Little lambs in the storm

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    I made the acquaintance of an Anglican priest and his wife in 2006. They had five children ranging in ages 2 to 13 then.

    They, as parents, often bemoaned denominational matters and USA troubles (-then! in 2006!-) with other young parents.

    Being childless, I could only sit and supportively listen.

    This man went on to botch up EVERYTHING. He acted/behaved intentionally while pretending to be a victim of circumstance.

    I was flabberghasted, wondering how a father of five could be this way. o_O

    I'd been willing to be a sort of "surrogate aunt" to any/all children of that small parish.

    Now it's 2020. Four of that priest's five children are now adults. Three are White Straight Males (gadzooks!), like dear old Dad.

    Later I attended a church with husband. It turned out to be a rather unhappy place. I'd also hoped THERE to be a supportive adult figure.

    So here I sit, increasingly concerned for these (now) young adults.

    I wasn't allowed to be part of any of those lives. A lot of GOOD parents in both places, but too many stinkers as well.

    I think of these young adults who could've used a solid church family support system. They have none (or little). :coffee: And now "all this" going on. :( I was raised in a tight-knit church family, very friendly and supportive, people truly "there for" each it just all blew my mind. o_O

    While I rarely presume upon parenting, I would like to ask the stinker parents: ARE YOU HAPPY??? Were all your games, gossip, and foolish behaviors worth it???
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