Jennifer's past message from countdown

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    My people, I have spoken to you of the coming of the antichrist. You will be grazed and numbered like sheep by the authorities who work for this false messiah. Do not allow yourself to be counted among them, for you are then allowing yourself to fall into this evil trap. It is I, Jesus, who is your true Messiah, and I do not number My sheep because your shepherd knows you each by name.* My people, do not allow yourself to lose focus on the cross and become distracted for it is by your distractions that you will be caught off guard. These evil souls that linger to come and strip you of your faith, of anything that shows that you choose to serve your true Messiah, will test you and persecute you and some will even be martyred for their willingness to speak the truth, speak My words. This antichrist will come and try to destroy anything that is of Me. He will show you his powers with false miracles; My people do not be deceived, for he will soon show you his true identity. I have spoken to you of remaining in silent prayer, because as these times continue to unfold, you will be filled with continuous doubt and confusion and it will only be by My grace that you will be able to stay focused and know that the true path is the path to Heaven. —March 18th, 2004

    You have tried to simplify your lives with your latest means of communication, yet I warn you to be on guard, for these latest tracking devices will soon track your movement, for you will become like numbered sheep to the authorities of this false messiah, this antichrist. The battle has begun to escalate and you will not be spared, for the more you strive for holiness the greater the fight, for Satan seeks your soul. Do not lose hope or become discouraged for I will never abandon My people. —May 11th, 2004
  2. Carmelite

    Carmelite Angels

    This message just really struck me regarding the QR codes. Our Lord never wanted us to be a number for our so called freedoms. First the phones, then the bodies.
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    and that message was from 2004 and as we speak this is unfolding in real time

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