Leaving tonight for Trump rally tomorrow

Discussion in 'The Spirit of the USA' started by Claves.Sancti.Petri, Jan 5, 2021.

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    Truth, Dolours.
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    There was something odd tonight. At about 5:20 pm my husband and I drove up to the grocery store to get a rotisserie chicken. The parking lot was jammed with cars. I was disheartened, expecting long lines inside. However, there were only a few people shopping in the store and no lines. I was in the self-check with only one other shopper. I live close enough to DC to wonder if those cars belonged to people who were at the rally and had shared rides into the city. Very odd.
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    The other pics aren't uploading due to image size.

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    They guy on the left of the photo has an antifa tattoo on his hand. Assuming it's genuine. Trump supporters don't look like freakshows. Does anyone know the numbers who attended the rally? I watched part of it and it was completely peaceful. People chatting and dancing to the music. Some had brought their children.
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    HH I'm sure you are right.....
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    Apocrypha says that the resin offered by Kings to Jesus Child had 3 Marias on the Ressurection morning for balsaming the beloved Body.

    Nowadays you can use for smudging some herbs but aroma is not this same :)

    Smudging has large history in Old Testament and symbolically is equall to pray and consecration.
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    It's all over for us in the U.S., but it sure feels good to hear the truth spoken in this congressman's speech
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    I agree with you, Purple flower. It is over for the US as we know it. Things will get worse to the point of the tribulation. I know I have one Protestant friend who I've known for about 20 years who also believes that we are on the border of those days. We must pray, read God's word and obey him above all others. If it comes down to obey God or man, I know where I want to be. I only pray for the strength to hold tight to God and obey him in all things. I still feel so weak in the faith, but after almost 24 years of being a Catholic, I know I'm in the Church God wants me to be in. There is so much more here than in the Protestant churches. Each of them lacks something, and only the Catholic Church has the "fullness of truth." Our days are numbered, but God's never will be.
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    It seems the guy in the horned hat is a well known Q Anon supporter and goes by the name Q Shaman.
    Lin Wood tweeted a photo of the guy and said he was with Antifa to which he responded:
    "Mr. Wood. I am not antifa or blm," Angeli’s tweet said. "I'm a Qanon & digital soldier. My name is Jake & I marched with the police & fought against BLM & ANTIFA in PHX."
    (Quote from Politifact.com)

    It's getting increasingly hard to know who's telling the truth or what their agenda is.
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    It's virtually impossible and TBH I think its not wise to saddle up with either side no matter how appealing it might be.
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    Hmm. Well I stand by my original feeling that there's something demonic about him. I looked into Q months ago and very quickly realized whoever was behind it has been stringing their loyal followers along with lies and intrigue. The following is cultlike, with both Q and Trump nearly worshipped like idols.

    What a mess all of this is, on both sides. I feel that the majority of the public has so little regular prayer in their life, so little true connection with Christ, that they are putting their hopes and trust in men, on either side. I've been guilty of it as well! It leaves you feeling demoralized, because men are so easily deceived and so easily deceive others. Evil has infiltrated us at all levels, not just the high ones. I think it's time we stop fearing and blaming the deep state and politicians and focus instead on our souls, our relationship with Christ, and our forgiveness and love for others. Perhaps we'll feel a bit more like we're standing on solid ground instead of the shifting sands of the world.
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    Horned hats and shamans are demonic.
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    This has all gone very weird. Someone rexommeded that I watch the Rubin Report on Youtube. I don't know who Rubin is and I didn't recognise any of his three guests but if what they talked about is true, free speech in the US is no more.. Given the kind of influence the tech billionaires have, that's probably the case for the rest of the world too. The guests were listing people who have had their social media accounts removed and they were talking about travel bans on Trump supporters. What kind of crazy is that?

    As a matter of interest, if Google and Apple refuse to host websites or facilities like Parler, is there an alternative? While they appear to be all powerful on the internet and seem to be snuffing out all voices that don't echo the Democratic Party line, they surely can't own the internet. So what options are out there for people to whom faith and family are the basis of a stable society?
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    Why can't they own the internet? They own everything else, or they know who does. :(
    You are right, Dolours, and I agree with you. Parler was supposed to be the option. It seems to me that doors are closing.
    Circle the wagons. We are surrounded. :eek:
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    But they can't own the internet. Sure, they can own the servers they call "the cloud" but they can't own the fibre optic cable or the satellites which, to my extremely limited knowledge, are the means by which the internet is made possible.
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    He's an actor, Jake Angeli, according to this,
    The Viking Guy Who Entered Capitol Is Actor, Took Picture With Pelosi's Son-In-Law And He Not On MAGA's Most Wanted FBI List (Photos) – Right Journalism

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    I am extremely limited in my knowledge as well. But the platforms are owned...such as instagram, facebook, twitter. And we are outnumbered.
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