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    Again, some are showing disrespect of the whole letter and the Archbishop who wrote the letter.

    The Archbishop is encouraging us to continue reading, being in our prayer groups but unifying all of us to the Association Of Luisa Picarretta which is under the guidance of this Archbishop.

    No where does the Archbishop write or say, as Frodo, Heavenlyhosts and others are trying their hardest to find, that all should stop reading these volumes because Her writings are in error of the Doctrine of the church.

    Anyone can pick up anything from the Bible or the CCC and misinterpret the meaning for their own purpose. Do they not as well have ambiguity and equivocal elements. If you say no then you’re not reading Scripture or the CCC.

    The truth is, you haven’t read the writings, you don’t want to read the writings and you don’t want anyone else to receive any of the fruits of the writings because that would mean they would have something you don’t have because you don’t want to do the work. And it is work. No great gift is given without the work being done to receive the great gift.

    There is no written word from the Archbishop of Trani telling anyone not to read the writings.
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    We all may be wrong, Padraig. That is due to the fact that we see things through a glass darkly, and we have an Accuser and a Deceiver.
    I know you caution us out of charity. I have no doubts about that.
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    Exactly. Anyone can pick up anything from the Bible or the CCC and misinterpret the meaning for their own purpose.
  4. padraig

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    I wouldn't get too Passionate about it either way.

    God is perfectly capable of defending Himself. :):)
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    This is a beautiful story of your love of the Immaculate. It really touched my heart. You have wonderful faith.
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    Josephite, your beautiful story truly touched me. A mother's heart that has been wounded by the loss a child never heals, and will only find comfort in the Heart of Mary. How special that you have been able to use the Immaculate Heart of Mary picture to help your grandchildren to understand Our Lady's sorrow. I also have an 'Erin Therese', my first born.
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    Thank you, Padraig. By the way, I received the Suzanne James' book which you recommended at the beginning of this thread. I look forward to reading this very much.
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  8. Frodo

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    According ot the Archbishop:

    The CDF has ruled that Luisa’s writings cannot be presented in the Church today and that there are theological difficulties.

    Tell me, does the CDF also warn against reading Scripture or the catechism?

    It’s clear that one of these things is not like the other.
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  9. Advocata Nostra

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    I feel like I’m taking all this in from the sidelines where it’s safe for the moment.

    From this vantage point, I must say that the events listed in the chart above dated July 24, 2010, April 12, 2011, and November 22, 2012 are quite significant and bear a great deal of weight in favor of Luisa Piccarreta and her writings on The Divine Will. It’s also no small thing that, as was said in one of the posts defending all this, that she was told to write against her own will. To me, that’s an act of obedience and a VERY good indicator that she did not wish to promote herself.

    I owe it to the Good Lord to be patient about all this. If He wants me to sail on this particular sea as a means to sanctity, then He will provide the right conditions and a Stella Maris by whom to steer.

    We shall see. But I’m thinking, in all honesty, there may be a great deal of good here that God is allowing to be purified through a crucible of misunderstanding. I will remain open. ~AN
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    You know as well as I do, that in the current translations of Lusia she states that the principle spiritual gift of Adam and Eve was participation in the Divine Will . However we as Catholics know Adam and Eve had sanctifying grace and neither Scripture nor the documents of the Church says even once that they had the Divine will.

    Moreover we see that Jesus alone can claim to have the Hypostatic Union which is participation in the Divine Will of God (because He is God). In my original post above we see that in Jesus' humanity, He also had sanctifying grace in its completion and perfection.

    This desire to be partakers of His Will, goes against what Jesus taught in the Gospels.

    Jesus tells us to do the Fathers will "Not everyone who calls me 'Lord, Lord' will enter the Kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven" Matthew 7:12
    and again "For whosoever shall do the will of my Father who is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother" Matthew 12:50

    We clearly see from scripture that the Lord wants us to use our will to do His Will! because its a free choice than! This is what makes our will so pleasurable to God, this is why he gave us this precious gift of our free will....because we freely choose to Love Him in return for His Love.

    I believe if we allow our desires to become like an idol, we've taken our focus off God and placed it on ourselves and hear lies the danger with the current translations of Lusia.

    St Paul tells us that all things shall perish but love alone remains, Corinthians 13; let us use our will to Love God and each other, God is very pleased with this!
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  11. HeavenlyHosts

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    I agree with this, Josephite. It stops there, with what Jesus said. Nothing more needed.
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  12. padraig

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    I have to say on a Personal Spiritual Level that although I have only been going down the Divine Will Spiritual Road a few weeks now that the fruits appear to be very,very good. It may be totally my imagination but I do seem to be taking taking giant strides, taking wings in fact.

    Although with the Spiritual Life it is better to have the perspective of years rather than weeks. :)

    Again it reminds me of, 'True Devotion. It is rather like putting a super fertilizer in the garden or the soul.:):)

    By their fruits we will indeed know them.:)

    But I do accept this may be totally my imagination; I will know better in few years time.
  13. Rain

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    I don't expect this to sway anyone, but due to my ongoing encounter with the Divine Will, I believe Luisa's writings are the real deal. I read what the bishops say and their discernment matters to me, but I skim over the posts by certain individuals here because they seem determined to "win" the debate at all costs. I find it distasteful the way the same posters must stomp down any discussion that is open to the possibility that the writings are truly inspired by God, demanding we wait for a perfect translation (ain't gonna happen), which is a thinly veiled attempt to again, squash any positive discussion, but they will not change my opinion anymore than I can change theirs. Life is short, so I will continue to skim and quickly move on.
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    This is a forum. I respect your post, Rain. I hope I am not stomping. :) But Shakespeare said, " To thine own self be true, and it shall follow as the night the day, thou can'st not then be false to any man."
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    Well, I had a medical test done this week and they told me to come back in five years. I thought to myself, that’s if I’m still alive in five years. :)
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  16. Advocata Nostra

    Advocata Nostra Archangels

    Hello, Rain.

    I especially agree with your quote above. It will never be “perfect”, but the Church will make certain that the final translation IS impeccable. She is the Bride of the Author of all truth and Truth itself. (I cannot help but see parallels between the tumultuous progression of acceptance. of the message of Divine Mercy and that of the Divine Will. With St. Faustina, many a holy men spoke out/wrote against what they understood to be some new, faulty theology she had devised in her own imagination. I sure am grateful to God for allowing Pope St. John Paul II to usher in the necessary clarifications! We must be patient in God’s time.

    I am also grateful to God that He chose to expose this whole spirituality to me as one coming in to pray on its significance so late in the game. But it’s always been that way with the Good Sweet Lord and me and I won’t question it. He knows when I’m truly looking for the good because He knows my heart. I am laying my soul out as fleece before the rain concerning the mystical significance of the DW and seeking the intercession of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, since as a Catholic, I am free to do so. We shall see.~AN
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    I know, I often hear phrases like these.
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    Great attitude. (y)
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    :LOL:In all honesty, they can't really say, "at your age, we can't bank on having you back in five years." LOL:ROFLMAO:
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    One great condemnation of our Eastern Sisters and Brothers of Orthodoxy have about we in then West is of a heresy they describe as , 'Scholasticism'.

    A heresy which originates in the Great Western Universities of Europe, especially in the University of Paris. Which was the main intellectual engine of Western Europe right up to the Enlightenment.

    Or to put it in another way , we think too much about things, which makes me laugh. When I was younger I read pretty well three or four books a week.:):)

    I don't ever think you can read or study too much (a very Western attitude)

    But neither do I think you can ever pray of love Liturgy too much (a very Eastern attitude)

    as Pope St John Paul the Great said the East and West the East and West are two lungs of the same breast. We need each other.

    I would say in the Western Church the mistake that is being made is thinking about things too much. Divine Will is not about intellectualising but about doing...about trying things out.

    I am not against intellect, but it is not the be all and end all. I am pretty smart and well read myself.

    But its more about just lunging in there and trying it.

    Sometimes you can just think yourself to death.
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