June 18, 2014 - Joey Lomangino has passed away.

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Glenn, Jun 19, 2014.

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  1. Niklas

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    Lord, now you let your servant go in peace;
    Your word has been fulfilled.
    My eyes have seen the salvation
    You have prepared in the sight of every people,
    A light to reveal you to the nations and the glory of your people, Israel.
    - Luke 2:29-32
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  2. andree

    andree Powers

    This is a shock indeed Glenn, I will pray for Joey and his family, for you, and for the continued good work of the center and for all who work for Our Lady and for Garabandal. The date of Joey's death is important and I feel joy knowing God called to Himself His servant on a date so relevant to Garabandal and to Joey's mission on earth.
  3. Aviso

    Aviso Guest

    My friend Jose, I miss you, how is our good friend Janice, do you have any news from her, I miss her as well but you are right today but tomorrow who knows, if I remember you were Spanish, if it's the case and if my memory is still good, so please let me congratulate you for the New King since yesterday June 18, blessed is the land of Spain and may all the Mothers of Spain be close to their children for always, today as tomorrow.

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  4. Torrentum

    Torrentum Guest

    Condolences. Very sad news. Like Padraig, I'm believing in Garabandal today more than ever. I think Joeys passing is a VALIDATION of our belief in Garabandal; we were all warned that our belief in Garabandal would be severely tested. To tepid believers - what bigger test is there than this? But as a ferverant believer, I see this as validation of the Garabandal story and a great sign to prepare with urgency. Events are approaching like a speeding train. Thank you Glenn for your tireless work - God bless you
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  5. Miriam

    Miriam Archangels

    So sorry for your loss Glenn, sincere sympathy to all Joey's family and all who knew him. I still believe in Garabandal, it may be that the warning and the miracle is fast approaching. Rest In Peace Joey.
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  6. maryrose

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    I am shocked but strangely I still await the warning and the miracle. Garabandal changed my life also and I look around at all my friends and family who never believed in Garabandal and they have all drifted from the practice of their faith so I still await the fulfillment. No doubt this will have an enormous affect on many people but I look forward to being at Garabandal on the great day. Glenn I offer you my condolences on having lost such a dear friend and I will include you all in my prayers. Gods ways are not our ways. We must trust.
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  7. PotatoSack

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    I'm sorry Glenn. Prayers for you and all involved.
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  8. Elisa

    Elisa Powers

    I do not agree at all. Never forget what Padre Pio said about Garabandal: that it is true. We often misinterpret things. Think about what is said that something will happen that many will not believe anymore in Garabandal. Consider also the many good fruits of Garabandal and then you know it is true. Look at Conchita and her life and how saintly she lives and speaks.
    All my sympathy goes to Glenn and of course to those who where close to him. Separation from a friend gives a lot of pain in the heart but we have to concentrate on the fact that we all have to leave for Heaven. It is just a matter of time and to fulfill our tasks on earth. And then: up we go to that Marvelous Place that Jesus prepared for us: our Home where we will have a big eternal party all together with Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the saints, the angels and all our beloved ones. A guardian angel said (in the book "Les dictées de l'ange) that those who lost a beloved person receive in fact a great grace because the lack of a close one is recompensed in Heaven. I am just coming back from a three day pilgrimage to Italy where Mirella Pizzioli sees souls and receives beautiful messages from them. They live.
    Courage Glenn. Joey will help you.
  9. Elisa

    Elisa Powers

    The most important is not the prophecies but the MESSAGE and the need to COMPLY.

    WHAT IS GARABANDAL?: The most important is not the prophecies but the MESSAGE and the need to COMPLY..


    Lecture given by the Garabandal Spanish diffuser D. Jose Luis Lopez de San Roman in the city of Huesca (Spain) where he refers to the prophecies in the apparitions of Garabandal:

    "The Warning, the Miracle and the Punishment"

    [​IMG] See text and video Conference in SPANISH: www.virgendegarabandal.com/conferencia_jose_luis.htm

    Jose Luis has been spreading the news about the apparitions of Garabandal in Spain since 1968. He has met and talked many times with the visionaries.

    In this lecture, José Luís reveals what he heard directly from the visionaries.

    He begins saying that the most important is not the prophecies but the MESSAGE and the need to COMPLY.


    José Luís with Conchita in N.Y. / with Mari Loli / with Jacinta / with Conchita in Garabandal
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  10. Elisa

    Elisa Powers

    Some excerpts from the words of José Luís in the video:

    . We must build on what it has already happened to believe that the Blessed. Virgin has appeared in Garabandal.

    . It was said that Garabandal was a "girls game", and yes, it is true, but a girls game with our Most Blessed Lady, because they played with Our Lady also.

    . I do not understand the desire to deny and destroy the apparitions of

    Garabandal. The message has never been condemned, because there is nothing reprehensible about it.

    . For me there isn't any story like Garabandal. The Virgin visited all the houses, meet the demands of the pilgrims, kissed the crucifix, kissed religious objects etc.

    . I personally think that the miracle will come, but we don't deserve it because we haven't been paying attention to the Virgin's message.

    . What I will say is nothing new. I will adhere to safe things;

    . The description of "The Warning", the natural phenomenon produced as much noise as light, Mari Loli said, "There will be a tremendous silence."

    . Coinciding with this phenomena, there will be an illumination of our conscience, as a personal judgment, a revelation of our sins. It will be an inner purification and suffering. It will be a preparation for "The Miracle."

    . Conchita doesn't know the date of "The Warning". Mari Loli knew the date of "The Warning", but she took it with her to Heaven. I talked with Mari Loli, who was with her sister Sari at her home, she said that at the time of "The Warning", it will be a time of religious persecution that we cannot go to Mass at church. She said, we can still go to Mass. Since 1968, I heard of seers who have announced the imminent Warning, but it still can't come until this happens.

    . I believe in "The Warning". Conchita told me personally that "The Warning will come at a time when Spain and the world will need it more than now!". Things will get worse and religious persecution will begin. "The Warning" will be the announcement that we have reached the End of Times.

    . The prophesy of the Popes hasn't failed. The Virgin said "four popes" and one did not count because he would have a very small reign; and therefore Conchita didn't count it and that was the reason for "3 Popes."

    (Note: This is witnessed and documented in the book of the German Albert Weber «Garabandal, Der Zeigefinger Gottes»and friend of Conchita, written long before the death of John Paul II. Albert Weber affirms that the Virgin said "4 Popes", but that one wasn't counted as previously explained). For more information go to www.virgendegarabandal.com/RJM/lospapas.htm

    . I never ask a seer because of curiosity, only to confirm.

    . "The Miracle" will coincide with the celebration of a Holy Martyr related to the Eucharist. The Virgin didn't tell Conchita the day of "The Miracle" will be the day of a Saint. The Virgin told Conchita the exact date of "The Miracle" and Conchita located the date in the calendar set in the kitchen of her house. This is how Conchita found out the name of the Holy Martyr related to the Eucharist. Conchita told Father Luna, "is a saint with a very rare name."

    . "The Miracle" will coincide with an important event for the Church that has never happened in Conchita's life. I do not like to speculate, but she says it could be the union of the Churches. Churches split precisely the July 16, 1054, the date of the Virgen del Carmen. And Garabandal is the Virgin del Carmen. It could be just a conjecture.

    (Note: The Virgin said that because of "The Miracle", the churches would join).

    . The Miracle will take place in Garabandal and it will be seen by everyone who is in Garabandal or in the mountains surrounding Garabandal.

    (Note: more precisely Garabandal Pines}

    Upon request, Conchita asked the Virgin for a particular person (an alleged psychic who was said to be false), and the Virgin said "He's my son".

    . "The Miracle" will be something that will look marvelous in Heaven. It will last about 15 minutes

    . There is one fact: "The Woman clothed with the Sun of the Apocalypse". We visited the Father Lucio Rodrigo, professor of theology at the University of Comillas, who taught many Spanish bishops, and showed us a print that was always in the pocket of his robe and said "in this print, Conchita tells me about "The Miracle" and she doesn't say "saw him", she says wonderful (does not say "see"). We told him: Father, Conchita has said that it will not be an apparition of the Virgin. And Father Lucio Rodrigo said: Not as an apparition, but as it would appear in the sky a very large image of the wonderful and marvelous Virgin and the woman clothed with the sun...

    (Note: It confirms the intimate relationship of the apparitions of Garabandal with the Apocalypse. See: “El Ojo de Dios”: ww.virgendegarabandal.com/elojodedios.htm

    . Coinciding with that wonderful fact that everyone will see, the sick will be healed, atheists and unbelievers will be converted, and there will be no doubt that "The Miracle" is made by God. Conchita will announce it 8 days in advance from wherever she would be.

    . To me there is a guarantee: 2 people have seen the Miracle. Father Luis M. Andreu and Padre Pio. The two, hours before their death.

    . Before the Miracle, there will be few who believe and Garabandal will be difficult to reach for the Miracle (As per a locution received by Conchita from Jesus).

    . Then the second phase of the Miracle: a miraculous sign will be permanent in the Pines. It will be visible but intangible (like a column of smoke, like a light, do not know). Something that will last until the end of the world.

    . When I was a second time in Medjugorje, (1989), I asked Mirjana about Garabandal. She had not ever heard of Garabandal, so I took the opportunity to tell her and I said: Have you heard of this intangible signal to the end of the world? She said: "The Virgin has promised also a signal, but this signal will be strong, tangible and lasts until the end of the world but it will be something you can touch". The Virgin has not promised the same signal at Garabandal and at Medjugorje.

    . "The punishment" will be conditional. I actually call it "purification". God will purify humanity. It is God's direct intervention conditional on the response of men after "The Warning" and "The Miracle."

    . One fact in Garabandal: "The night of screams." The Madonna taught a vision of "The Punishment" and the girl's screams were so terrifying that's why they call it that. Such was the impression of the people who heard the girls, that all the people went to confession. The girls saw he punishment and I, also, I presume, the evils that preceded "The Warning", since there is talk of religious persecution, martyrdom.

    . Conchita asks Jesus: "What is the reason for "The Miracle?" And responds "to convert many people, to convert the ENTIRE WORLD and that way everyone will love Our Hearts." That's why it will be the greatest miracle that God will work for the world.

    What it is announcing is the triumph and reign of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

    . What it is announcing is a purification for we to get to Its triumph and reign. "In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph", "Russia will be converted," and "you will be given a time of peace."

    . It's like labor pains: to come before the Messianic age. It has to be a great purification.

    . Garabandal is a message of hope. There will be a Warning and a Miracle to prepare.

    - Translated by Mr. and Mrs. Sala (Marriage) -THANK YOU!!!- and Sr. Aurelio


    A.M.G.D. y la B.V.M.

    (A Mayor Gloria de Dios y la Bienaventurada Virgen María)


    Estas páginas están dedicadas a nuestra Madre del Cielo

    y a D. Rafael Jardón Méndez (1946-2011)

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  11. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    Thanks for waiting a few minutes before attacking the apparitions. First of all, Joey's death while terrible and unexplained as far as prophecy goes ,does not mean it prevents the Warning,Miracle & Chastisement from happening. Even the Vatican has stated that it WILL NOT pass final judgment until the date of the Miracle (they know ) passes. What is the first prophecy unfulfilled ?
  12. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    Before going to bed last night I read Glenn's news. Oh no, were my first thoughts. Our Lady promised that Joey would receive his eye's back on the day of the Great Miracle. Since then, I've spent time pondering and praying to Our Lady of Garabadal how this could be? Joey did not define Garabandal, but he was a large piece of the story for me. From the moment I saw him on EWTN with Mother Angelica I loved his sense of humor and his faith in Our Lady of Garabandal.

    The constant thought throughout the night that has come into my mind is that a large hole in the dike has been made with Joey's passing, but our Lady of Garabandal has her fingure in it to save the resevoir. The water that escaped is only from those who's faith in Garabandal was weak.

    The next feeling I have is that the Garabandal messages are now, more then ever, upon us. Are we prepared? I am so happy for Joey and he will be missed.
  13. FoundSoul

    FoundSoul Angels

    I am very sorry to hear about this. I will pray a Novena for the repose of his Soul and the comfort of the whole Lomangino family.

    It must be just me but I am wondering now how miraculous the Miracle will be....If the Blessed Virgin said that Joey Lomangino would get his sight back at the Miracle, she will work true wonders to arrange this... If people stop believing in Garabandal because of his passing, I can understand, but I just see it as another way that the Miracle is going to be great. I really want to live through the Warning and see the Miracle.
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  14. Elisa

    Elisa Powers

    Exactly Fatima, that's what I feel too: "The water that escaped is only from those who's faith in Garabandal was weak". Their faith is oh so weak... So many saint people spoke about the Warning to come....
  15. Elisa

    Elisa Powers

    Perhaps Joey will resurrect at the moment of the Miracle ?! Who knows ??? God is a Lord of Surprises ! In Mozambique, many people (mostly done by the prayer of orphan children adopted by Heidi Baker) have been resurrected from death (see Heidi Baker on internet - I went to one of her healing conferences: she is marvelous with a lot of respect for Our Lady !)
  16. Carmel333

    Carmel333 Powers

    Glenn I am so sorry you lost your dear friend! Give my love and prayers to his family and to Conchita! I am happy for Joey, good and faithful servant, his labors are over. I am praying for him and his family. Just think how Blessed he is to have a wonderful holy family and friends to pray for him! But I am sad for us on earth as we keep losing our Saints on this earth. The battle gets worse and we keep losing warriors.... Anyway, I kind of figured something like this might happen also because of what Jesus told Conchita about people losing faith in Garabandal right before the big events. Remember that Lucia from Fatima was also told she would live to see the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and although she hung on a very long time, it did not happen. Things are delayed but they will come. Hold on tight to Jesus and your faith this year, as all will be tested to the brink!
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  17. Charity

    Charity Mercy

    The date of death of saintly persons has so much significance that we won't know this side of the veil. St. JPII on the Feast of Divine Mercy for example, and Joey. For him to die on the anniversary of the start of the apparitions date holds great meaning.
    Please those who do not believe let time for grieving occur before starting all of the "I told you so's" at Glenn or at those of us who still believe. We must instead all pray for Joeys wife and sons for losing a husband and father, for Conchita for losing a friend and for now having to face so much unbelief, and for Glenn whose tireless work to promote our Mothers messages is about to get more brutal and demand even more from our Lady's soldier of Garabandal.
    Glenn please relay to Joeys family and Conchita that we all are praying for them and will continue to until the Warning and Miracle come to pass.
    God Bless
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  18. kbowring

    kbowring New Member

    JUNE 18, 2014 - May Joey rest in peace.
    JUNE 18, 1961 - The first apparition of Garabandal - of St. Michael to the 4 girls.

    Joey died on the the Anniversary of Garabandal.
    Joey received his heavenly eyesight on the Anniversary of Garabandal.
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  19. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    First of all, while Joey's death is tragic (and sadly good news to his detractors here ) it does not mean it will prevent GOD from performing the Warning, Miracle, & Chastisement. Secondly, ONLY the Vatican can render a final judgment as to when it is over and since they know the date of the Miracle,and it has not passed yet, they will hold judgment until that day passes. I will not stop promoting until either the Warning & Miracle happen or the Vatican tells me to. I STILL BELIEVE !
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  20. Hello....I am new to this forum....was alerted to this news at Spirit Daily. I am quite acquainted with Garabandal, having read all of the authorized history and receive the magazine with the various interviews of those personally involved and have followed any news faithfully. I would appreciate though being refreshed on the exact wording of the message re: a promise for Joey's new eyes.

    Joey is a great miracle in himself since the way he lived and his faith kept everyone in hope. We know about how Jesus spoke to His chosen ones....for them he gave a deeper insight into His meaning and Words....while for most He had to speak in a different manner for they had eyes to see but did not see. Joey had that deeper insight even with damaged physical earthly eyes. There is no doubt that Joey will have his new eyes (with heavenly insight) on the day of the miracle but I believe that on that day he may receive the greater "sight" as to what he actually achieved for his Mother by working so hard and continuing his faith while still waiting for his own promise to arrive. It will perhaps be like being able to finally view the beautiful tapestry of his life from the top down rather than only through faith while seeing only that misunderstood underneath side we all can only see with our earthly eyes needing faith to continue looking for more. Whatever way heaven wants us to understand this promise will be no doubt a greater miracle than perhaps we were looking for or could understand. Perhaps on the day of the miracle Joey will manifest to his loved ones his beautiful new self complete with those promised eyes.

    Thank you and God bless

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