Jerusalem violence

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    Can anyone give me the cliff notes on what is the cause of this latest uprising?

    Did something happen that I missed?
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    The Jews are evicting Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem and giving them to Jewish settlers.

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    The OFFICIAL story is that these attacks are due to the eviction of Palestinians from homes that will be taken over by Jewish settlers. I've learned long ago to be very cautious of any such story. Usually the cases of evictions involve housing that was erected illegally, without the proper permits decades ago. These evictions do not come out of the blue; they're the result of legal actions that go on for years. It just appears to be sudden because the MSM doesn't report on the years of legal actions that occurred previously, only the "sudden" eviction of Palestinians.

    Add to this the fact that it is the closing days of Ramadan AND the Israeli Holiday of "Jerusalem Day", which celebrates Israel's unification of Jerusalem after the 6 Day War (what the Palestinians refer to as the "Nakbah", or "Catastrophe"), and you have all the ingredients for a very violent stew.
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    Hamas just launched the largest ever rocket attack on Tel Aviv and at least one got through the Iron Dome. Keep an eye on this, it'll start there...

    "Israeli TV shows smoke rising from rocket impact in Tel Aviv following massive rocket barrage from Gaza."
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    Yes, it starts in the Mid East.
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    I couldn't help but think of a few of the Medjugorje messages this year.

    Dear children! God has permitted me to be with you also today, to call you to prayer and fasting. Live this time of grace and be witnesses of hope, because I repeat to you, little children, that with prayer and fasting also wars can be suppressed. Little children, believe and live this time of grace in faith and with faith; and my Immaculate Heart does not leave any of you in peacelessness if you have recourse to me. I intercede for you before the Most High and I pray for peace in your hearts and for hope for the future. Thank you for having responded to my call."

    Dear Children! Also today I am with you to tell you: Little children, who prays does not fear the future and does not lose hope. You are chosen to carry joy and peace, because you are mine. I have come here with the name 'Queen of Peace' because the devil wants peacelessness and war, he wants to fill your heart with fear of the future - but the future is God's. That is why, be humble and pray, and surrender everything into the hands of the Most High Who created you. Thank you for having responded to my call. ”
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    All of this is very troubling, what is going on, there are tons of people out there in the street in some parts of Israel I have seen, then, our pipeline in the US went out yesterday, more trouble in Myanmar (Burma). There does seem to be a lot of trouble in the world right now.

    North Korea, Colombia, Venezuela...and yes, I did see pictures of the unrest in Northern Ireland a few weeks ago and of course, we in the US have seen plenty of that as well.

    And India with its COVID problems, that's major too, I feel so sad for what they are going through.
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    Yes very troubling. But unfortunately we ain’t seen nuthin yet

    The good news is, God has a plan, and of course wins. Trust!
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    And all, I mean ALL, of these rockets were smuggled in from Iran.

    I imagine what MIGHT happen, is that with all the activity focused on Gaza, that Hamas will suddenly start launching rockets from the Palestinian Authority (i.e., Samaria and Judah). When Israel retaliates, the Palestinian Authority, with the help of all the surrounding nations and with the support of Iran, will unilaterally declare the Independent State of Palestine, which is shortly recognized by the UN (thanks to the current resident of the White House).

    Well, one of the things about being recognized as an independent nation by the world, is that you have to start ACTING like and independent nation. Meaning, they have to start taking responsibility for their actions; namely, if as an independent state they commit acts of war against Israel (i.e., launching rocket attacks) then they cannot claim the innocent victimhood of people struggling against and occupying force (i.e., Israel). When Israel declares war against Palestine for waging war against it (or maybe as soon as Israel starts making noises about declaring war), all of Palestine's allies will join in, and we'll have the War of Psalm 83.
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    It looks like in one video I saw, that there is ethnic fighting right in the streets. Sad.
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  16. FatimaPilgrim

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    It’s all set up, isn’t it? Just keep praying!
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    I think of two possible consequences of this hypothetical conflict:
    1. The defeat of the Arabs will inflame the mood of Islamists in Europe who see the West as Israel's supporting enemy.
    2. the conflict will force some kind of international coercion over Israel towards a peace agreement with the Palestinians.
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    Well, I was PARTLY right. I just heard that now rockets are being launched from Lebanon, which is (mostly) under Hamas.
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    And this will be different from the present situation how?

    This will also affect the outcome. Scripture makes clear Israel will be facing all these enemies alone. In previous wars, America and sometimes France would send military aid. In the current administration, though, even if Congress passed a resolution calling for aid to Israel, Biden (or his puppet masters) would veto it, and as the Commander in Chief, the military would need his permission to transfer any military aid to Israel. None of the European countries would lend aid, due to the threat of violence from their Islamic residents. Thus, when Israel defeats all these armies arrayed against her, word will spread that this was a miraculous victory.

    No, because you misunderstand what will happen. In every other conflict, there was international coercion to force Israel to back down, and the Israelis complied. Now, though, if they're already standing alone, if no one in the world will lend them a hand, then no one in the world has the moral authority to compel or coerce her to stop. They will continue until THEY feel safe, until THEY have made their point. And one of those points will be the destruction of the Independent State of Palestine.

    This was a state which independently, without warning ahead of time, declared it's existence. The nations of the world (through the UN) recognized it as a fully independent state. And as I noted earlier, one of the problems with being an independent state as opposed to occupied territory, is that as a state you have to take responsibility for your actions. You cannot launch rockets and send your troops across borders and claim it was for liberation of your land (unless you're pushing the narrative that ALL of Israel belongs to Palestine). When this nation, with the backing of the other nations listed in Scripture, launch attacks against Israel, Israel will have the full right under international law to retaliate in kind. And since the formation of this state appears to have been for the sole purpose of attacking Israel, it will be removed from the face of the earth. When the Union won the American Civil War, we did not hold on to the territories in rebellion for a time then allow the Confederacy to be reincarnated. And this territory currently known as the Palestinian Authority has more ancient names: Samaria and Judah. Names listed in the Bible as belonging to Israel.

    And as Scripture notes, these surrounding nations that help Palestine launch this attack will ALSO be defeated and will lose territory, and possibly be removed from the maps.
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