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    That doesn't sound right at all. Mother Mary always gives us hope with which to defeat satan. Where's the hope is this "reparation"? I've not read the book nor heard of this particular account but just based on the excerpt posted, I believe that this poor priest was deceived.
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    It is perplexing.
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    I am currently reading this book, but there are things said by Maria Simma that I have difficulty believing. I’m disappointed as I was really looking forward to reading the book, but now I’m not even sure I will finish it.
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  4. Yes, perplexing is the word to describe this.

    Some of the saints had demonic attacks...Monsignor Rossetti wrote of a quote of Saint Gemma Galgani
    "The Devil has pursued me in every possible way...He seized me by the hair and dragged me about...He tormented me like this for more than four hours, and thus I passed the night." She was so afflicted by demons that she asked for an exorcism to be performed over her. The priest rightly refused, responding that she wasn’t possessed.

    Similarly, Padre Pio often suffered physical beatings by demons: “These devils don’t stop striking me, even making me fall down from the bed. They even tear off my shirt to beat me! But now they do not frighten me anymore. Jesus loves me....” Some of his community members suggested an exorcism for him. Again, it was rightly refused by his superiors.
    Monsignor Rossetti continued,
    'The possessed and strongly oppressed can also be clawed, scratched and bruised by demons. In fact, it is one of the discernment questions I typically ask during intake, “Do you have any unexplained bruises or scratches?” I have many photos of such. I have been asked several times, “Why doesn’t God just shut all the demons up in hell and stop them from afflicting people?” Good question. It’s part of a larger question: “Why does God allow bad things to happen to people at all?” In fact, what demons can physically do to us pale in comparison to what humans do to each other.

    Also there is the tough to understand case of Annaliese Michel These victim souls must produce a great harvest in the eyes of God.

    Edited to add: Padraig started a thread about 'Get Us Out of Here' in 2017 and I post the link here
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    Sometimes, warning bells tinkle softly. They don't always clang loud and clear but come through the tiniest pinpricks of illumination.
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    I think that a death similar to that of the traitor Judas can never be associated with any form of redemption. In fact, this seems diametrically opposed to the lives of many saints in the Church who suffered martyrdom in a similar way to Our Lord (for example, the first pope) or to the sign of the holy wounds, which God granted to many saints as a kind of ratification of their ministries.
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    I read Get Us Out of Here some years ago and although I found it profitable I had the feeling that a good deal of it was influenced by Nicky Elz. Maria lived a very simple life in every way. She shunned the limelight, which is one of the criteria for holiness by Fr Groeschel. The only aspect I found difficult is that she reported that many people were now in heaven such as John Lennon. I wondered if this conflicts with Our Lady's comments in Fatima about the numbers who end up in hell who would seem to be a majority of souls. I do believe that it's possible to get into heaven (Purgatory) at the last minute, so perhaps that explains it. Elz seems to have an obsession with communion in the hand. Personally I have not received in that way for some years, but many people who do have been taught that it's normative. There's something in the book about a body after death having blackened hands, on account of having received communion manually. I don't remember the story about the hanged priest but that is definitely strange. Redemptive suffering involves enduring affliction for the sake of others, and of course martyrdom is the supreme example of this, but during a persecution. People who are oppressed by demons do hear voices telling them to kill themselves. Seagrace is right, IMO, the poor man was deceived.
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