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    I really appreciate the way you said all this, Fede—thank you. You make a ton of sense. Based on what you’ve said here, doesn’t it make sense to only read the one book mentioned and the prayers of the Passion until the whole language thing gets ironed out? What I’m saying is that people are actually teaching on what they believe to be Heaven’s words to Luisa, but how can anyone do that if they are not yet sure that Holy Mother Church will deem them worthy to teach? Without that authority, there’s bound to be flaws because there are already far too many interpreters out there claiming understanding of this private revelation. (I hope I’ve made some sense!)~AN
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    Please pray the Hours of the Passion every day, even if just a paragraph- as much as possible remembering Our Lords promises.
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    The translations have been much improved with Marina who translated and spoke the same dialect as Luisa having lived in the same town.
    You are correct in saying that we give up our wills for God's Will, but isn't that what we should all do anyway? After all, God's Will is always perfect. Adam and Eve lived in the Divine Will before the fall and look what happened.
    God wants us to go back to that time by giving us this great Gift that He desires all to have. Mother Angelica used to say she asked and if God wanted it, He opened the door, if not, He closed it. Just ask and move forward. If its Gods Will, you will know it.
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    Just to add, I think it's important to have a good spiritual director who knows you to advise you. Especially early on, as people try to train themselves in a different way of thinking.
    Edited to add: Study groups on Luisa have to be organized in consultation with the local bishop--at least they do in my diocese--and use only approved translations. I am not a Luisa follower, but have friends who are.
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    Just for clarification, I think you wanted to respond to Fede here, yes?
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    I was 28 and pregnant with my fourth child Erin Therese when I prayed the following consecration of St. Louis De Montfort to Our Lady every day of the pregnancy, while I looked at the beautiful picture of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart, that I have in my home. The Joy I felt through that difficult pregnancy was a grace and I meant every word of my consecration.

    The Consecration

    I, (my real name), a faithless sinner - renew and ratify today in thy hands,
    O Immaculate Mother, the vows of my Baptism;
    I renounce forever Satan, his pomps and works;
    and I give myself entirely to Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Wisdom,
    to carry my cross after Him all the days of my life,
    and to be more faithful to Him than I have ever been before.

    In the presence of all the heavenly court....I choose thee this day,
    for my Mother and Mistress. I deliver and consecrate to thee,
    as thy slave, my body and soul, my goods, both interior and exterior,
    and even the value of all my good actions, past, present and future;
    leaving to thee the entire and full right of disposing of me, and all that belongs to me,
    without exception, according to thy good pleasure,
    for the greater glory of God, in time and in eternity. Amen.

    Our Dearest Mother Mary accepted the above consecration, in a way I had not imagined, my daughter was taken to heaven on Christmas day 1987 at the age of one month, one week and one day old. No cause for Erin's death was ever found the experts decided to label her death, Cot death.

    The grief I experienced was agonising and during my subsequent 5 pregnancies, I would look at that beautiful picture of the Immaculate Heart , say my prayers and then cry to My Queen that I could not offer the same consecration. Our Dearest Mother understood and I felt her consolations, even though in a personal way I felt like I was reneging on my consecration and trust.

    My mother of course along with other holy people would say don't have to offer everything like that to Our Lady, so just offer a different consecration. But I felt it should be all or nothing.

    Fast forward about ten years; I decided I must consecrate myself wholeheartedly to our Lady again, no matter what my Heavenly mother may ask of me, I remember it was hard to say those words again, I remember crying, knowing I would now be entering into her sorrowful heart.

    The beautiful picture that I have of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (actually an engagement gift from family members that I had blessed, and I remember to this day the words that the priest prayed over the picture, they were so beautiful), well I was cleaning the walls and I took the picture down and lay it on a side board under a window; That afternoon there was a storm and the rain somehow came through the window and got underneath the glass of the picture, and damaged the picture, I was horrified when I discovered this.
    However in reality, my Immaculate Heart Picture now incorporates the sorrows of Mary because the so called damage produced 2 wavy lines, with one coming from Mary's left eye that waves over her left cheek and continues diagonally downward reaching the outer frame, the exact same from the right eye over the right cheek and continues to the outer frame of the other side; in fact the whole of the background behind Our Lady and above the lines have a different hue to rest of the picture which is the original colour, its as if Our Lady has cried so much that she has saturated the earth. There is no damage to the image of Our lady's Immaculate heart except for the tear lines from her eyes.

    I now use this picture to teach my grandchildren about the sorrows of Mary and show them her tears that cover the world.

    Of course the sorrows of Our Lady have become one of my devotions. I need her strength daily, and she continues to console me in the sufferings that I encounter.

    I hope the above can help someone, the Blessed Mother will always console, She will always help, She will always give consolations, Mary is our mother of perpetual succour , Mary comes to our aid, Mary is our recourse, Mary's sorrows surpass all other human sorrows.

    Say......Mary Mother Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, be a Mother to me now!..... and she will.
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    I so hope you are right Fede,
    I hope all the mistranslations will be righted.
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    The current translations are not approved! And for good reason, they are a danger to the faithful. Please let us all wait for the truth which will be the correct translations!

    The Catholic encyclopedia states.....

    The Humanity of Christ was holy by a twofold sanctity: the grace of union and sanctifying grace.

    The grace of union, i.e. the Substantial and Hypostatic Union of the two natures in the Divine Word, is called the substantial sanctity of Christ. St. Augustine says: "Tunc ergo sanctificavit se in se, hoc est hominem se in Verbo se, quia unus est Christus, Verbum et homo, sanctificans hominem in Verbo" (When the Word was made Flesh then, indeed, He sanctified Himself in Himself, that is, Himself as Man in Himself as Word; for that Christ is One Person, both Word and Man, and renders His human nature holy in the holiness of the Divine nature) (In Johan. tract. 108, n. 5, in P.L., XXXV, 1916).

    Besides this substantial sanctity of the grace of Hypostatic Union, there was in the soul of Christ, the accidental sanctity called sanctifying grace. This is the teaching of St. Augustine, St. Athanasius, St. John Chrysostom, St. Cyril of Alexandria, and of the Fathers generally. The Word was "full of grace" (John 1:14), and "of his fullness we all have received, and grace for grace" (John 1:16).

    All theologians teach that sanctifying grace was that of Adam and Eve and is the perfection of the humanity of Christ. The mystical body of Christ is the Church, whereof Christ is the Head (Romans 12:4; 1 Corinthians 12:11; Ephesians 1:20; 4:4; Colossians 1:18, 2:10). It is especially in this sense that we say the grace of the Head flows through the channels of the sacraments of the Church--through the veins of the body of Christ.

    Theologians commonly teach that from the very beginning of His existence, He received the fullness of sanctifying grace and other supernatural gifts (except faith, hope, and the moral virtue of penance); nor did He ever increase in these gifts or this sanctifying grace. For so to increase would be to become more pleasing to the Divine Majesty; and this were impossible in Christ.
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    Yes. I was responding to Fede.
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    I do not understand your objection to what I posted by writing this.
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    Hi, Josephite. Thank you for sharing your sorrow with us. I experienced a similar deeply-felt tragedy in my life a year or so after I did the Consecration by St Louis de Montfort. I know now that Our Lady gave me a painful mission to carry out at Her request. I won’t elaborate further right now. It’s still ongoing to some extent but I know it will be resolved soon.
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    Here is the actual letter from the Archbishop over seeing her cause. This was given to the faithful April 4, 2020.


    What saddens most of us if not all who are reading the writings, are those posting on these forums about Luisa herself, if they would take more time in studying her life instead of judging her they would see that she was obliged to write. She didn’t want to. She had experiences with God which she wanted to stay between her and God. She didn’t just have confessors she had confessors who were directed to her by their Bishop. She had Pope Saint Pius X who approved the 24 hour Passion and the Writings on The Blessed Virgin Mary in The Kingdom. And the first 19 volumes were approved and printed by St. Hannible himself.

    Yes her writings were put on the do not read list from 1937 through 1966. Thank you God who is Wisdom himself put the writings in a vault in a safe place during WWII. They needed to be reviewed and translated before they could be put in the public. But now they are not on a do not read list. The same authority that put them there took them off, but through human thinking people still say they shouldn’t be read.

    There are so many great Priests with Youtube videos going through the writings that if you empty yourself, you can gain great understanding and knowledge. Yes this is new in the fact that you can live Heaven on earth, but it’s not new what Heaven is about. Can you just imagine all doing and living in a kingdom so Holy.

    She is not to be put alongside the bayside person, Vassula or any other mystic who doesn’t have approval from their Bishop.

    I wish that those (we all know who they are) who constantly have negative opinions about her, her writings and us would actually read The Sun of My Will and the writings. Then we could have a true conversation. Until then we, who love her and would give up everything we know, own and love to make sure we always have the writings, Scripture and the CCC have to read posts that are untrue and lack any point to have a good Theological conversation.

    As the Archbishop wrote in his letter keep reading, keep attending Cenacles and carry on. You are not in sin and you should never ever fear the Father, The Son or the Holy Spirit who will guide you in your understanding of the writings.

    But until then, anytime some soul has embraced the writings and wants to share about their new found love, we must all endure the negative comments on how they are not good for you.

    Oh dear heaven please give us the Divine Understanding Of your pure love for all of us, may our hearts be Illuminated so that we can see souls as you see souls and love with your pure light.

    Pax Christi,
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    In 1994 Cardinal Ratzinger nullifies the previous condemnation of Luisa.

    Please read the writings, why is it you don’t trust the chronological order that the church has done regarding her and the writings?

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    WOW, thank you for posting this letter I have not seen it yet.

    This is new information is HUGE!

    The CDF has weighed in on her writings and ruled that they cannot be presented in the Church today due to doctrinal elements.
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    Since it was a pdf I couldn't copy and past the part of the letter. Here's a snip of it from page two. I highlighted the new information.

    Why hasn't this received any attention?

    Attached Files:

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    I find it a little more nuanced than that.

    I am no expert but I don;t think anything that is being said here that has not been said before. I am struck with how careful they are to show respect to Luisa and to her writings.

    It seems to be misinterpretation, mistranslation and misunderstanding of her writings that give ground for concern as they have in the past.:)

    They seem to want some kind of commentary/ assist?

    Sounds lie a good idea.:) No matter how simply put I think a good Theological commentary would help, some of this is pretty heavy going.:):):)

    But whata I know.:):)
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    My reading of it is different.

    Firstly - The letter admits:

    ..."the fact her writings present some ambiguities and equivocal elements. Though not to be considered doctrinal errors in themselves, these elements require great attention..."

    and further: "... her writings contain passages with both theological and orthographic difficulties..."​

    This is in direct contrast to some posters on the forum that say the translations are not problematic anymore.

    Second - The CDF weighed in

    This is the first I've read that the CDF has officially weigh in. And they weighed in after the team of experts organized by the Luisa Piccarreta Association completed their 5 year transcription of LP's writings. This is further supported by the letter moving to the next paragraph with the words "Given this new situation, ..."

    This letter only serves to confirm that the writings are 1) problematic in regards to the faith ans 2) should not be disseminated in the Church today (according to the CDF).
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    Exactly. Period. The End.
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    I remember when I was very young , I guess about ten years old and reading , 'True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin', by St Louis Grignion De Montford for the very first time. I was of course very,very Marian indeed in my spirituality. Yet even so , St Louis's writings caused my mouth to drop open on occasions and I confess I did have considerable doubts that all this was not more than a little overboard. :) Happily I resolved these simply by praying.

    In the case of the Doctrine of the Immaculate Conception as you may know, many saints weighed in on one side and others on the other. St Catherine of Sienna , for instance said that Our Lady had appeared to her in person and said , the Immaculate Conception was not true. Well we all know how that turned out.:):)

    So some Saints said the Immaculate Conception was true, some saints said it was false and this argument went on for centuries.

    I am very inclined to believe that this Devotion to the Divine Will is in fact very much true. That it is a hidden secret reserved for the End Times.

    I caution those speaking against it that they may be opposing God.

    But of course you will pay no attention to me whatsoever. But in charity I just felt I had to re warn you.:):)

    I may be wrong, I have been wrong a billion, billion times before, but my own belief is Luisa was right on the money.:)
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