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Discussion in 'Coffee House' started by DesertStar7, Jan 4, 2021.

  1. DesertStar7

    DesertStar7 + To Jesus through Mary @-}--

    In the future, I will not be discussing politics with you and/or you and ____(husband), on the occasion of future visits.

    It seems this country might indeed go to "Progressives" (Biden/Harris).

    Once I saw what they are really about, I couldn't simply discuss or complain with other like-minded people.

    The past three years I've taken it upon myself (my decision) to write letters, make campaign contributions (despite not having a lot of money to throw around), and get on news-site message boards and point out "stuff" to dingbats.

    My lifelong friend, _____, who was adopted from South Korea as a toddler by a couple in my hometown, has two grown sons and five grandchildren. We reconnected and combined our energies to raising awareness of what likely will be if "Progressives" win the White House in 2020.

    I was glad to help ______ with her efforts, as she's got kids and grandkids going into the future. I don't.

    I really wish you and the church people with whom you've closely associated in the recent past would've spent more energy in like fashion, instead of (my impression) mostly having fun socializing and checking off bucket lists. If this country is subjected to Open Borders, you and I and lots of other women will now have a lot less freedom of mobility.

    So no more discussing politics. It's not enough to sit at one's table in one's kitchen, talking to like-minded people about it.

    I fought hard, for three years, to keep this country safe, sane, and stable.

    You're welcome.
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  2. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I wonder if you are going to upset your in laws with a letter like that. Personally, it would seem prudent to allow the outcome of the election to take it's course, and people will begin to see the changes for themselves, if the democrats get back on track turning USA into a socialist state.

    I would not worry about open borders, it is more likely people will be falling over themselves to escape if the usual communist famines and failed economies bring America to her knees. That wall built by Trump might be necessary to keep people in like the old soviet borders were used to stop people escaping Russia under the communist regime.

    In the meantime, forgive those who failed to understand, and make peace while you can. God bless you and God save America, because it would seem His blessings might have been squandered one time too many, and now the piper might just be about to seek payment as the old saying goes.

    We are called to Keep Watch and Pray.
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  3. Fede

    Fede Archangels

    I tend to agree with Julia. Many times I've thought of writing my feelings, but instead haven given it to Jesus and the surrender novena as well as the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is my constant companion. As I've seen with txt messages, what we intend with our words, is not always received in the same way, and then it becomes harder to repair rifts in families. God wants peace between brothers and therefore, I've learned to accept and give up my suffering for their salvation. I'm sorry if this isn't what you had hoped for, but sometimes we need clarity and I think that's why you've posted this and hope I've been of some help. Prayer takes longer but has more benefit for both sides, and you will get your reward.
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