Lenten Sacrifice

Discussion in 'Welcome to New Members' started by Ananchal, Feb 10, 2021.

  1. Ananchal

    Ananchal Vigilans

    So I think I’ve settled on my Lenten sacrifices.
    1) physical mortification - since i already never eat meat on Wednesday’s and Friday,s and I’m already On a diet - this one was tough for me to figure out - but I’ve decided on Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and Friday to skip lunch as well as give up my 7:00 pm rice cake and tea snack every night
    2) spiritual development- I’ve decided to practice the virtue of silence and during those times I would normally break to chat or talk with others that I would instead say a decade of the rosary 3) almsgiving - my plan is to each week either donate $25.00 of food to the local food pantry or donate it to fssp or a local monestary.

    what is everyone else planning or thinking about :)
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  2. padraig

    padraig New Member

    off the home brew wine.:D:D

    It will kill me. But I do love my Lent.
  3. Indy

    Indy Praying

    Thanks for the reminder, this is the first year in many I have not even considered my Lenten sacrifice so far. I think I am too caught up in all this fear to remember and work is nearly all consuming and not good either. I am afraid though I have plenty of options to consider for giving up. let me see, pray.
  4. Indy

    Indy Praying

    Wow, not sure i can quit my few beers, but I should. I hope it goes well for you.
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  5. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    Im jealous of your virtue....seriously!
  6. Ananchal

    Ananchal Vigilans

    Thank you I’m sure I don’t deserve such accolades - this is what I’m attempting - with Gods grace I will be successful although I do think my guardian angel will have to keep a close eye on me and give me assistance! I do have a lot to make up and but also to be thankful for ☺️
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  7. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    Well you’ve inspired me. Thank you!
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  8. PurpleFlower

    PurpleFlower Archangels

    I think this Lent I'm going to focus on growing in two specific devotions: The Seven Sorrows of Mary, and The Holy Wounds of Jesus, which I think go hand-in-hand anyway. I feel very drawn to these but have only just touched the surface of the depth of understanding and love I want to have for our sorrowful mother and Jesus' wounds. Every sacrifice I make or extra prayer I offer will be in this context, because to be honest, I am very weak in my ongoing resolve through Lent... But I've found that when I offer things in the context of love for a specific person, it becomes much easier. So I will do all for love of our sorrowful mother and to comfort Jesus in His wounds. With the ultimate desire to save souls.

    My concrete plans are to attend daily Mass with the baby every morning that he wakes up before 8am, and add the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows and the Chaplet of the Holy Wounds to my daily prayers.

    I will have only bread for lunch on Wednesdays and Fridays, as my minimum for fasting on those days. I'll have to be sure I don't negatively affect my ability to nurse the baby.

    I will offer up more on a daily basis.
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  9. Adoremus

    Adoremus Powers

    This is a good, short talk on preparing for Lent, from Renewal Ministries.

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  10. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    At my parish, hard to see, but desert plants, the cliff, the basin for washing feet, thirty pieces of silver, the crown of thorns, the 3 crosses on Golgotha.
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  11. Mario

    Mario Powers

    Is that the tomb entrance on the bottom left?
  12. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    It might be. I’ll take a closeup this week and repost. People were coming in for Mass and I didn’t want to be disrespectful.
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  13. Jo M

    Jo M Powers

    This is lovely HH. Thanks for sharing. :)
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