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Discussion in 'Ireland' started by Amazing Grace, Jun 4, 2017.

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    P4P could you contact Bishop Gracida? He is in Corpus Christi I think. His website is I believe. He would certainly know a priest you can contact. Not sure this could work but it is worth a try.
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    Thank you for your suggestion. It's a good idea. We really need help from someone!

    I reached out to our current priest who is a very orthodox man with a great interest in the healing ministry, primarily psychological healing. I explained the reason for my concern about the possible cursing from this one individual and all the unusual things that we have been going on with my son. He agreed that I should bring him in to be prayed over. After many prayers he could basically only assure me that my child was not possessed :eek: , but did not help with any healing per se.

    We also tried prescription meds, but they actually made my son worse and he started thinking thoughts like "he liked the devil". The poor boy became so distressed that he begged to wear a Miraculous Medal and prayed constantly under his breath, even throughout his kindergarten school day. This lasted for a week or so until a few days after I took him off his meds. It was then that the obsessive, dark thoughts subsided.

    As an aside, people are always saying that so many of these teenagers involved in mass shootings are taking prescription meds for mental health issues. I wonder how many of them have similar dark thoughts as a result of the meds, but lack the Christian upbringing needed to fight these thoughts/impulses, or never even consider that they could be caused by medication.

    I know that Godly intervention is the answer to my son's ongoing problems. God willing, I hope that we can get some help soon.
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    This certainly sounds highly suspicious. Poor child! I wonder if contacting Father Ripperger might be an option. He might know of someone --priest---nearby you who could look into it. Drugs are so high risk. Good for you for taking them away. At least he has been prayed over. Did the priest pray to free him from curses? There are specific prayers for that I think.
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    I like the Gracida suggestion as well
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    Have you heard of Alan Ames. He is an Australian, born in England and emigrated to Aussie as a young man.

    He has amazing spiritual healing abilities. I am certain if you find him online, there is an itinerary of the places he visits and I am certain Texas is listed. He visits different parts of Texas.

    I know he went to San Antonio a couple of years ago. I had seen the places he was visiting there and asked my brother a non practising Catholic if he would please attend one of the sessions in a Church near him. Then tell me what he thought from a personal encounter.

    For your amusement. My brother kindly did attend. There was Mass followed by a healing service when people went up to be prayed over by Alan.

    My brother sat at the back observing, and he said after Mass had finished a man got up who was siting just the other side of whoever was next to my brother and it turned out to be Alan Ames who attended the Mass next but one from my brother. Who knows, they might have shook hands at the exchange of Peace if it is done at that Church. Imagine.

    When I heard this, I sent Alan Aimes an email and asked him to pray for my brother as he was a lapsed Catholic, and told Alan how my brother was practically sat next to him at that Mass. I know my brother had at one point said he was atheist. Well, for the first time in his life, my brother sent us Christmas Cards with Nativity scenes on last Christmas. So I feel Alan did say prayers for him and it did him good on the Faith front.

    Anyway, you might be able to go and get Alan to pray over your child. If it is God's will this could be a great help for your child.

    I am pretty certain Alan goes to Texas every year, so worth a try. You can find him on the internet.

    Ha ha. I found the link to his site.

    Check his itinerary out. He is back in Texas at the end of June 2018. The Churches are listed. One of them could be a Church near you.
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    Thank you Julia! I have seen Alan Ames twice before and was planning to try to see him later this month too. I have to admit that I like him and what he has to say, but I hadn't thought of taking my son to him because I don't know of anyone who has actually experienced healing through his prayers. In fact, just the other day I was trying to Google "Alan Ames healing testimonoies", but my wifi wasn't working. I'll try the web search again shortly.

    I'm glad to hear that your brother seems to have experienced a conversion! I'll see if maybe I can schedule a private appointment with Mr. Ames for my son.

    I was telling myself earlier today that I must not put limitations on God because it is up to Him when, where and IF my son to experience any type of healing. I think a lot of times I get locked into a particular train of thought and close myself off to other possibilities that are just as viable. Maybe in all this struggle of the past few years, God is trying to teach me to not always try to control everything and to trust in Him more.

    Anyway, thanks again! It's another good suggestion.
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