Job hunting after a long time out of the workforce. Need prayers, please.

Discussion in 'Prayer requests' started by Rain, Mar 17, 2015.

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    Job hunting is so harsh, I will pray for you. Two questions always get me a job though. Are you hiring? If not do you know who is? Although today many websites just want you to email resumes, and have an automated telephone system to keep you from contacting them.

    If I were to enter the job market today I would be looking at getting a virtual job. Work right from home... no commute and no need for a vehicle.
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  2. Rain

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    Don't think I haven't tried. If only the writing thing could pay the bills, I'd be living the dream ;).
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    Keep plugging away Rain and I will keep praying for you. I have been under-employed since 2009. We both have to have supernatural hope that God will open the right door at the right time. Keep at it :)
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  4. If it's His will, you both will. No need to worry. Trust and He will provide everything you need. I let that stress go a long time ago, ten years ago, Id stress over how the bills will get paid. 4 children, every bill would be a double or behind in some way, on the verge of being turned off, or better still, forcloser. I know that stress and it was awful. But, the more I worried the more I asked God to help me. Rosaries! I know it's Not what you want to hear, but I've had absolute miracles!
    I've had so many, but here's one at my wits end.......
    I was so Upset, we were so behind on everything even the electric, and water bill( necessities), I was sent the pre forcloser letters from our mortage company, it was sleep depriving stress, the water heater went out, washing machine, and the air conditioning! When it rains it pours I tell you!
    This isn't a made up story.
    I was and am still a homemaker. I was And still am the money manager in the household. I did the absolute best I could with my husbands income. Years i juggled the money. This one time of many, in the middle of the worst of the worst times, our mortage company sent us a letter that said we sold your mortage to another company, i said greeeeeeeeeeeaaat! I hadn't a clue what that meant, but I assumed the worst. Again, it was one of those times everything was hitting a boiling point. We were two months behind on the mortgage payments. Stress!
    Well it was about the 4th day of the month I received this letter. I assumed the worst. It turned out to be sent straight from God. The new mortage company said ok, your new payments start the following month, starting over. Come to find out, they paid my homeowners insurance for the year (included in my mortage payment) which my previous mortgage company had done and they'd just done it so it didn't show up yet in the new companies files. I knew nothing of this until I looked in the mailbox about that same time and got a letter in the mail from my homeowners insurance company, and I saw from the envelope it looked like a check, I opened it and it was over $2000! I said there must be a mistake! Until I read the letter attached. It said you've overpaid. Here's your money! I broke down. My husband thought something was horribly wrong by my reaction. I sat and cried for 2 hours just thanking God for this gift. Some people would call that a coincidence. I didn't. It caught us up entirely. And I will never attribute it to anything other than Divine Intervention.
    That's just one story of many. Im emotional just typing this, it brings those feelings of stress back to the surface. So when I say I sympathize with yall, i truly do.
    My point is, pray and He will not allow you to do without. I now trust Him in all things.
    I understand more than anyone money troubles.
    And the lack of money.
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  5. Rain

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    That's very encouraging, yellowcoffeecup. I hope my faith can weather the storm the way yours has. May God bless you in every way!
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  6. Thank you rain!
    He has already blessed me in everyway. My bills are currently paid and my children are healthy. I dare not ask for more. I am thankful everyday for everything I have. Even the small things people seem to take for granted.
    I know everything will work out just perfectly for you and your family. So stay strong. He hears your plea.
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    I too, will pray for you, Rain, that soon you will find the job you need.
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    I prayed month after month a litany to St Joseph when searching for an appartment and yes, I found what I asked for. It was incredible. He exhausted all the details. I recommand you doing the same untill your prayer is heard. Talk to him in a sincere manner. I fall however from the stairs in the cave and injured (3rd degre) my right foot but I think God allowed me this to finally stop running and running and running and let other people help me with the move and to prevent worse things to happen. I was in fact completely exhausted. During this "trial" I also sadly learned who are real christians and who are not... even when you ask for the Holy Communion.. . It is no fun when you depend on others especially during a move, but I managed thanks to Saint Joseph !
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