Joan of Arc.

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    My favorite book on Joan is Mark Twain's Joan of Arc. He was very accurate in his historical details, especially concerning her trial. My favorite moment came when Joan was confronted by this cunning group of theologians with the challenge:

    Are you in the state of grace?

    If I am, may it please God to keep me there, and if I'm not, may it please God to put me there!

    Anyway, I hope this love affair he had with Joan of Arc was the means for his salvation!

    Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
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    Have a listen to this.. you can fast forward to the timeline 24:30 which he explains in detail about Rev13 9:10 he explains it far better than I can..
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    I suppose another way of looking at it is to imagine that Joan of Arc had never been born or if she had never paid any attention to her, 'Voices'. If so then Orleans would have fallen to the English. France would have become a French possession and when England went over to Protestantism at the Reformation. This would have meant that the huge majority of Europe would have been Protestant, all the significant powers almost. Catholicism would have been a Hispanic remnant , if that.

    Now moving forward to the French Revolution with Catholicsm almost irrelevant secularism would have been everywhere triumphant, a document like say the American Constitution which places God at its centre would have been unlikely to have been written.

    In other words if a young maiden had not listened to her voices and found a sword the whole history of the world would have been very, very different.

    St Joan of Arc could for me be best described (as Winston Churchill once described the Russians) as a ,'.... a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma'.

    When I was younger I used to have all the answers but when I got older I found there was quite a few things I did not have an answer for. When I got a little older I found I was happy there was quite a few things I did not have the answer for, being quite content to leave these matters in the hands of God and His Church.

    St Joan of Arc is one of those many, many things I do not know the answer to do. But since they declared her a saint I am happy to leave it there. Knowing that this side of Eternity I will never understand.

    Such a mystery.

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