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    I believe Divine Will needs the intellect to be in the back seat for a while. It really , really requires considerable amounts of humility to be starting to be going on with.

    This is no small ask
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    I would say the bigger the controversy, the bigger the opposition,especially from Rome the more sure you can be that it is true.

    Satan's summer home appears to be located in Rome.

    Look for instance what these dreadful people did with the Third Secret of Fatima. Padre Pio La Salette, and Garabandal.

    They buried them 100 feet under.
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    You are right, Padraig. The last thing Satan wants is for the faithful to practice any devotion dedicated to God the Father.
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    Yes but I would not get to wound up about it al.

    I am enjoying it hugely.

    But I do acknowledge I may be totally wrong.

    I am at peace about it all:)

    I am giving it a try. :):)

    Peace joy.:)

    My dear sisters and brothers who disagree may be right instead ..what ever...its not the End of the World either way..
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