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  1. Patty

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    A quote from Mark Mallet's blog. "More on the Flame of Love"


    "And then recently on May 7th, 2014, an anonymous seer, who posts alleged locutions from Jesus and Mary at locutions.org, spoke of this Flame as well. I quote her here because I know her spiritual director, Monsignor John Esseff, who himself received direction from St. Pio and was Blessed Mother Teresa’s confessor and director (Msgr. is also the spiritual director of the priest who directs me). Since these messages have no official approval from the competent authority, I quote them in the spirit of St. Paul’s admonition not to despise prophecy, but to test everything. [3]Here, the alleged seer speaks not only in general terms of the “convergence” I wrote about earlier, but also the “blessing”:"
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  2. IJoP, I hear you. 1 Timothy 3:15 "...the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the TRUTH." I'm not looking to LTTW for THE TRUTH, I already know that's in the Church. I''m looking to see if TRUTH is in LTTW. Like I said, "Just someone who wants to know the truth about LTTW".
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    Well that's the end of these False Locutions on this web site anyway.

    I am freezing this thread. Please no more of these on the forum .



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