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    We know of other races portraying Christ as looking like them.

    We have Black Madonnas.

    I think of the Episcopal parish (American CoE) I attended from 2006 to 2009.

    The depictions of Moses, Christ with lambs, and St. John the Baptist, in gorgeous stained glass panels above the pretty altar, are all light Brown skinned towards White.

    I remember sitting at front, adoring those panels so elegant above that lovely altar.

    I'd have adored BROWN figures (more historically accurate) too.

    Now they might be replaced?? o_O

    Those panels must've cost $1,500 each besides.

    I'll never step foot inside that parish again (barring wedding or funeral [either is doubtful]).

    Would not surprise me if enough people of that parish get all excited to yank those panels and replace with motifs of lilies and sheep (oh wait...both are WHITE. Nope, rethink! Rethink!).

    Very tempted to write its rector a note, asking if various trivial issues & petty hatreds roiling some folks back then were really such a big deal. :whistle::p

    Come to think of it, a former priest friend is now -- once again -- a TEC priest. He broke with the TEC over Gay marriage in 2007. Some time since, he has been re-ordained as a TEC priest. (n) Now he faces THIS.

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