Leaving Sodom.

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    "Then the Lord rained brimstone and fire on Sodom and Gomorrah, from the Lord out of the heavens" Genesis 19:24. "Turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes, condemned them to destruction, making them an example to those who afterward would live ungodly" II Peter 2:6.

    I was praying about something we were written about on another thread. About the need for places of refuge where we might flee to when the Tribulation starts....and I thought of the Scriptural story of the destruction of Sodom. Recnelty archeologists have visited the site and in fact have turned up hard historical evidence that cites in the region were in fact destroyed by fire and brimstone and their remains are actually preserved inside it.

    But in the story of Sodom I think there are afew things we can notice. FIrstly the town had given itself over to a perverted homosexual lifestyle. Not only this they seem to have taken up the practise of aggressive mob rape. Not only this but they broke yet another of God's laws that reqired them to be kind and welcoming to the alien and guest. On top of this it seems there was pretty well no one in the town who had not joined the ranks of the wicked.So we see a situation where wickedness is piled on wickedness on top of wickedness; it had, if you like reached the fullness of its growth before God cut if off. Its time had come.

    I think we can transcibe this to our modern Western World where sexual immorality is not only practised, but has become accepted as normal behavior and those who do not subscribe are regarded as abnormal bigots...or to put it another way, wickedness is being piled on wickedness and it is fast coming to its full bloom.

    The Tribulation will be different though than anything that has gone bfore in that the whole and entire world will be struck during it, no one and nothing will escape being touched in an incredible and very deep way by it. Even the flood at the time of Noah archeologists tell us , huge though it was did not encompass the whole world.

    But I think as Our Lady pointed out at Fatima certain nations and regions will be annihilated, including by fire sent from heaven. I think that if we wanted to know where these areas are we have only to aks in which areas evil has come to full bloom and it is these areas that will be hit hardest.

    So yes, as the angels were sent to take the righteous from Sodom I think there may well, at the very least prayerful urgings in the futre to leave certain areas before they are destryed. For instance I know prayerfully by own city of Belfast will be destroyed by a huge incoming wave from the sea at night time in the future for I witnessed this in a dream from the air on several occasions. This being so I know that many , many coastal cities in Europe, such as Amsterdam and London will be destroyed by the same wave , as will , I suspect, the Eastern sea board of the USA. But I do not believe I will be here in Belfast, when this happens.

    But I do like to believe that , like Lot at Sodom many of the good will be saved by being warned in advance, at least I hope so. However Catholic Prophesy has stated on many occasions that, 'the good will persih long with the bad'. This must, to an extent be true as it is mentioned as such in the Book of Revelations.

    I think when we walk many modern cities we can get this feeling that there days are numbered. When I was in Amsterdam in the Netherlands I was overwhelmed with a snese of evil and definite convistion that I was witnessing the final days of a great city, the same when I was in Rome, Berlin and London; you could just feel it.

    When I was in Chicago for instance from a high building I saw the whole city in prayer covered by water. Funnily enough when I described this a gentleman, a complete stranger and a native of the city he simply smiled sadly and said, 'I'm not surprised we have it coming'
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    Our Lady appears usually in remote and hilly areas - places to be when the fire falls or the tsunamis come!

    But we have a few years left of grace and I am reminded to use it well to convert as fully as possible.

    Also we will have had the warning, the miracle & permanent signs before the chastisement - this will give us added time to get
    close to the Lord and listen to what he wants of us. I suspect after the warning Christians will get together and perhaps we will
    see Christian communities formed?
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    I'm not sure of that, garabandal. Mary is forming us to be apostles. This demands more of us than to simply be sustained; rather, it is to lead and to be like Paul: poured out like a libation. There will be so many needing loving concern and instruction.

    A few months ago my two teenagers put a bunch of snapping turtle eggs in a bucket covered with sand. Well, they started hatching a few days ago, so we took them to a nearby swampy area. Most of them seemed exhausted by the mere effort of breaking free from their shells. Their instinct failed to direct them into the safety of the swamp. There was one, however, which we named Bilbo. He struggled free and made a beeline for the water, as if to say, "Come on, guys, follow me!" After the Warning we will all have to be Bilbos for the sake of others! :D

    Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
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    Here Here, Mario!!! Shout it from the hilltops!

    And right now, we are all being called to be those apostles, to spread Mary's message. How that happens for each of us is up to God and Mary.

    Speaking of that, I am being led right now! Remember when I mentioned that a little prayer group asked my mom and I to talk about our trip to Medjugorje? Well, it went off well, though there were only 3 people there that day. I made a slide show and we took some books and magazines. Of the three people, one woman reminded me of myself when I first started absorbing everything I could get my hands on about Medjugorje (before I ever even considered that I would actually go there someday). I felt that perhaps she was the one who needed to hear our message that day. If you make a difference to one person, if you perhaps become their "alarm clock". then as I said to my mom, we have done what Mary needed us to do, perhaps, just by reaching this one person.

    Um, yeah, sure, that was it...well, I guess I figured it out, but Mary wasn't quite done with us yet......

    That same woman happens to also belong the church's Marian Society, and she asked us if we might be willing to do our talk for them also. Well, she has already made that happen, and we now have a presentation set up with the Marian society on Oct. 14! She has also invited the Marian groups from the other two churches in town...so this presentation will probably have over 30 people, and at least two priests in attendance! Yikes! My mom is really nervous (me too). So, she WAS the one who needed to hear us...not just because she needs to go to Medjugorje though, but because she has connections!

    Okay, Mary, we are in your hands, and at your feet......Holy Spirit, help us to get it right...Please? :oops:
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    I was wondering today, MC about baby baby Adam going for the tests?

    How he got on? :? :?
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    Thank you for posting your reflections Padraig, and starting this thread. You seem to get such great insights from prayer. I guess I must work on my prayer, as rarely does it seem anything is revealed to me. I've tried praying on your icons, asking for the grace of insight, but not much seems to come of it. Can I ask, how do you "pray on something"? Do thoughts come in your head as you do a rosary, or you just feel in your heart something is true? Any tips for improving prayer would be appreciated. I mainly do a rosary and / or divine mercy chaplet and sometimes the prayer to Our Lady of America.

    I thought your insights were very interesting. I will try my very best to be in tune with my guardian angel and Our Lady when the tribulation starts so I will know where to go. I read a long time ago on CNN that rocks on the Canary Islands could fall into the ocean and cause a super tidal wave into the eastern US, impacting Europe too. It was a time I was into what the Medjugorje secrets could be, and after reading that, I always thought it could happen. Your dream of Belfast makes me think of it again. Links to articles are below. I am sure I am and will be where God wants me to be, and I will continue praying for His continual guidence.

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    I am runshing off to catch a plane to see the Pope in England PC, but I'll post when I get back.

    I see their may have been a plot to kill the Holy Father:.

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    I hope you have a wonderful experience at the beautification!

    THANK YOU so much for thinking of Adam! Actually he has yet to get to the neurologist! It is exasporating, but now the appintment is NEXT wednesday! The primary doctor didn't get the referral ready in time for the first appt. then they got bumped, and so now they have the referral and an appt for September 22. I told my son, there are are a lot of prayers out there now for him because every wednesday I think they're going, and then they don't, so I guess to look on the bright side, more time for prayer...but it is frustrating not knowing for sure. I must say though, it looks as if he does have one suture fusion across the top because he has a ridge there, and it hasn't gone down since his birth. The rest of his head looks good, but he still does have the ridge, and it shouldn't be prominent anymore. But I'm still praying! And if he must have surgery, I pray that it is not the most invasive one where they cut a zigzag all the way across the top of his head! That is so scary to think about!

    Here is a recent little pic of Adam and his little smile, he is SO CUTE and HAPPY!!! I hope he doesn't have to go through all that pain. I keep asking Mary to cover his little head in her mantle,and I keep asking the angels to rub his little head to soften it back up for him...

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    Awe! He's a cutie. What a great smile!
    Prayers for him.
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    How is little Michael, Kathleen?
  11. Kathleen

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    My little angel is good so far. They are coming north in a few weeks so we may get a more detailed update then. Thanks for asking!

    My dad is going to have a spinal tap on Tuesday. If you all don't mind saying a prayer for good results I'd be so greatful.

    Pray, pray, pray
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    This article ranks the most 'homosexual cities' in America. History teaches us that such places always face the judgement of God either by natural disasters or supernaturally by the hand of God. The pre-eminence of a 'homosexual sub-culture' in many cities is one of the pre-eminent signs of the impending collapse of Western civilization. No civilization has survived in previous centuries/millenia that tolerated such sins:

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    Better stear clear of there. I truly believe that areas like that will be destroyed. How sad for them that they are so blinded by their own sin.

    Pray, pray, pray
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    Sante Fe and Minniapolis! I never would've guessed these would be the top two! Interesting.

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