause and for the sake of the Christian Churches?” [11]

    “To kill a peasant is not murder; it is helping to extinguish the conflagration. Let there be no half measures! Crush them! Cut their throats! Transfix them. Leave no stone unturned! To kill a peasant is to destroy a mad dog! If they say that I am very hard and merciless, mercy be damned. Let whoever can stab, strangle, and kill them like mad dogs.” [20]

    “I, Martin Luther, have during the rebellion slain all the peasants, for it was I who ordered them to be struck dead. All their blood is upon my head. But I put it all on our Lord God: for he commanded me to speak thus.” [21]

    “Anger refreshes all my blood, sharpens my mind, and drives away temptations . . . I was born to war with fanatics and devils. Thus my books are very stormy and bellicose.”

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    Sounds a lot like Mohammad doesn't he?
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    These quotes could be multiplied to fill volumes. Many things he said were downright evil, truly disgusting, and full of venomous hatred. Sort of like his "inspiration" was satan himself. The man had serious issues. I think the evil one probably took advantage of them and may have possessed him outright.

    Please pray for his soul, not to mention those of Calvin, Zwingli, and the rest of the lot.
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    Yes. Interestingly, if you look at many of the doctrines of mormonism, they are a lot like Islam as well. There's a lot of Freemasonic stuff thrown in too. LDSs also have a doctrine of "lying for the Lord". J. Smith said the angel "Moroni" appeared to him to give him golden plates. Mohammad also claimed an angel - Gabriel I believe - appeared to him. It is possible an angel did appear to both of them, but certainly it was not one from heaven but from the "bad place": "For such false apostles are deceitful workmen, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no wonder: for Satan himself transformeth himself into an angel of light." -- 2 Cor. 11:13-14. Personally, I think J. Smith was just a conman who made the whole thing up and Mohammad communicated with one of these "angels of light" who was actually a demon.
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    The good Reverend George Leo Haydock (1774–1849) in his famous Douay Rheims Commentary, indentifies Luther and the heretics with the locusts of Revelation 9, and indentifies sexual perversion as the true source of the Protestant Reformation and all subsequent "reformers":

    "Ver. 1. The fifth Angel....and I saw a star, &c. This again may be to represent the confusion of all things in antichrist's time, or it may signify the fall and apostacy of great and learned men from the Christian faith. Bossuet applies it to the fall of Theodotus, of Byzantium, towards the end of the second age; but certainly no great stress can be laid on such arbitrary applications, which it is no hard matter to invent, as may be seen by the different fancies we may meet with about the locusts, &c. (Witham) --- Here is a description of the rise and progress of the reformation. This trumpet begins with announcing to us the fall of a star from heaven; a very just emblem of the apostacy of Luther, who in quality of a priest and religious man is styled a star, but renouncing his faith and vows, may truly be said to have fallen from heaven upon the earth. (Pastorini, hic.[here]) --- To him (i.e. to the Angel, not to the fallen star) was given the key of the bottomless pit, which properly signifies hell. (Witham)

    Ver. 2. And the smoke, &c. Luther and his followers propagated and defended their new doctrines with such heat and violence, as to occasion every where seditions and insurrections, which they seemed to glory in. Luther openly boasted of it. "You complain," said he, "that by our gospel the world is become more tumultuous; I answer, God be thanked for it; these things I would have so to be, and wo to me if such things were not." --- The sun was darkened, &c. The light of faith, which is the word of God, may well be represented by the sun, according to that of the Psalm cxviii. 105., "Thy word, O Lord, is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my paths." And as the air is the spring of man's respiration and life, it may be a just type of morality, which gives spiritual life and worth to all human actions. By the sun, therefore, and air being darkened, we are to understand faith and morality obscured and perverted by the novel doctrines of the reformers. (Pastorini, hic.[here])

    Ver. 3. There came out locusts; devils, in antichrist's time, when the chief devil, Abaddon, the destroyer, shall be as it were let loose. Others by locusts, understand the Goths and those barbarous people that made an irruption into the Roman empire, in the time of Decius, about the year 250[A.D. 250]. Others again, by locusts, understand heretics, and especially those heretics that spring from the Jews, and with them denied the divinity of our Saviour Christ, as Theodotus, Praxeas, Noetus, Paul of Samosata, Sabellius, Arius, &c. These were the great enemies of Christian religion, and instruments of the devil: they tormented and infected the souls of men, stinging them like scorpions with the poison of their heresies. They had power for five months, by which is signified for a short term, but had no power to hurt those who were sealed with the seal of God in their foreheads. God protected, at least from sin, his faithful servants. It is to no purpose to give the reader divers fancies and inventions about their shape, their heads, tails, hair, teeth, &c. nor is it worth my while to confute such writers as Mr. Willet, who, Brightman-like, makes Abaddon the pope, and the locusts to be friars mendicant. With this fifth trumpet ended the first of the three woes, as we are told in ver. 12. (Witham) --- The locusts are commonly understood of heretics. They are not able to hurt the green tree; that is, such as have a lively faith, working by charity; but only the reprobate. The latter are represented as prepared to battle, as being ever ready to contend; they wear counterfeit gold on their heads, for all is but pretence and fiction; in shape they are as men, in smoothness of speech as women; in fury and rage against all that opposes them, as lions; their breasts and hearts are as hard as iron; they are full of noise and shuffling; the sting of their pestiferous doctrine is worse than that of a scorpion; but their reign is generally but for a short time. (Challoner) --- Heretics are compared to locusts, says St. Jerome, because they are a species of insects extremely hurtful to mankind, as they occasion famine, eat up the harvest, and even strip the trees and the vines. With very great propriety then may the locusts here mentioned be understood of the first reformers, not only on account of their rapacity, but also for their number. Luther was their leader, by allowing every one to be his own interpreter of Scripture, the effects of which we have described by Dudithius, a learned Protestant divine, in his epistle to Beza. "What sort of people are our Protestants, straggling to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, sometimes to this side, and sometimes to that? You may, perhaps, know what their sentiments in matters of religion are to-day; but you can never certainly tell what they will be to-morrow. In what article of religion do these churches agree, which have cast off the bishop of Rome? Examine all of them from top to bottom, and you will scarce find one thing affirmed by one, which is not immediately condemned by another for wicked doctrine." The same confusion of opinions is thus described by an English Protestant, the learned Dr. Walton: "Aristarchus heretofore could scarcely find seven wise men in Greece, but with us scarce are to be found so many idiots; for all are doctors, all are divinely learned; there is not so much as the meanest fanatic, or jack-pudding, who does not give you his own dreams for the word of God." (Pastorini, hic.[here])

    Ver. 8. And they had hair as the hair of women.This latter allusion, unhappily for the sectaries, betrays too plainly their sensual disposition towards that sex, their shameful doctrine on that score, and the scandalous example of their practice. Luther, in despite of a vow he had solemnly made to God of observing continence, married; and married a nun, equally bound as himself to that sacred religious promise! But, as St. Jerome says, "it is rare to find a heretic that loves chastity." Luther's example had indeed been anticipated by Carlostadius, a priest and ringleader of the Sacramentarians, who had married a little before; and it was followed by most of the heads of the reformation. Zuinglius, a priest and chief of that sect which bore his name, took a wife. Bucer, a religious man of the order of St. Dominic, became a Lutheran, left his cloister, and married a nun. Œcolampadius, a Brigittin monk, became a Zuinglian, and also married. Cranmer, archbishop of Canterbury, had also his wife. Peter Martyr, a canon regular, embraced the doctrine of Calvin; but followed the example of Luther, and married a nun. Ochin, general of the Capuchins, became a Lutheran, and also married. Beza, the most celebrated minister in the Calvinistic party, being asked in his old age, by an intimate acquaintance of his, (Deshayes, governor of Montargis) what was the leading reason which connected him so closely with the Calvinists? Beza called in his mistress, a beautiful young girl who lived with him, and said: "That is the principle reason which convinces me of the excellence of my religion." (Marsollier's Life of St. Francis de Sales, book iii.) --- Thus the principal leaders in the reformation went forth preaching the new gospel, with two marks upon them---apostacy from the faith, and open violation of the most sacred vows. The passion of lust, it is also well known, hurried Henry VIII of England, into a separation from the Catholic Church, and ranked him amongst the reformers. (Pastorini, hic.[here]) --- Teeth of lions. What is more known than the truth of this representation? Did not the reformers, wherever they got footing, pillage the churches, seize the church possessions, destroy the monasteries, and appropriate to themselves the revenues? Such was the case in Germany, in Holland, in France, in Switzerland, in Scotland, and in England; what a scene of rapine! Let it suffice to say, that in the reign of Henry VIII were suppressed not less than 645 monasteries, 90 colleges, 110 hospitals, and 2374 chantries and free chapels; (Baker's Chron.) the lands, &c. of all which were confiscated to the king. Is not this to devour with lions' teeth? The whole explication here given of the allegory of the locusts, we presume, appears so consonant with the history of the reformation, that the propriety will not be denied. The application is even so obvious, that the learned Protestant divine, Dr. Walton, used it for describing the multitudes of new sectaries that swarmed out of the English Church. Thus he speaks in the preface of his Polyglot: "The bottomless pit seems to have been set open, from whence a smoke has risen, which has darkened the heavens and the stars; and locusts are come out with stings, a numerous race of sectaries and heretics, who have renewed all the ancient heresies, and invented many monstrous opinions of their own. These have filled our cities, villages, camps, houses, nay our pulpits too, and lead the poor deluded people with them to the pit of perdition." (Pastorini, Apocalypse ix.)
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    I hope I still have this analysis of Mormonism that I bought about 20 years ago. In there, the author described a lecture where the presenter gave evidence that much of Mormonism is directly taken from Freemasonry, using artifacts directly from John Smith that had been on display in the Temple museum. By the time the museum opened the next day the artifacts had been removed from display and haven't been seen since.

    Perhaps the biggest piece of proof is John Smith's death. He was trapped in a building and the building was set on fire. As the flames approached in an upper floor, he threw open a window and cried out, "Is there no help for the widow's son?" This is a Masonic cry for help. He was calling for any Masons in the crowd to come to his aid.
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    Did anyone come to his aid?
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    Yes it sounds like possession.
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    Great quote. The irony is the Protestant Reformers ended up hating and fighting with each other far more than they did with the Church.

    The Pilgrim Fathers for instance were fleeing Protestant rather than Catholic Persecution
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    Cardinal Gerhard Müller, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

    Wed Oct 25, 2017 - 12:15 pm EST

    Cardinal Müller rebukes Italian bishop for calling Protestant Reformation ‘event of the Holy Spirit’

    ROME, October 25, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Cardinal Gerhard Müller has rebuked the secretary-general of the Italian Episcopal Conference for claiming that the Protestant Reformation was an “event of the Holy Spirit.”

    It is “unacceptable to assert that Luther's reform ‘was an event of the Holy Spirit,’" wrote Cardinal Müller, the former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, in a recent article published in the Italian newspaper La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana. (LifeSite provides a full English translation of the cardinal's article here.)

    "On the contrary, it was against the Holy Spirit. Because the Holy Spirit helps the Church to maintain her continuity through the Church’s magisterium, above all in the service of the Petrine ministry: on Peter has Jesus founded His Church (Mt 16:18), which is 'the Church of the living God, the pillar and bulwark of the truth' (1 Tim 3:15)," the cardinal wrote.

    “The Holy Spirit does not contradict Himself,” added Müller.

    Müller’s rebuke was directed to a verbatim quote of the secretary-general of the Italian Episcopal Conference, Bishop Nunzio Galantino, who spoke on the topic October 19 at the Pontifical University of the Lateran.

    During his address on the topic of “the spirituality of the Reformation in ecclesial practice,” Galantino reportedly said, “The Reformation was, is, and will be in the future, an event of the Spirit,” and “The Reformation carried out by Martin Luther 500 years ago was an event of the Holy Spirit,” according to various Italian media.

    “The Reformation corresponds to the truth expressed in the saying ‘Ecclesia semper reformanda,’” Galantino is quoted as saying. “It was the same Luther who did not make himself the cause of the Reformation, writing: ‘while I was sleeping, God was reforming the Church.'”

    “Even today, the Church has need of a reformation,” said Galantino. “And even today only God can do it.”

    Bishop Nunzio Galantino was appointed to the position of General Secretary of the episcopal conference in 2015 by Pope Francis himself, after having established a record of attitudes hostile to Catholic doctrine on life and family.

    “My wish for the Italian Church is that it is able to listen without any taboo to the arguments in favor of married priests, the Eucharist for the divorced, and homosexuality,” Galantino said in 2014, according to Crux. He also appeared to endorse communion for adulterous second “marriages” prior to that year’s Synod of Bishops, holding that “the burden of exclusion from the sacraments is an unjustified price to pay, in addition to de facto discrimination.”

    In 2015 Galantino sought to undermine the Family Day protests against the creation of homosexual “marriage” in the country, according to reports in the Italian media.

    Galantino’s recent remarks on Luther were made during an “international conference” on the Protestant Reformation held by the faculty of theology at the Pontifical Lateran University from October 18-19. The conference, called “Passion for God,” claimed to present the result of recent research into the Reformation by Biblical scholars, historians, and Catholic theologians. It was financed and supported by the National Service for the Superior Studies of Theology and Religious Sciences of the Italian Episcopal Conference.

    The favorable remarks by Galantino regarding Luther and the Reformation are consonant with recent acts and statements made by Pope Francis and other officials of the Holy See expressing affinity for Luther’s work to “reform” Christianity, statements that have troubled the Catholic faithful.

    In October 2016, Pope Francis traveled to Lund, Sweden, to meet with Lutherans and to launch a year-long commemoration of the anniversary of the launch of the Reformation. Included in the scheduled program was a prayer giving “thanks” to God “for the many guiding theological and spiritual insights that we have all received through the Reformation,” and added “Thanks be to you [God] for the proclamation of the gospel that occurred during the Reformation and that since then has strengthened countless people to live lives of faith in Jesus Christ.”

    In January 2017, the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity issued a joint statement with the Lutheran World Federation stating that “Catholics are now able to hear Luther’s challenge for the Church of today, recognizing him as a ‘witness to the gospel.’” In the same month, the Vatican announced that it would be issuing a commemorative postage stamp with Luther’s face on it.

    Such acts have caused great consternation among Catholics, given Martin Luther’s unorthodox denial of the five of the seven sacraments, of the hierarchical nature of the Church and the authorty of the papacy, of the necessity of good works for justification, and numerous other novel doctrines contrary to Catholic dogma.

    Martin Luther was excommunicated for heresy by Pope Leo X in 1521, after the same pope had condemned forty-one of his teachings several months earlier.
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    Not only that, but there were a good number of Catholics going along with the Pilgrims. In "The Right To Be Wrong" by Kevin Seamus Hasson, he describes the reactions to the Pilgrims coming back from work on Christmas Day to find the Catholics making merry.
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    he preached a typically Masonic and Gnostic doctrine that man can become God, it would not surprise me to know that he was related to the occultism of sects.
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    He started out as a flim-flam man, claiming to read the Book of Mormon from words that appeared in a scrying stone (like a crystal ball). Thing is, the first edition of the Book of Mormon had his text just as he dictated it, complete with all the grammatical errors and regionalisms he used. (It was only in the 3rd edition that the grammar, etc. was cleaned up.) Then, like all things demonic, it took over his life, and the rest is history.
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    I was just going to post "Sounds like Islam," when I scrolled down a bit to see other replies (yours).

  17. DesertStar7

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    Cardinal Müller rebukes Italian bishop for calling Protestant Reformation ‘event of the Holy Spirit’

    ROME, October 25, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Cardinal Gerhard Müller has rebuked the secretary-general of the Italian Episcopal Conference for claiming that the Protestant Reformation was an “event of the Holy Spirit.”


    Good for him!

    I was born and raised Protestant.

    Protestantism = confusion. It became VERY vexing, the older I got. So of course I left it.

    We know who the "author of confusion" is ... and it's not God.
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    It wasn't the Holy Spirit that inspired Luther.

    No amount of revisionism can redeem Luther the heretic.

    He was and always will be wrong. I doubt that he was saved but who am I to judge ;)
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    I remember also reading about Calvin.

    What a terrible man also.

    Most of those "church leaders" were all into playing King Of The Hill. Lots of Protestant ministers today as well. I'm like yadda yadda, who made them Christ's Representative on Earth??

    I should shut up now. :p
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    Well we can't judge these things but the more I read about him the more I think he was severely spiritually afflicted. He did love the Blessed Mother though so maybe....who knows.
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