King David; Richard Gere

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    Very good movie on Amazon Prime. To my surprise very scriptural.:)


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    Always glad for a good movie!
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    I love King David so much. So human and therefore so cheering a person.

    On the one hand we get a superb reference from God in Scripture,

    'A man after God's own Heart'.

    Just imagine if people could say such a thing about us how happy and proud we might be.:)

    A little shepherd in the hills who like to compose and write little hymns of praise to God. Like so many visionaries who met Our Lady in the Hills of Mountains of this world. Too when we describe Mary and the Coming of the Lord we say, 'Of the Root of Jesse and the line of David. Imagine that.

    Yet on the other hand he was a murderer and an Adulterer and Thief of the very worst sort.

    Truly a very great sinner indeed.

    Yet saints are not people who never fall. Saints are people who fall down and then get up.

    King David reminds me of this so much.


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