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    Love John Wayne. He converted to be Catholic because of the influence of his wife, who happened to be a very devout Hispanic Catholic.

    Evidence that John became a true believing Catholic is that we withdrew from involvement in random violent modern films.

    What a guy.


    John Wayne and son on a visit
    to Ireland for the filing of, 'The Quiet Man'.
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  2. padraig

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  3. KyleHancock

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    I'm in my late 30s and rarely watch TV or movies that aren't Catholic, but if I do watch movies, it's often John Wayne films or other Westerns.
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  4. HeavenlyHosts

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    John Wayne converted to Catholicism before his death.
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    Catholics of the period had a big, big influence on Hollywood. They forced a moral code of practice. Now there is no moral code at all. I think Fulton Sheen used to fly out there once a year to give a retreat to some of the top name stars, like Lucille Ball.

    It seems like another and far better world.
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    did Lucille Ball convert? I thought she was Epicopalian
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    Some radio stations, at least in the past, play these patriotic songs and other pieces on independence day:

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    Sorry, you're right!
  9. Mark1

    Mark1 Archangels John Wayne movies, particularly from the late 50's on. How some on the left have tried to blacklist him. I did a portrait of him, but posting photos on here doesn't work for me, for whatever reason. I've read that Wayne was offered the role of Dirty Harry, before Clint Eastwood. I would love to see Wayne as Dirty Harry.
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    Awwww. Beautiful! Look at his faceā€¦..
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