JFK in Heaven St. Pio thought so!

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    He had great ties to Ireland and my family as half his roots hailed from Newfoundland. They were both involved with Liquor running. My family and his. My grandfathers family was from the same exact town as his as well. I'm not saying it was the most honest thing. My grandfather tried to stay the straight and narrow path after dropping off liquor licences in Law school for his father. And getting into intelligence, Criminology and negotiation work. I think it was the Same for JFK he had tough family roots but tried to stay close to the church amongst his own struggles. I hope there having a great time in heaven together Slainte and maybe a Newfie Kitchen party! I was able to get masses offered for my grandfather after 15 earthly years in Purgatory and recieved signal Grace's he made it. Check out the article on spiritdaily.
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