Love is a 'Thirst'

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    Love is a ‘Thirst’​

    My Son as God has always looked beyond time. I, as his mother, see-through him through his time. I see beautiful things and bad things. But I see that there is love and it must be made sure that it is made manifest. My children, you cannot be happy if you do not love one another if you do not have love in every situation and in every moment of your life. And I as a mother come to you through love.—14th March Message from Our Lady of Medjugorje

    Love in this world is very common. It is something that is sought by our species, as is shown abundantly in our art, literature, as well as in people’s search for the truth.

    Love is a ‘thirst’, the soul seeks to drink from the deep well that is love, and until we find it this thirst can drive us mad. Yet, we may not be aware of this thirst, or madness, but it shows itself in how we live our lives, in what we seek, and in how we relate to one another.

    We all respond to loving people. Those who accept us, and at the same time encourage us to be our best. To grow, and to let go of narrow beliefs that make for unhappiness.

    Jesus has revealed that the nature of God, is the very thing we thirst for, and seek, even if not always alerted to. God’s nature, is, in reality, ours as well, since all of us are made in the ‘Image and Likeness of God’. Our misery flows from not being connected to this reality that we call love. However in the Christian path, this is called “Agape”, showing, and revealing to us, the actual nature of God. Love Infinite, overflowing, seeking each of us every moment of our lives.

    We can only be happy if we live from the place we are meant to. To a life rooted in love. Which true, means opening up our hearts to all. Which is a process of growth that never stops, it is an eternal journey. We love by saying ‘Yes’, over and over again to all of life’s situations, and simply moving through the day seeking to be more mindful of our true nature (being made in the Image and Likeness of Go), which is love. We also learn to love ourselves enough to always seek to begin again when we fail. To disregard the voices that constantly speak to us otherwise, seeking to lead us to despair, or to simply giving up.

    To not be connected to the living waters, is to connect to something else to replace this deep thirst. Leading to deeper suffering. For it is true, the yoke that Christ Jesus asked us to take upon ourselves by living out his commandments, is lighter than the yoke we create for ourselves.

    So in this time of uncertainty, and yes anxiety, and fear, let us still remember to seek to be open to God’s grace and to do the most loving thing we can. That is the death to self that Jesus is asking from us, which leads to deeper freedom and joy that can be understood only until this path is begun.—BrMD
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