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    Lent by Pilgrims of love (Marino Restrepo)

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    A lot of our members have given up the internet for Lent in case anyone was wondering why it was so quiet round here.

    May God Bless them, it would probably kill me giving up the net.;)
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    Yes! The Internet has become my "Link" from Fly-Over Country USA to the Wide-World Beyond. It has become an alternate source for information, discussion, contact with Family/Friends and Faith Building. Sadly though ... like all good things ... it's hated by satan/his useful idiots and they have been working over-time to subvert The Net for their own vile purposes .... 24/7 Vigilance is necessary ... especially for young people!!

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    I think Denis it was Pope St John Paul who talked first about the imprtance of the internet for spreading the Gospel. I get an out for running the forum. :D That's my excuse anyway. :)

    I notice recently people driving their cars and riding bikes while using their smart phones, it really has become an addiction for a lot of people.


    I must say a little prayer that Pope Francis will join the forum, who knows?

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    One of the things I promised myself to do over Lent was to try to find more time to Visit and Spend time with the Blessed Sacrament:)

    With that in view I downloaded a little book to my Kindle.


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    It is basically a series of letter written to a Poor Clare Convent in the USA where people tell their won personal stories of personal experiences with the Eucharist.

    Very readable, I try to read a story or tow before or after mass. One story concerned a lady suffering from depression, a very low opinion of self worth. She called in on a vist to the Blessed Sacrament and had an overwhelming experience of the love of Jesus towards her as a person which pulled her out of the Dark.

    Very touching.
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    I got a chance to call up to visit the Blessed Sacrament just yesterday afternoon. Very brief, very moving. Several people were in the Church, a tiny little gem of place, St Therese's. What touched me was I sptayed very, very briefly, I was nervous about leaving the dog tied up outside in case he got loose. But although I spent only a few brief minutes, it seemed by the overwhelming sense of peace and joy as though I ahd been there hours.

    It reminded me that Jesus can give His graces just as He pleases. The multiplication of loaves.

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    I read this brief blog article today on picking up a crumpled cross- and thought it was a nice reflection


    It got me to thinking about something in my own home that happened a few years ago. My youngest son has learning disabilities and just struggles so much in school. He has to put in twice the time and effort of most other students just to pass tests and grades. It's very frustrating for him and at time he self expresses that he is "dumb" despite our assurances (and IQ) tests that show he is an average student who learns differently. The point of all this is a few years ago after an extremely tough time of studying and my wife and I pushing, he stormed off into his room slamming his door so hard that the Crucifix hanging on his wall fell and the Corpus broke into a few pieces. Of course, my first reaction (and not the right one) was to scold him for his behavior. I was also angry that he caused his Crucifix to break. It was then that I looked into his now watery eyes - a 13 year old boy- who then sobbed. But his crying was not over failed grades or slamming a door - it was that he "broke Jesus". I felt immediately ashamed of myself and thought how awful I was at this moment. Here was my young son so wounded and all I cared for was my feelings. It was a Holy Spirit moment that transformed everything at that instance. I hugged my son and assured him that he didn't mean to break Jesus. In fact, I told him that my reaction was a much worse way if breaking Jesus. We did get a new Crucifix but we also decided to keep the "broken Jesus" and it is on his dresser. It's a visible reminder for us that we do often break Jesus in our sin and humanness. But it's also why he came- to heal our brokenness. I had oftened asked God why did my son have these disabilities and had wanted them to just go away. I now suppose that if he didn't have them, then our Holy Spirit moment would not have happened and we would not have our broken Jesus to gaze upon.
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    God is so full of surprises. He misses nothing.
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    I'd promised myself this Lent to spend more time in front of the Blessed Sacrament but doubted it I would find the time. But God seems to be finding the time for me. On Friday , for instance before mass I got in a good 45 minutes and Confession and A Holy Door Pilgrimage so I can't say bad to that! What a joy!

    The Good Lord gave me two signal graces on my visit , both of them, I believe, linked and a cause of joy.

    I thought had been coming into my mind for quite some time that I was in a permanent state of Mortal sin, because I was never truly sorry for my sins (because I kept repeating them) and that becasue of thsi I was in a state of complete Spiritual Self delusion (including the Mother of God Forum) and that on this account I was destined to go to hell, with great certainty.

    Of course I only gave such thoughts hal and ear but they were persistent. One thought kept them coming and that is that the evil very rarily consider themselves evil, they are self deluded. So of course if I was really in a state of Spiritual Self Delusion I would be the last to know. This thought gave me pause and caused me to hesitate before quelling me fisrt case of what I beleive was a serious dose of scruples.

    However as I was praying the Good Lord spoke to me and in genreal terms this is what He said:

    'Padraig you hear may voices in your heart from all around you. This voice that talks to you of Eternal Damnation is a Dark and Sombre one, but you must listen too to the other voices in your heart. Look at the animals I have made, say the horse and the dog. I gave them al lfour legs so that they might be well balanced and rarely fall. So too it is with the voices in your heart, they must have the blance of all being listend, too, Scriptire, the lives of the saints, the Fathers of the Church, your brothers and sisters in the Faith...and this too wil lgive you balnce against this Dark Voice inside you'.

    So I did so and as I did that whichc was Dark and Sombre became light and joy, like a fresh spring breeze blowing a bad smeel away. Dor that is what it was I saw, with fresh eyes , A deecit of the devil.

    I place this post here for anyone who gets similiarly tempted to despair. To remember God gave us many voices to listen to, not just one. That we have Spiritually four legs for balance.

    I notice for isntance that those who are dying seem to be primarily tempted to despair. So keep this tip handy in the future , you never know when you might need it!

    Listen to the other voices in your heart, not just the Dark one.
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    The second grace came after prayer when I went to the back of the chapel to do the Door of Mercy Pilgrimage. Just when I was finishing it Mari - Lou a member of the forum came up right out of the blue and introduced herslef to me. She had some kind words to say about the forum and the spiritual good it was doing her.

    I realised at once that God had sent another voice in my heart to speak against the Dark One and make sure he ran away.

    God is so good , there are no accidents. Thank you Marie-Lou I believe God sent you up to say, 'Hi'.:)

    '''.as Jesus said, another voice in my heart to listen to.


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    I woke up this morning very tired so lay on in bed looking up at a large picture that hangs there, 'The Vision of John of the Cross', by Salvador Dali.

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    The picture shows Jesus dying on the Corss and His thoughts seem to stream back to His days in Galillee. I wondered to myself if this could be true ? Were Our Lords Last thoughts of Galilee ? Might tehy not rather have been of His childhood and youth in Nazareth? Yet so much of the Gospels revolve round the Sea of Gallillee. fishing there, preaching there, calling the Apostles, preaching to the crowds, in towns and countrysides. So yes Gallillee looks like a good bet.

    Matthew 4:15

    Jesus Begins His Ministry

    Then the though occured to me, looking back on my own life what and where are most important to me? What will I recall as I die? All my memories I think turn into shaodwos and dusts but those linked to God and the things of God. The times when I went to mass, the times I recieved the Eucharist and went to confession, the hours of prayer, the Baptisms, the amrriages, the times when Christ was close.

    All else is dust, just so much dust. For Christ is my Gallilee.


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    When I have those similar thoughts of despair, I grab hold of my scapular and tell the Blessed Mother to help me and to drag me to heaven by my scapular if she must.
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    Our Lord suffered in the garden.

    I have often struggled in the 'garden of doubt'. But I have come to accept doubt as part of the journey.

    I still believe despite the doubt.
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    I was walking tonight through the park and noticed how often my thoughts strayed from God to nonsense. Like sheep they wondered and like a shepherd I brought them back to lie at God's Feet.

    I wish all my thoughts were of God, that my every heart beat was a prayer, my every breath an act of love.

    But though it is not so and will not be so till heaven the trying to make it so makes it feel like heaven already.
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    In the morning offering, one can consecrate all thoughts, words, and actions to the Lord as so many acts of love. You can add all involuntary bodily functions in union with those of our Lord and Lady and that in effect will make every moment sanctified.
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    God made us all Human with all the imperfections built in ... wandering and wondering minds too. If Human minds did not wander and wonder than I suppose we would all still be living in caves and hunting-n-gathering. I've thought for a long time that The Lord should have fired His Human Design Team :LOL:
    Let's Pray that it will all be as it's supposed to be when we depart this "Vale of Tears"!

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