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Discussion in 'Coffee House' started by "Quis ut Deus", Sep 28, 2021.

  1. "Quis ut Deus"

    "Quis ut Deus" Powers Staff Member

    I had a very very lucky escape last night I swerved out of the way of a drunk driver whilst going to my mums house, it was all a bit surreal as I seen the whole thing play out in front of my eyes before it actually happened, as if my life went into fast forward for a few moments, anyway thankfully I got out of his road, unfortunately he continued on a short distance and wrecked two other cars, I don't know their injuries but the cars looked pretty bad..

    thank you Guardian Angel :love:
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  2. PurpleFlower

    PurpleFlower Powers

    Thanks be to God! Praying for the people who took the hit...
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  3. AED

    AED Powers

    Yes thanks to your Angel for sure. Daily prayers of protection are vital these days. Our Angels are our first line of defense. So happy you are all right.
  4. "Quis ut Deus"

    "Quis ut Deus" Powers Staff Member

    Thankfully I've learned only one person taken to hospital with non life threating injuries...

    pic of the scene

  5. AED

    AED Powers

    Oh my. Thanks be to God John that you were able to swerve away from it.
  6. Jo M

    Jo M Powers

    Close call! Thank goodness you are okay. It has become so bad on the roads I don't leave my driveway without a prayer to my Guardian Angel.
  7. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    Thank you, Lord.
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  8. AED

    AED Powers

    Same here Jo.
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  9. Indy

    Indy Praying

    Thank God.
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  10. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Thank you God.

    And thanks to the angels working full time to protect believers.

    I've had a few close shaves on bad roads recently. I always pray to my guardian angel and St Michael for protection.

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