June 18, 2014 - Joey Lomangino has passed away.

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Glenn, Jun 19, 2014.

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  1. Elisa

    Elisa Powers

    Spirit Daily (http://www.spiritdaily.com/lomangino.htm) says the following:

    Conchita said, "Concerning Joey, the only thing I remember now is that the Blessed Virgin said to me that at the moment of the Miracle Joey will have new eyes, and he will see permanently after that," might that have pertained to new eyes in Heaven ?
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  2. padraig

    padraig Powers

    I am sorry Elisa I don't find that argument altogether reasonable.

    Now suppose I was to say that Our Lady told me that there was to be a great war in, say, France next year. Now next year rolls round and lo and behold no war materialises. You are concerned about it and ask me why nothing has happened. I then tell you I meant a spiritual unseen war in the heavens over France between angels and demons. ..and that such a war in fact had taken place.

    You catch my drift? If I use that kind of argument I could justify pretty well anything. ;)

    On the other hand if I had specifically said 'There will be a spiritual war in the heavens over France next year ', well that would be different.

    In the same way if Conchita had said Joey's eyes will be healed in heaven, well that would have been fine. But this is not what was said.

    But in either case everyone's eyes will be healed in heaven, we will have new bodies. Why would Our Blessed Mother say something so trite?

    But anyway you may not have noticed my previous post , I wish there to be no discussion of this till the Feast of the Assumption to give a decent period after Joey's passing.

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  3. Elisa

    Elisa Powers

    Hi Padraig, I just put that post there in order to add another reflection to all the other reflections already posted. I do not presume to have the slightest knowledge of the meaning of the passing away of Joey with respect to what Our Lady said or not said.
    I did not understand by your message that we were not allowed anymore to speak in favor of Garabandal in this thread (as Glenn and many others continue to do in this thread). I thought it was only forbidden to attack Garabandal, as you said it yourself: "Perhaps we could leave of critique on Garabandal till after the Feast of the Assumption". And I do not critique Garabandal but I defend it. Anyway, I keep my mouth shot. We do live in confusing times....:(
  4. Andy3

    Andy3 Powers

    The told you so's always love when they get to say it despite the fact that they could be wrong yet still. I feel it is pointless to debate in who is right or wrong in these matters because they do not add or take away anything from our faith and beliefs which Jesus left us, His church. If one wants to say told you so then it is for their own pride and doubts. We will all know the truth when the warning happens or if not then when we are before the judgement seat of The Lord. Until then we must persevere in our prayer life and faith for far too many in the world do not and they need us who do.

    We lost one of these great faithful souls so we need to pick up the slack now left by Joey in the world. We lost a brother but gained a saint!!
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  5. jerry

    jerry Guest

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  6. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

  7. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    For those who don't already know why I was so close to Joey, it goes far beyond just working with him.I first heard about Garabandal through an Aunt of mine Angelina Glass,who lived in Lindenhurst, NY and was in the same Parish as Joey Lomangino ( Our Lady of Perpetual Help ). She was having Joey over to her house to do a talk about Garabandal and also a chance to see and venerate the medal Joey had that was kissed by the Blessed Mother. The reason I was there as a 13 year old was I had a bone disease in my legs. My Grandmother ( who was truly a living saint ) was praying for my miraculous healing, was a huge believer in Padre Pio, and I heard he was connected to and approved this apparition apostolate.
    I listened to Joey and kissed the medal. Two weeks later, after another x-ray, astonished doctors, said the disease was completely gone ! So I was certainly surprised and grateful to my Grandmother for her prayers to Padre Pio ( never really understand the meaning of kissing the medal at that time as a boy.)
    20 years later, a friend asked me to go to a prayer meeting and talk by some blind guy in Lindenhurst, who had a link to the Blessed Mother and Padre Pio. I figured , My family always had a devotion to Mary and Padre Pio, so why not ? Well to my surprise I walked in and see this blind guy ( Joey ) and I’m shocked because I remember seeing him 20 years earlier ! He's got a face you can't forget, you know ,lol.
    After the meeting at the NY Center, I offered to help out making rosaries, and doing mailings of the video ( at that time ,and later the DVD ). After meeting Joey a couple of times, he saw I was not a shy person ,lol, and so he asked me to be the Public Relations Director, which was a huge honor, and I gladly excepted. I mainly concentrated on doing talks and showing the video, and answering questions afterwards at any place or church that would have me. Heaven somehow implanted the idea in my empty head to try and get the video on tv. After all the major networks turned me down, I targeted Mother Angelica's EWTN live show. I called and wrote the President Bill Steltemier for 6 months straight relentlessly ! He finally caved in, probably figured it was easier to put Joey on one time and get rid of me for good, lol. Well, that show was the highest rated show they ever had ,and Joey & Mother Angelica had such good chemistry, we were asked back again, and again. That show caused the video to explode in the USA, and then we were asked to talk everywhere.

    Sometimes in life you don't realize how special a moment is ,until much later. How I treasured my days with Joey and the private lessons he taught me, and God knows he had his hands full with me and my personality , but he always did it with grace, compassion, and humor. I truly am blessed tohave known Joey ,his family & Conchita and her family.
  8. padraig

    padraig Powers

    Some people are like golden steps helping us to heaven. What a joy to have such a friend. I remember one French writer wrote that we are very blessed if we have two or three people in our whole lives we can call friend. Young people use the word, 'Friend' much too easily.

    It has been so good to hear about Joey on the forum, I feel I have gotten to know him a little better.

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if, when we die people would say wonderful things about us in the same way?

    The death of the just is truly a joy, a cause for celebration , rather than tears.

    My child, when you come to serve the Lord,

    prepare yourself for trials.

    Be sincere of heart and steadfast,

    and do not be impetuous in time of adversity.

    Cling to him,

    do not leave him,

    that you may prosper in your last days.

    Accept whatever happens to you;

    in periods of humiliation be patient.

    For in fire gold is tested,

    and the chosen,

    in the crucible of humiliation.

    Trust in God, and he will help you;

    make your ways straight and hope in him.

    You that fear the Lord,

    wait for his mercy,

    do not stray lest you fall.

    You that fear the Lord, trust in him,

    and your reward will not be lost.

    You that fear the LORD,

    hope for good things,

    for lasting joy and mercy.

    Consider the generations long past and see:

    has anyone trusted in the Lord

    and been disappointed?

    Has anyone persevered in his fear and been forsaken?

    Has anyone called upon him and been ignored?

    For the Lord is compassionate and merciful;

    forgives sins and saves in time of trouble.


  9. Elisa

    Elisa Powers

    When I was in Italy, the mystic told us that people in heaven are sad when we forget them, and many people on earth do forget them after a while, as if they do not exist anymore. The mystic told me that God teaches us not to forget them, not in prayer and not in thinking, because they want that communion with us, who are still on earth, because they are still the same in heaven as when they were on earth, with the same characters and the same feelings. They know our thoughts and feelings.
  10. Rose187

    Rose187 New Member

    I am so heartbroken over this and still in shock. Glen, I am sorry for your pain and yet grateful to have found this site. I disagree with Jose. The death of such a faith filled man who served Our Lady his entire life does not at all waiver my faith and or belief in Garabandal.It yet enhances my belief that something big is going to happen soon.All the fruits are genuine and many conversions have taken place thanks to Joey promoting and teaching people about these messages. I highly doubt all of Joeys work was for something that would be in the end defined as an untrue apparition. Foe those who shall now decide not to believe, that is their loss, I believe. I do not know of any other prophecy related to Garabandal that has not come true.
  11. Jon

    Jon Archangels

    This interpretation above seems potentially correct. If the quoted lines are accurate, maybe it has been incorrectly interpreted as a prophecy about "new eyes" since the beginning. Maybe it was always about "you" (as in "all") "will see" the full revelation of Mary's role, on the day of the Miracle.

    I have heard it interpreted many times, maybe even by Joey himself, as a prophecy about receiving "new eyes". But I don't see any such words about "new eyes" in the "two lines" directly quoted from Conchita's letter.
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  12. How does this tie in with Rev 21:4? Just wondering :)
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  13. little me

    little me Archangels

    I would steer clear of that 'mystic'.
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    LANDEL JOSEPH New Member

    Dear Glenn, I know you do not know me, nor does the conheço.Mas, know your friendship for Joey by Conchita and I know of your great faith in Garabandal. I convey my sincere and deepest condolences to you, my dear friend and brother in faith. Please convey my regrets, my most sincere condolences and deep feelings and posthumously to the family of Joseph John Lomangino, to Conchita Gonzaléz Keena (also by the recent loss of her husband Patrick). I mean you and Conchita I'm with you and you can count on my full and unqualified support to carry out the end of the Message of Our Lady of Mount Carmel de Garabandal. I am available for any future contact, whether personal or not. I'm from Brazil and through my website: http://oprofetamundial.googlepages.com (please visit the page and see if much of what is written there about Garabandal Conchita and finally if all that is posted here is in agreement therefore many things are spoken about the Garabandal often and most times, I and all who have not had direct contact with the girls of Garabandal, only heard and read through the stories and speculations that were being said over those more than 50 years since the apparitions and like me, everyone would like to be informed about many obscure points and they often have dubious and erroneous interpretations. For anything, any questions, clarifications or information, you can contact me personally via E-Mail: oprofetamundial@gmail.com). Through the pages of my site, now I come to about two years, pushing myself being devoted to the publication, the propagation and dissemination of Prophecies and the Message of Garabandal. I want you to feel comfortable to come to Brazil, if God so wills, we met and talked, or even, God and Our Lady of Mount Carmel you want it, so I go to New York, but to San Sebastian Garabandal, either before or even the day of the Great Miracle.

    I'm still very appalled and saddened by the passing of Joey, a faithful apostle of Our Lady of Mount Carmel de Garabandal. But since yesterday, and also today, reading all the posts, I understand better the meaning of the Prophecy of the Virgin of Carmel in Garabandal, concerning the promise that with the Great Miracle, God would give Joey new eyes, with whom he would spend the truly see, not with physical eyes, but rather with the eyes of soul, with which, surely he will be enjoying together the faithful few who still remain and that will be present on the day of the Great Miracle at San Sebastian de Garabandal very soon. In fact, the Miracle refers not only to the presence of such divine and supernatural phenomenon that occurs in the very near future, but the real miracle, but this happens at the time of our death, with which we come to see the "Truth "Unique and Insusbstituível, who is able to see with the eye of Soul. I believe with complete conviction that Joey saw the Miracle two hours before he died, just as the Father Luis Maria Andreu and Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, who like the two priests of the Lord Santos, Joey Lomangino can not continue living in this world, therefore, for this, first he, like Father Andreu and Padre Pio would have to have the experience of Notice (or notification) that God sends into the world to prepare for the Great Miracle of Grace, because otherwise, we're all that still alive on this earth on the Day of Big Miracle (in its semi-face basis), suportaríamos not, all of us, even vislumbrarmos a minute that is the blinding light of the Glory of God, Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and all the Saints and Angels of Heaven, the same that will be revealed in the Day of Miracles, which will inexorably and exactly seven days (one week) after the notice, because the Day of the Great Miracle at Garabandal, who are present there summer fashion Classroom Miracle and the rest of the world, experience the Semi-Face form thereof Miracle, as well as the experienced Father Andreu, Padre Pio and now our beloved Joey. Everyone should know that in the day of notice, our consciousness will be illuminated and corrected and our sins will be revealed in the light of God and see them as God sees them, and those minutes of immobility of matter, we have only one attitude: " WE CONFESS AND ASK GOD FOR FORGIVENESS TO ALL OUR SINS. " After the experience of the notice, then come to us all the Great Miracle, as a second and final chance for those who have not decided on notice that they are with God or Satan, and the Day of Big Miracle, on the Column Knowledge of Good and Evil (The Sign of the Miracle) eventually will be asked those undecided, "whom you would follow: TO GOD OR THE DEVIL", and finally made your final choice, there will be no turning back , and so will definitely be decreed your sentence: "HEAVEN OR HELL" ETERNAL LIFE OR ETERNAL CONTEMPT.

    The Luminous Spring of God's Love, Jesus and Mary, can illuminate our souls and our consciences so that we can only tell the truth and follow the Path of Truth and Wisdom from on high, and that this infinite Light of Truth can keep us in touch with the Alma Joey, now is certainly praying for all of us, next to St. Padre Pio, the Holy Father Luiz Andreu, the Virgin Mother of Heaven with Jesus and all the saints and angels, that we can all be saved before the Great Chastisement and Punishment of God to the world, which apparently will be inevitable, because the sins of humanity surpassed Cup of Heaven, and after the Warning and the Miracle, the Chastisement is Imminent!

    Landel Joseph - The World Prophet

    See: http://oprofetamundial.googlepages.com
  15. jose

    jose Angels

    This is exactly the point. We can adjust the prophecies to fit and justify everything. On the other side, if what the Virgin said was not due to happen as we all understood before, that Joey will get new real eyes the day of the miracle, then it was not a prophecy at all. But what is the sin of it then? The same happened witht the uncorrupted body of Fr. Luis and that P.Pio would see the miracle. Prophecies that were not fulfilled. That's all.

    LANDEL JOSEPH New Member

    We should not be misled by what we read. We do not know what the true purposes of God, as often God writes straight with crooked lines. I firmly believe, because my faith allows me well, that between what was revealed by Conchita; which is the same as was prophesied by Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Garabandal, and the recent passing of Joey, there is the will of God, with which no one can, let alone us mere mortals. And if God wanted Joey to leave this world without witness the Day of Miracle, is because He has some good reason for this. Who knows, this reason is not to test our faith, before the Warning and Miracle therefore come when the Warning and the Miracle of God for the whole world, what more need be, other than "Faith" in God and what God makes. Do not forget that only God performs miracles, for with God nothing is impossible, and it can only believe those who have "Faith". If the Virgin of Carmel said the body of Father Luiz Andreu, to be dug up, one day after the Great Miracle, will be found incorrupt, then, believe that the coffin will be reopened and the body of Father Andreu will be found incorrupt, even if the be opened ahead of time, his body was found in a state of putrefaction. After all, who but God could perform such a miracle!

    As for Joey and his new eyes, the "Thomases" who do not believe in it and have not had enough time to understand the true meaning of the prophecy, Faith can only expect them to Miracle Day they see with their own eyes what only God with all His Power and Glory can do.
  17. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    Seriously Jose, you said " The same happened witht the uncorrupted body of Fr. Luis and that P.Pio would see the miracle. Prophecies that were not fulfilled. That's all. ". Those were CLEARLY not unfulfilled. The promise of Fr. Luis's body said "exactly "the day AFTER the Miracle" , so how is that unfulfilled ? A nd as for Padre Pio, you discount one of his closest friends testimony ?? That is NOT adjusting, that is explaning the truth, whether you believe it or not.
    BTW, thanks for soiling this page with your post and disregarding Padraig's request to NOT post any anti - garabandal arguments for a while,out of respect for Joey.
  18. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    Joey's wake.
    Well it truly is a blessing today to see a truly "Catholic faith filled" wake. What I mean by that is, ofcourse the circumstances are sad , there will only be ONE Joey Lomangino, his life is a shining example of what would we should try to obtain. BUT among the tears , there was GREAT JOY AND LAUGHTER ! YES , JOEY IS IN HEAVEN, and if we truly believe in our faith we must have joy at these times too. We also have a new advocate to pray to in times of need. His immediate family were all smiles and his extended family of relatives are just the sweetest people,who came from all over the country to honor Joey. Many of us swapped our favorite stories of Joey , which ran the gamut from spiritual to humorous, one story better than the next. It was impossible to hold back the tears ,kneeling over his coffin,but in the midst of the sadness, there was a smile as I remember all the wonderful times we shared, and how much this man taught me, and influenced my life. I am eternally grateful . I thought to myself (as I touched his arm for the last time) isn't it amazing how one blind man, with the help and faith in God and our Blessed Mother's , changed so many lives ,and the world. God bless you Joey, your spirit lives on in all of us forever !
  19. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels

    I had day surgery, been away from the news and just this afternoon read of Joey's death! I am so sorry for your loss but very happy for Joey.
    A couple of weeks ago I was thinking of his health and thought "if Joey goes soon, I will still believe."
    Grateful for your strengthening my devotion to Garabandal.
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  20. Alessandro

    Alessandro New Member

    I'm Italian, so sorry for my bad English....

    At first, I would like to express my most sincere condolences to all Joey's family and friends.

    Then I want to say a thing to all people that attack Garabandal only because Joey Lomangino has passed away:

    1. Padre Pio firmly belived in Garabandal. And Joey was Padre Pio's beloved son. We are not greater then Padre Pio.

    2. The fact that Joey Lomangino has died before the great miracle is not a sufficient reason to say that the apparition of Garabandal are false!
    The certain proof that the apparitions are true or false is THE GREAT MIRACLE. And The Church knows the date of the Great Miracle!
    So it will be very easy decide if the apparition af Garabandal are false or true after the date of the great miracle will be passed!!

    3. Don't forget what happened with St. Faustina Kowalska!! Jesus promise St. Faustina she would assist to the institution of the Feast of Divine Mercy!!
    St. Faustina died in 1938!! And the Feast of Divine Mercy was institued in 2000!!

    She has assisted to the institution of the Feast!! But from the Haeven!
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