Joyeuz Noel

Discussion in 'Music' started by padraig, Jan 5, 2021.

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    Has anyone watched this movie? I bought in on Prime Video and was thoroughly impressed.
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    I watch it every Christmas :)
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    The Christmas Truce happened because it had been literally a generation -- 41 years -- where there had been a major war involving the Europeans: the Franco-Prussian War was from 1870-71; after that, nothing happened, and especially nothing happened involving England, France, Belgium, and Germany for over 40 years until the outbreak of hostilities in WW1. While the declarations of war started in the middle of July into early August, it took time to mobilize, especially when the only men with experience in making war were in their 60's and 70's, and advocated tactics like having all your men fire your rifles at once so you could advance under the haze of gunpowder. (While smokeless gunpowder had been invented in 1884, most armies had no experience in using it on a massive scale.) Germany invaded Belgium on 3 August on their way to invade France, which led to the First Battle of the Marne (the first major battle of the war) in the first week of September. Soldiers on both sides started out thinking of it as a game, and so hadn't developed hatred towards the opponent yet. All the politicians on both sides had been saying that "we'd be bringing the boys home for Christmas."

    So when the fighting part of the war was only 3 months old and everyone was still there instead of home like the politicians promised, the men took it upon themselves to recognize and respect the humanity (especially since both sides were predominantly Christian) of the opponent, and although an official truce over Christmas had been proposed by Pope Benedict XV (and rejected by both sides), the men chose to have a truce for a few days.
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    Poor Pope Benedict that was broke his heart and killed him .They all hated and slandered him for being a peace maker. One good thing about this present generation , the young people would be more inclined to ask question before being sent to the mass slaughter.

    That must have been the most stupid war in history.

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