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    How do you think life will be like. Do you think some odd denomations lds jehovahs witness will disapear?
    How will people react.
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    Good question! I think those that hate God will probably continue to hate God, but those in other false religions that have earnestly wanted to be with God will come to the Church as then the Truth will be revealed to them. So if those other religions do continue, it will be orchestrated by the devil to try to continue to confuse people....
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    Interesting. I do think that those who think they hate God if they have been prayed for by a mother or some other devoted soul will be given the grace to repent.
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    Are you wondering about what happens after the warning or after the chastisement? Because I've been wondering about the latter.

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    Father Blount believes in the warning. He also says that all people of good will who believe in God will become Catholic, including Protestants, Muslims, etc.. I'm not positive but I believe he views The Warning as the event catalyzing these mass conversions. While it's been years ago, I've read that as a result of the Warning everyone will know that God exists and that the Catholic faith is true. Fr. Blount says that Satan will have no influence over people for a period of six weeks afterward.
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  6. While Fr Blount may be right on many counts and is good priest, I believe that our own Glenn Hudson gives the best account of Garabandal. He gets it from source.
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    Our Blessed Mother said many souls got to hell because there is no one to sacrifice and pray for them. Our lady tells us to pray for them to save them from hell. I told the story once of Maria Simma{the purgatory lady} on a train with a very belligerent man, I think he was antiGod and very hateful. As Maria got off the train she said may God have mercy on your soul. The man died shortly afterwards and came to Maria from purgatory and thanked her for that one short prayer, it had saved his soul. So yes our prayers are being heard and will be answered, if we listen to our Mother and pray for them.
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    Have you read "Get Us Out Of Here!" - the Maria Simma book by Nicky Eltz?

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    I have.
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    So have I. Either accidentally or providentially - I can't decide. Readers Digest version: I have no idea where I got my copy. Around 2008 or so I had ordered a bunch of books from Tan Books but Get Us Out Of Here wasn't one of them. I'd never heard of the book. Yet it just showed up in our mailbox. I guess it was some kind of free giveaway by Tan or something like that but, however it happened, it's been of great benefit.

    Not that I agree with everything written therein. To be candid there's at least one story I find rather disagreeable and distasteful to the point of being worrisome. IIRC there was a chapter that detailed the story of a priest who hanged himself to offer reparation for the sins of others or something like that. Is my recollection accurate?

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    I don't remember the story of the priest but I found the interview with her interesting. I take it "with a grain of salt" --alittle healthy skepticism isn't a bad thing. But overall it was comforting.
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    Well. We are living life after the flood. Look at the world as it is now. How long did it take for things to get this way after the flood. So, it's safe to assume that life after the miracle will progress along the same line, to more or less degree.
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    I've read it. Worth downloading!!!
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  17. Thank you - due to shipping costs it was going to cost me $68 NZ on Amazon
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    Yikes. Can you download it?
  19. The book Get Us Out of Here pages 131-132 details the death of Father Joseph Kalosans of Bludenz, the superior of the monastery and very holy. When two younger monks found him dead by hanging, the police investigated, but there was little to lead to how the holy priest was killed. Maria Simma asked a poor soul about the circumstances of Fr. Kalosans's death. The answer came back quickly because so many people were praying for him. The answer was this, "Our Lady had appeared to this Priest and had asked him if he would accept satan's ability to kill him. And that if he did, it would be in reparation for many souls that had sold themselves to him. This Fr. Kalosans had accepted. Maria Simma said that when she got this answer, she went to the monastery where everyone, including the police were gathered. Maria read the answer the poor soul had given her out loud in front of everyone. A priest in the back of the room in tears came forward with a piece of paper that he had. He said he had found the paper in the pocket of Father Kalosans after his death. He read the words, "Our Lady appeared to me (Fr. Kalosans) and asked me if I would accept satan's ability to kill me; and that if I did, it would be in reparation for many souls who had sold themselves to him. I have accepted."

    I agree that it is hard to understand this type of reparation.
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  20. Yes thanks

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