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  1. Fatima

    Fatima Guest

    These Locutions will not take long to be found either true of false.

    2. The Outbreak of Darkness

    The Resignation As A Sign
    The events will unfold, all led by the Holy Spirit. He will raise up voices that will speak the truth and confront the issues. This is a conclave of the greatest darkness. The world will soon be overcome by events that are far beyond its resources to respond. The turmoil that will follow will be greater than the world has ever seen. This is what I mean by “the hour”. It is the hour, the hour of the great clash between the two kingdoms, the hour when what lies hidden becomes clear to all. The hour is not just a short time but an extended period of great warfare.
    Who should lead my Church at the beginning of this outbreak? Who has the light, the wisdom, and especially, the holiness to sit on the Chair of Peter. These are the questions the cardinals must ask.
    During these days I take my priest son deeper and deeper into my heart. He knows not to speak out. His task is to be immersed in my Immaculate Heart. I nourish him with the greatest faith. He has absolutely no doubt that I will raise him up. He has no control of the events that will lead to his election. He has no need to lift a finger because my mighty arm will set him in the center of the conclave. When he is called forth, he will respond, knowing that this is God’s will.

    3. Many Dead Ends

    The Resignation As A Sign
    Every option is on the table. The cardinals will consider everything. Then, I will bring to their minds new thoughts, that at first they had never thought of. I will let them go down their own paths and come to their dead ends. I will let them search and search for the answer. Whom should they raise to the Chair of Peter? Only when they have seemingly exhausted every possibility will the thought enter their heart. Then, they will move in my direction and I will lead them quickly.
    No one knows the candidate hidden so well, so deeply, in my heart. I have deliberately kept him buried in my love. He will not stir. He will not cry out. He will be covered over in great darkness, just as the cloud covered and protected the Israelites in the desert.
    Only when I part the sea of confusion and show the cardinals where to walk, will this cloud lift. They will see clearly to walk where they thought they would never walk. I must assure them, just as God assured the Israelites, that it is safe to walk between the parted waves.
    4. A Pope For All Nations

    The Resignation As A Sign
    Because I open my heart to all nations, to all cultures and to all peoples, I will raise up a pope for all the nations. All will see in him a hope for salvation and a deliverance from the worldwide darkness that will soon envelope the earth, a darkness of confusion, doubt and, at times, even of hysteria and self-destruction. These will be the forces that will soon be unleashed. Before that happens, I will set in place a pope who will speak my word and release the powers of the kingdom. He will not teach in his own name nor bring forth human wisdom. He will speak my word, exactly as I have trained him to do.
    Now that the time is so close I will reveal the deep secrets of my heart, kept hidden for so long. I have prepared this pope by the greatest of graces. I have fashioned him in the darkness of my womb and soon, so very soon, I will bring him into the light of day. Upon him shall be the anointing of Jerusalem, because that is where he will go and there he will end his days in the papacy.
    He already knows my plan and will fulfill it just as I have laid it out before him. He will not swerve, to the left or to the right. He will discern all the world events, for himself and for the Church. He will raise his voice like no other pope because the Spirit of the Lord is upon him. When the years of his short papacy are completed, the seeds of new life will be planted. His papacy will prepare the Church for all that will follow in this third millennium.
    5. The Messenger Pope

    The Resignation As A Sign
    How much time has been lost. The gifts of God set aside. So many times I have spoken to my servants, the prophets. I have given them heavenly messages for all the world to hear. I entrusted these messages to my Church, my bride. To whom else would I given them? She has come forth from my side. She is the new Eve. I would not give these messages to another. I want my bride to be exalted. Yet, how haltingly she accepts my words. Years go by and she does not see the treasure lying in her very bosom. She delays and delays. She keeps hidden what should be proclaimed on the housetops.
    No more. The time is too short. The need for my prophetic word is too pressing. I can no longer just send messengers. I must send a pope who himself is the messenger. To him I will speak, directly, heart to heart, even face to face. All the world will know that this pope is a prophet to the nations.
    For so long I have kept this future pope in my bosom, hidden from the nations, yet called to be their light. I have trained him in my word and he has frequently brought it forth. He is no stranger to prophecy. He understands the gift. He is familiar with my voice.
    Know that I am raising up much more than just a pope. I am lifting up a prophet to the nations. All the world will listen because he will not just speak a word of wisdom but a clear prophetic word. He is not shy or bashful. He will not hide the gift. He will not be lifted up to place the lamp under a bushel basket. He knows where my word belongs.
    Suddenly, a new light will shine forth, a surprise, a new help for my children who are so confused by the darkness of the world. I will raise up this pope and prophet for my little ones who believe that I can speak directly to them.
  2. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Yes it has a short fuse, one way or another; we will see shortly.:rolleyes:
  3. Mary's child

    Mary's child Guest

    Ahhhhh, but the problem now is, that there are so many prophecies out there taken from scripture, and valid prophets through the ages that now, anyone learned enough and read, study and set themselves up as prophets. I am not saying that this is the case here. I am generalizing.
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  4. Fatima

    Fatima Guest

    I am not saying these World Locutions are true either. I would contend though that the person who is posting them on the internet, Monsignor John Esseff, has rock sound credentials and he obviously knows and believes in the person who is receiving the locutions well enough to put his name on it.

    Let me introduce myself; I am Monsignor John Esseff, a diocesan priest of Scranton, Pa., ordained in 1953. In 1959, Padre Pio became my spiritual director. For many years, I was the spiritual director for Mother Teresa of Calcutta. As a favor to her, I traveled all over the world, giving retreats, to her sisters. Above all, I am privileged to be spiritual director for hundreds of souls, at every stage of the spiritual life. Some are beginners, others are advanced and some are mystics.
    For many years, I have been director for a special soul. Five years ago, Jesus and Mary began to speak to this soul through the gift of locutions (as described by John of the Cross). These locutions now total over 800. I have discerned the validity of these locutions. Until now, these locutions were personal teachings given for the small community that gathered in prayer. Beginning on December 10, 2010, a new phase began, namely, some locutions were to be told to the whole world.
  5. Rain

    Rain Powers

    He wouldn't be the first priest to unknowingly back a false seer. When I first ran into these particular messages I thought they could possibly be true, but I was always concerned with the focus on worldly things such as politics and the presidential election. Last summer, after a prediction didn't come true, I completely dismissed them.
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  6. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Can you remember what the prediction was last summer?
  7. padraig

    padraig New Member


    Fr Poulain

    cf; 'Second Cause'

    Second cause: over-lively mind or imagination
    Coming to the second cause of falseness, Fr Poulain is thinking in terms of someone who is assumed to be acting in good faith, but who has an "over lively" imagination or mind, which may deceive them.
    He describes how our faculties may "sometimes mingle their own action with the divine revelation. But, when the temperament is badly balanced or overexcited, they may do still more: they construct an altogether false revelation. Thanks to their feverish imaginations, such persons, during the most ordinary prayer, can pronounce interior words with such distinctness that they seem to be said by someone else."
    He then goes on to give more details:
    "Or, again, on particular days they have an extraordinary power of visual representation. A picture offers itself to their interior eyes with very vivid colors, almost equal to those shown by real objects. If a scene of Our Lord's life is in question, or some future event in which they are interested, they willingly believe that the picture is supernatural. ...
    "The same must be said with regard to intellectual locutions. This is how St. John of the Cross speaks of them (Ascent of Mount Carmel, Book II, ch. xxix, p. 192): 'There are some men whose intellect is so quick and penetrating that their conceptions, when they are self-recollected, naturally proceed with great facility, and form themselves into these locutions and reasonings so clearly [it is a question of intellectual locutions, as was stated in a preceding chapter, the twenty-third] as to make them think that God is speaking. But it is not so. All this is the work of the intellect, somewhat disengaged from the operations of sense, for it may do this and even more without any supernatural help whatever, by its own natural light. This is a state of things of frequent occurrence, and many delude themselves into the belief that... God converses with them: they write down, or cause others to write for them, what they have experienced. And, after all, it is nothing.'
    "St. Teresa, it is true, says that when a person has had true visions or true locutions they can no longer be confused with the feeble imitations of the imagination. But for those who have never had experience of these divine favors the difficulty continues undiminished."
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  8. sunburst

    sunburst Powers

    Someone once told me that after The Blessed Mother appeared to Bernadette, the was a series of apparitions all false as Satan wants to be Gods ape. But yet God allows all this to happen. Seems like sometimes,..we are the ones being tested. And at the end of the day we shall be judged on love.:)
  9. sunburst

    sunburst Powers

    We can never know for certain if these locutions are true. But I for one can't help but feel the next Pope will be Mary's Pope who will lead us in battle. She has promised in the end Her Immaculate Heart would Triumph.
    She helped to form and nuture her first Son and I think she will do so with the last.
  10. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Yes...but not the last.
  11. Fatima

    Fatima Guest

    At this point I tend to lean toward these locutions as being sound. I think Monsignor Esseff is no novice when it comes to dissernment in these matters or he would not have been given the privelage of being Mother Theresa's spiritual director for her religious order.

    Based on my thinking only, I feel that the messages above "The world will soon be overcome by events that are far beyond its resources to respond. The turmoil that will follow will be greater than the world has ever seen", could well indicate neuclear war on the horizon sometime perhaps yet this year or early next. We all know that Iran and North Korea are itching to using their nukes. It would truely be "events the world has never seen that are far beyound its resources to respond and great turmoil than the world has ever seen".

    Our new Pope will be the only person and leader to provide the answer to the problems, but few will listen. I believe that this man-made disaster (neuclear war) will cause the global economic, political and governmental collapses immediately. Then in 2015 (when things are at there worst) will come the Warning and May 12th, 2016 (on Thusday the feast of Blessed Imelda's death) will come the Miracle of Garabandal (the great Ecclesiastical Event on the day of the Miracle will be the Final Dogma of Mary on her Co-redemprix, Mediatrix and Advocate)..... followed shortly there after by the killing of our Holy Father in Jerusalem. Then comes the 3.5 years of the worst of chastisments and darkness via natural disasters from the holy angles of unheard of proportions, climaxed by the 3 day's of darkness and then the new era of peace for those spared.
  12. It all makes me want to take my kid's curriculum and throw it out the window and say, "Okay, now you will read a book about a saint each day, learn some Latin, study your faith and catechism and learn how to cook and hunt." THATS ALL!! Everything seems SO worthless when it comes to education. I believe knitting and sewing are better than learning so many other things. We need to know how to pray, build, cook, hunt and keep food. We need to find that joy in our lives instead of the rote-living we do now. My family is so diverse and so ready for the other shoe to drop...Its like taking a splinter out of your foot! PAINFUL!
  13. Fatima

    Fatima Guest

    Don't forget gardening. Few (including me) have learned the tricks of the trade in gardening. ;)
  14. Mary's child

    Mary's child Guest

    I am still hoping that God will multiply my food through prayer. ;) Oh, and if that fails, taking all the toilet paper that I have stocked up and making my way to yours ms7. You have it all worked out..
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  15. HOPE

    HOPE Guest

    Yes, that is my plan. Moving in with MS7.
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  16. Rain

    Rain Powers

    One of the messages:

    The Supreme Court ruling on healthcare took place on June 28, 2012. This was supposed to be the "great moment of exposure". The truth was all supposed to come to the surface. Did it? Hardly. "The decision will be so much in the limelight that no hidden powers will be able to cover up the darkness that took place . . .” What is "Mary" talking about? Obamacare passed. Although there may indeed be a cover-up, it certainly wasn't exposed as promised. People are still happily sipping the Obama Kool-Aid.
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  17. Thats great! We can always use toilet paper! We have 4 bathrooms! But my husband is fond of peeing off the cliff, as are all the males who come here. Its a 'boy' thing...lol o_O
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  18. We would love to have as many as God sends us. ...I collect linens and pillows and put them in space bags..!!
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  19. padraig

    padraig New Member

    No one can move in with Marti. I have my filght tickets to Montana ordered.:)

    There is no more room

    She has even ordered my in a firearm.:D
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  20. Jane

    Jane Angels

    Monsignor John Esseff has used the good name of Mother Teresa and St Pio to push a locution. :cautious:
    So what that he was once a spiritual director to Mother Teresa. What does that mean? He once heard her confession?
    Even if he was for years Mother Teresa's spiritual director, that doesn't mean a thing.:sneaky:
    Padre Pio being his spiritual director. Wow, he is very lucky.
    But it seems to me he is name dropping, and I would think St Pio and Blessed Teresa wouldn't be happy with this. :(

    I'm with you Rain, if a prediction doesn't come true, that is it for me. :notworthy:
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