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    I have a calendar and for July, it seems very full...maybe I will post a few of these, St. Kateri's feast day is July 14th, so I know she is one that many of us, especially in North America do not care to miss.

    July 5th, yesterday, was St. Elizabeth of Portugal's feast day.

    Saint of the Month: St Elizabeth of Portugal | Galway Cathedral

    St. Elizabeth of Portugal - Saints & Angels - Catholic Online

    July 6th, yes, St. Maria Goretti, I see there is even a French movie on this well-known Saint beside the modern movie that many of us have seen.:

    I know of a blogger of some renown though, I'd find it hard to find her blog now, but the feast day of St. Maria Goretti upset her. The blogger claimed to have been raped in her younger years, so it upset her a bit when this feast day came.

    July 9th is the feast day of St. Augustine Zhao Rong and companions:

    Augustine Zhao Rong, is one of a group of 120 Catholics, among many more who were martyred between the years 1648 and 1930 in China.

    Having come to China through Syria in the seventh century, down through the centuries Christianity has in turn thrived or gone into hiding, contingent upon the relations of China with the outside world.

    More: St. Augustine Zhao Rong (Feast: July 9) | Saints & Heroes | ANF Articles (americaneedsfatima.org)
    July 11th is St. Benedict, abbot's Feast day.

    Saint Benedict, Abbot - My Catholic Life!

    Before the time of today’s saint, to be a monk meant to wander into the Syrian desert and never come back, to climb a rocky summit in the Sinai and never descend, to sit cross-legged atop a pillar, to fast to emaciation, or to remain wordless as a hermit in a damp cave in Lebanon. Saint Benedict changed all of this. This revolutionary introduced evolutionary change, a new way for monks to be radically committed to Christ. No more would a monk have to perch like a hawk in its eyrie, alone, gazing over the valley below. When Benedict opened his mouth and called the monk out of his desert, down from his mountain, off of his pillar, and out of his cave, monks answered. Benedict founded Western monasticism, the communities of monks who pray, eat, work, and socialize together in a common chapel, refectory, field, and workshop. Benedictine monks created Europe out of the vacuum of blackness and disorder which enveloped the land after Roman order disintegrated. So many centuries later, the pioneering path that Benedict cut for Western civilization is difficult to appreciate. What was fresh is now ancient. What was revolutionary is now just the way things are.
    So, right, now, the Benedictine Cross seems to always be a big deal.

    July 14th, as said, the feast day of St. Kateri Tekawitha
    July 15th, Franciscan, Doctor of the Church, Bishop, St. Bonaventure.
    July 16th, Our Lady of Mount Carmel

    July 22nd, St. Mary Magdalen
    July 23rd, St. Brigid of Sweden
    July 26th, St. Anne and St. Joachim

    July 31st, St. Ignatius of Loyola, right, I believe he was known as a soldier along with much more, being a writer. Founder of the Jesuits:

    Jesuit order established - HISTORY
    St. Ignatius of Loyola - Ordination | Britannica

    So, pardon me if I overlooked anyone, this can always be added on later.
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    Thanks for posting this. I was going to share that today is feast day of St. Maria Goretti. As you may know every Catholic altar has a relic of saint and our little parish has St. Maria Goretti! Which is why I pay more attention to her feast day. It’s a remarkable life- she forgave her killer and he repented and I believe attended her canonization with Maria’s mother! Talk about forgiveness, repentance and conversion.

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    Yes, he was at the canonization. There's a good movie about her with English subtitles which they show on EWTN sometimes. Thanks for this info.
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    Feast day, St. Veronica who yes, it is said had the veil of Veronica:


    Saint Veronica | uCatholic

    The story of the image's origin is related to the Sixth Station of the Cross, wherein Saint Veronica, encountering Jesus along the Via Dolorosa to Calvary, wipes the blood and sweat from his face with her veil. According to some versions, St. Veronica later traveled to Rome to present the cloth to the Roman Emperor Tiberius. The veil has been said to quench thirst, cure blindness, and even raise the dead.

    Veil of Veronica - Wikipedia
    A whole lot on this webpage discussing:

    The Mysterious Veil of Veronica: Masterpiece or Miracle? | Ancient Origins (ancient-origins.net)

    Pope Benedict XVI looks at the Veronica`s Veil during a visit to the Saint Veil monastery in Manoppello, central Italy ( Times of Malta )

    Also, the feast of St. Henry who was a king in Germany: Saint Henry | uCatholic

    His feast day is July 13th. He is the patron saint of the childless, of Dukes, of the handicapped and those rejected by Religious Order.
    An interesting distinction.
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    Per the Veil:

    The Intriguing Characteristics of the Manoppello Veil
    There are several remarkable traits attributed to the piece the Pope examined in Manoppello, a piece believed by many to be the relic stolen from the Vatican Basilica in 1608. The image on the veil shows up identically on both sides of the cloth itself, which is stated as a characteristic impossible to have been created using any of the ancient means of the time. According to a Vatanicanist for Germany's Die Welt named Paul Badde, the fabric's image was not painted, as the fabric itself is of a very rare fiber called 'byssus', upon which no one can possibly paint. Badde insists the piece is authentic and is, in fact, the original Veronica's Veil, and thus - the actual face of Christ.


    Arguably the most fascinating aspect of the piece at Manoppello is the fact that the image becomes invisible when held at a certain angle by the viewer. This trait is a rare one throughout history as well, and was once considered miraculous in ancient times. German Jesuit Fr. Heinrich Pfeiffer, a professor of Christian Art History, maintains, "There are few such objects in history. This is not a painting. We don't know what the material is that shapes the image, but it is the color of blood."
    From the link: The Mysterious Veil of Veronica: Masterpiece or Miracle? | Ancient Origins (ancient-origins.net)

    Not the original but a depiction of it, The artist's name is Gabriel Von Max, I am sure many have seen this one.


    So, even the original (not the above image) can not be declared a painting, how odd, I did not know all of that.

    The original can not even be declared as inauthentic, curious.

    This "BYSSUS" described above? Do people know what that is??

    "Silk of the sea", how extraordinary!

    A byssus /ˈbɪsəs/ is a bundle of filaments secreted by many species of bivalve mollusc that function to attach the mollusc to a solid surface. Species from several families of clams have a byssus, including the pen shells, the true mussels and the false mussels: the Pinnidae, the Mytilidae and the Dreissenidae.

    Byssus - Wikipedia
    Sea silk - Wikipedia

    And this was used way back in the day, whomever would have known? Not me.

    And yes, still in use:
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    St. Maria Goretti seems to have spiritually adopted our family so I am very fond of her. It's a long story, but she intervened with a miracle to stop my recurring miscarriages, and my youngest was conceived on her feast day. I placed a picture of her in the kids room and think of her as our family's patron saint.

    St. Kateri Tekakwitha is special to me as well, because her feast day is my birth day.

    Our Lady of Mount Carmel has always been my very favorite title of Mary since I was very little. I had a picture of her over the flames of purgatory with people reaching up to her for help that I kept on the wall in my room always. It was when I got older that I realized her feast day was so close to my birthday and that it was the Carmelite spirituality that would shape so much of my spiritual life. I actually discerned my call to marriage in the chapel of a Carmelite convent.

    And St. Mary Magdalene, whom I've always identified with at the foot of the cross, shares her feast day with the birthday of my niece. Her birth was particularly special to me because her mom had intended to abort her, which I found out about and prayed constantly to avert. I even wrote letters to many cloistered convents asking for their prayers. Her mom did change her mind, and handed me a handwritten letter one day, in which she wrote that I was the reason she hadn't aborted her baby. I later sent a picture of my baby niece to all those good nuns who I'm sure were instrumental in my niece's life being saved.
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    My wife and I have a great blessing today. We are note quite at St. Kateri Tekawitha shrine but very close by in Lake George in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of New York. We got to attend the Rosary, Mass and Exposition of Blessed Sacrament this morning. St. Kateri Tekawitha is a ever present here. There was a beautiful statue and stained glass window. And father gave a wonderful homily on her life. A simply woman who as she died said “Jesus , Mary I love you. “. In the craziness of this world, her simple yet profound words touched me deeply today. Surrounded by this great natural beauty I know God has me and all of us in His hands. St. Kateri Tekawitha pray for us!
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    Our friend sent this to us.
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    Happy Birthday to you Purple Flower and for sharing this day with St. Kateri!
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    I belonged to a Church with the Franciscan order, July 15th is the feast day of St. Bonaventure, also a doctor of the church.

    He actually wrote something like "Little Psalms of Mary" per one book I have or "THE PSALTER OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY (saintsworks.net) " 150 of them, like the Psalms, that's a lot to write.

    PSALM 7 O my Lady, in thee have I hoped: from my enemies deliver me. Shut thou the mouth of the lion and his teeth: restrain the lips of those that persecute me. For thy name's sake delay not to accomplish thy mercy in us. May the brightness of thy countenance shine upon us: that the Most High may keep remembrance of us. If the enemy should persecute my soul, O Lady, may I be strengthened by thy help: lest his sword should strike me. Glory be to the Father, etc.
    Indian Mission too in his name: St. Bonaventure Mission & School | Thoreau, New Mexico (stbonaventuremission.org)

    Come July 28th, the feast day of the recently Beatified from Oklahoma, Bl. Father Stanley Rother, martyred in Guatemala:


    Amazon had a whole book on him to read via kindle. I have an affinity towards him and only became really aware of him on July 28th, 2020, I think they had some relics.


    Precautions were taken for his safety, he himself also did so. I wish to know more on this and also on Sister Dianna Ortiz - Wikipedia who had a rough time there.

    I'm against Communism, as is happening too but the other side of the coin is basically, you can't have real bad governments running things either.
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    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    July 26th dedicated to the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Joachim and Saint Anne. The maternal grandparents of our beloved Jesus.
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    Thank you!
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    July 25 is a big Holy Day in Spain, it is the Feast Day of St James the Apostle, there he is known as Santiago. He has a beautiful Cathedral in Galicia, Santiago de Compostela, and where he has been laid to rest according to Catholic tradition.


    Happy Birthday Purple Flower!
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    Thank you!
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    Yes, the way of St James:


    The Camino de Santiago (Latin: Peregrinatio Compostellana, "Pilgrimage of Compostela"; Galician: O Camiño de Santiago),[1] known in English as the Way of St. James, is a network of pilgrims' ways or pilgrimages leading to the shrine of the apostle Saint James the Great in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia in northwestern Spain, where tradition holds that the remains of the saint are buried. As Pope Benedict XVI said, "It is a Way sown with so many demonstrations of fervour, repentance, hospitality, art and culture which speak to us eloquently of the spiritual roots of the Old Continent."[2] Many follow its routes as a form of spiritual path or retreat for their spiritual growth.
    His symbol is a sea shell.


    The scallop shell of Saint James is believed to promote courage, strength and hope.

    For centuries, the scallop shell, which is typically found on the sea coast in Galicia, northern Spain, has been the symbol of the Camino de Santiago, and its pilgrims – los peregrinos.

    All of the Apostles have a symbol, I don't know half of them, probably more.
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    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Happy birthday PurpleFlower. You were a summer baby, now a summer lady. Have a wonderful day.:love:
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    :) Thank you!
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    15 Religious Sites in NY | Exploring Upstate

    Fonda, New York

    12. This natural spring at the Shrine of Saint Kateri Tekekwitha in Fonda is the exact water that Saint Kateri was baptized in. Born and raised a member of the Mohawk tribe, she is the first Native American woman to have been baptized a Christian. Her birth place is just about 5 miles east and is the site of another interesting religious site, the Shrine to the North American Martyrs.

    Lily of the Mohawks, hard to see a lot in this picture.

    But if this is the Church there, it is very nice-looking:

    Home | Welcome to the Shrine! (katerishrine.com)

    Card at the shop:


    So, I'm sure a number of things to see.
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    The statue and apparently, another picture of that Shrine area:



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